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Listener Mail

Listener Mail Hi guys at WSGS - I was in Indianapolis  yesterday,  50  miles  from Indy and 60 miles north of  Louisville and I picked your  station  up on my car  radio.  Keep up the great work. God  Bless.  Danny Stinnet  

I  love this  radio  station. Glad you're  online, now I can hear the best  music all the  way in Louisville. Thanks. Faron & Scott, I enjoy  your show. I try to listen  every morning.  I've been listening to  WSGS since 1988. WSGS is the best  radio  station in the  U.S.A. Heck, let's say  REAL  people stations like this,  and a far fewer of the  Corporation  Garbage types we have  plethora of ... Hello. I  am  very glad to see  WSGS has a live internet stream so I can listen to news and the music from the place where I grew up. I am really enjoying it.  Thanks. Bill in Ohio. 

I am so thankful to be able to  hear news down here in South Carolina from Hazard and  also to be able to see the pictures you present of our town. I appreciate the Flashback, i.e. Cash  Walker...I  remember watching Cas and his  humor was coarse but  good and sometimes I smiled even after the programs thinking back what he had said. Anyhow, I am blessed to  be able to listen to hometown news. WSGS rides the airways from KY to SC very clearly. Thanks so very much. Idalee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC 

WSGS, I absolutely love your show! You all are the last station I know of that plays true Country Music. If I lost your show I don't know what I would do. I have listened to WSGS for years on the way from my home in Lexington to Pineville. You all have created countless memories that I could share with my Grandfather with your all's station. One day I hope to visit Hazard and get to see where WSGS is. I also love the listen live streaming. Now when I go off to college in Florida I will be able to keep up with this great station. Thank you guys and keep up the amazing work! God bless! Nathaniel in Lexington, KY

Listening to WSGS Hazard Ky.  How blessed we are down here in SC to be able to stay in touch.  Tom says, "This is just like it used to be when I was a young boy listening to Jay and Ernest."  Thanks WSGS.  Idalee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

This is from Joey Meehan proud grandmother in Indianapolis You are the best sports announcers. When I listen to you I feel that real excitement that I am there.  You are the best. My daughter in Walkertown calls me puts her phone next to the radio I put my phone on intercom. Thanks for a wonderful job and good luck to those BULLDOGS. And please say thanks to Triena Bowling. I am praying for all our SENIORS for they are so close and will be going down a new road. But another MEEHAN will be there. God Bless.  Hopie Linda Jones, Indianapolis, IN

I love WSGS and I have listened for 32 years.   I'm listening now.  I live in Busy, Kentucky, just out of Hazard.  I sure miss Big Dipper.  I graduated from Perry Central High School in 1997. Michael Barnes

I am hoping that people in Hazard and within the voices of WKIC and WSGS will take advantage of what you are offering via the computer.  Jay's voice is so clear and vibrant as he reads, and Ernest's laugh as Santa I don't think can be copied.  It is one of a kind and you can't help but laugh with him.  How lucky children of the past have been, and I grieve for the ones coming up now because the things we hold as treasures will not be part of their lives for they don't have time to listen or to make memories and people like Jay and Ernest are no more for no one will take the time.  How blessed we all were and are and I am glad I did not take my growing up days for granted.  Thanks again for helping us to recall special moments in our lives.  IdaLee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

Hazard is my home town.  I have always enjoyed seeing my many friends that return to Hazard each year doing many reunions.  I served as a city commissioner for many years and I must say the most exciting thing I ever witnessed was to ride on the fire truck into Hazard the day of the parade when everyone from several states came here to see the Dukes of Hazzard.  The new by-pass was ready to be opened about this time and I saw thousands of people and cars and busses lined up over there. We owned the Hazard Rexall Drug on Main Street at this time and my husband, Joe, said the huge plate glass window in front of the store swayed but never crashed with the push of the crowd.  It all seems so real right now, just thinking of all the past Black Golds! Makes me wish that it could be developed into something exciting and new for Hazard. Perhaps that will happen in a few more years.  Elizabeth Snyder Duncan, Hazard, KY

Lived in Hazard for close to 7 months and rented a house from Joe and Janice Goebel on Cornett Hill Drive.  Was there from 2002 through 2003 and loved the people and country side.  Listen to your news almost every day.  Returned to my home in Hopkinsville, Ky., but have fond memories of Hazard.  Keep up the good job.  Thanks.  Vicki Russell

To be honest, I depend on WSGS for coverage of UK Sports as I'm sure a lot of other listeners do.  Go Cats!  Rodney Lacer, Beattyville, KY

Good to hear that WKIC is back on the radio dial.. not that I can get it up here in northern Minnesota but the station and Hazard have always been a part of me. My health continues to be very good.. just the normal aches and  pains of an 80 year old.  Max "Don" Smith (WKIC Announcer 1948-49)

I love WSGS.  Really miss Bob, still listen to the Faron and Scott morning show.  I'm a super big Vern Gosdin fan, called in quite often to request a song on the Morning show.  Lee Collins, Vicco, KY

Dear Friends, I heard the WSGS signal on July 29, 2009, during a period of intense sporadic E-Skip...  At 6:30 PM EDT I heard a brief news segment on 101.1 MHZ...Hazard, KY is only 494 miles from where I live near Rochester NY, and this is an unusually short skip distance.  Stations received in this way are usually at least 700 miles away, so I am particularly eager to to determine if it was WSGS that I was hearing.  I am a member of the World FM TV DX Association, and I have been doing this hobby for over 40 years.  Jim Renfrew, Rochester, NY.

I was raised in Hazard most of my childhood.  I was raised by Glen and Dean Sims.  My daddy was a disc jockey for WKIC radio and mommy was a 4th grade school teacher at Walkertown Elementary School.  Some of you Hazard residents may remember them.  They reared 4 of us [all girls].  Daddy announced a lot about the Mother Goose. It was and is definitely a unique and favorite landmark of ours.  In passing, I was always in awe of this place!!  I love it!!!!!!  We also grocery shopped at the Mother Goose.    I love and miss Hazard deeply.  Please Respond if you remember!  Barbara Sims Schmid, Springfield, Ohio 13@yahoo.com

I have listened to your station going on five years now, it is so much better than the radio station that I use to listen to in Bath County.  I'm not originally from the mountains but, I wouldn't trade it for the world now.  The mountains is my security blanket.  I moved here a little over two years ago but was still able to pick up the station in Bath/Rowan County.  I love listening to the radio station, it keeps me more informed than any other station around.  Keep the blow torch going!!!  Doing great guys!!!!!!  Kathy Haley, Hazard, KY

I enjoy your station very much.  One thing that brightens my morning is old "Greasy Creek Bill," along with the news.  I live in Floyd County and have to listen to your station to see what is going on over here.  Keep up the good work.  Dan Crum.

Faron & Bob at WSGS:  I heard through a friend  of mine, Big John Hoskins, that you guys like my Aunt & Uncle Carl & Pearl Butler`s old songs, and I just wanted you to know I sure do thank you  for playing them and I sure will listen to your program down here in Lexington, KY., and keep on playing that good old Country Music 'cause nobody plays the good stuff anymore.   I'm an old singer from way back and you can hear some of my songs.  Barbara Allen Durrum.

Born in Kentucky in 1935.  Any news from Kentucky is good news to me.  You seem to be very well liked by everyone.  Keep the news coming, hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you.  Charlie Fugate, Milwaukee, WI


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Great to hear news from back home!  I have been gone 42 years but I get very homesick to hear a mountain accent.  I was raised at Happy, my husband was from Leslie Co.  He passed away a couple months ago and at his funeral we played a song called "Kentucky Boy" by Brady Seals.  I had never heard it but my sister had heard it at a funeral in Ohio.  There was not a dry eye in the house especially the ones from Kentucky and there are several families in this county who came from  Perry and Leslie Counties.  I have been reading the comments from listeners and they all have one thing in common, they yearn to one day come back home.  That's what this song talks about.  If you've never heard it pull it up on the internet and listen to it.  It will break your heart. Marselle Brashear Eversole, Oak Island, N.C.

I listen to WSGS every where I go.  My car station is pre-set to WSGS.  Keep up the great work  Charles Hatton, Lexington, KY

It's good to listen to what's happening around home while we are on the road working.  We will be home soon and it can't come soon enough, but there's work to be done then off we are again, but we have the ol faithful laptop {wireless lol} with us at all times....keep on keeping up with the news of home and we'll keep on listening.  Dewey and Carrie Moore, Reno Nevada

I love to listen to WSGS.  Diane in Somerset, KY

Checking on local Hazard News.  Sure do appreciate it.  J.B. Francis, Springfield, OH

I listen to it, it sounds good to hear from home.  Charles Wooton, Dunkirk, IN

I have never been so homesick in my life. I really enjoy listening to the hometown news.  Vanessa Joseph,  Johnson City, TN

I just love this.  Hope you keep it going.  I listen everyday.  Matilda in Knott County

WSGS is a great service for all of eastern Kentucky, and for those that have moved away, they can stay somewhat acquainted with this area.  Lenny Blevins, Hyden, KY

I grew up around Hazard and I just love being able to hear of down home.  Thanks to all, good work.  Eliza  J. Spencer, Ada, OH

Hi yall, My momma is from Hazard.  She and I have been checking out your station.  We really enjoy it.  Hi Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jr., hey Aunt Phyllis, miss ya.  Carrie Strickland, Jesup, GA

I love WSGS, its a very good station, keep up the good work  Pat Fugate Gayheart, Ary, KY

I enjoy and appreciate the news.  I listen regularly.  I enjoy the broadcast from home very much, especially this day in history.  Kenneth Combs, Warrensville Heights, OH (Cleveland area)

I see that a lot of people living in Georgia visit this website and I think it is great!  I moved to eastern Kentucky just two years ago from Macon Georgia to be close to my daughter and grandchild and I absolutely love this area. It is beautiful here and the people are very friendly.  Thanks so much for offering local news via the internet.  The closest news I can get on Dish network is from Tennessee. Mapearl, Stinnett, KY

Its nice to listen to news on WSGS, especially when you're away from your home town for so many years.  It brings back so many memories!  Paul Luster, Cleveland, Tennessee

I check out your web site all the time.  I will never forget where I came from.  You guys do a great job.  Ron Chappell, Celina, Ohio

Just wanted to thank you for playing Daisy by Halfway to Hazard.  My son is David Tolliver and he certainly appreciates your help.  I think he will make Eastern Kentucky proud...I love being able to listen via internet.  Thanks again!!!  Virginia Tolliver Long, Richmond, KY

Born and raised in Viper.  Dilce Combs High will always be number one in my heart.  I graduated in 1972.  Love this site.  Vaughn Hall, Newport, KY

I live in Hazard and also love this site.  MaryAnn Lawson Smith, Hazard, KY

I grew up on Troublesome Creek, my mother is Eva (Combs) Armfield.  I really enjoy keeping up with everything and everyone in Hazard.  Lisa (Armfield) Prather, New Tazewell, TN

Was good listening to the local news, nice to catch up on things.  Mack Brewer, Ft.Wayne, IN

Always enjoy hearing news from home.  I listen every chance I can get.  I am a former Leslie County resident.  Pearl Wayne Couch, Shelbyville Indiana

I just wanted to say this is  great to be able to read about your home town and to keep up with the news and all the gossip.  I am from Glomawr and  I've been away for 30 years now.  I think it is wild to see all the folks on here that live in Georgia not to far from me.  I know you all are great people because where you was raised.  Carla Jones, Braselton GA

I have been meaning to let you all know how much I enjoy the "This Day in History" segment in the mornings....I think it is very interesting.....and a little alarming that instead of just learning about some historical item.....I remember WHEN it happened more and more!  Jan Gibson, Hazard, KY

We listen to the Hazard News to keep up on what's happening.  James Couch, Marion, Texas

I just discovered your site this afternoon, its wonderful!  Anna Jean Fultz Tucker Bruner

Congratulations to the United Steelworkers negotiating team for getting a contract that about 80% of their voting members could accept.  May you all be called back to work immediately.  Again, a job well done.  Charlotte Denny, RN, Lexington, KY

Enjoy listening to WSGS Radio on my computer.  I enjoy listening to local news and sports.  Also, I am a graduate of Va. Tech and am very saddened by the recent events at my school.  John Quillen, Ft. Pierce, FL

How nice to hear those voices from back home.  I left Butterfly for college in 1991 and although I've never moved back, I still love HOME!  My dad Cookie Collins is still there and we make it back to visit a few times a year.  Good job keeping the world in touch with Hazard.  Cindy 'Collins" Zaino, Pataskala, Ohio

I am not even from Ky , but you know listening to you guys  makes me feel like I am at home.  I do know several people from your area.  Seems like allot of people came to Connersville, due to the factories locally.  A lot are returning home due to factory shut downs.  Thanks for being there and doing a great job.  Robert Hunter, Connersville , IN

I love having a place where I can listen to my hometown's news.  I miss Hazard and the simplicity of growing up there.  After 16 years away, I have grown to appreciate the lifestyle and the friendliness of a small town like Hazard.  My family all still reside in the Hazard area and I someday hope to return to the mountains myself.  Stephanie Welch, Gainesville, GA

WSGS, without you I would never know what's going on in my home town.  As always, 10 stars for getting the news out to us.  Thanks a million.  I would be totally lost without  your website.  Rosie Mitchell, Charlotte, NC

I can pick up WSGS all the way up here in Indiana.  Aint that a kick in the pants!!!!!!!  See yall!!  Kenny Couch, SE. Indiana

I am from Leslie County, an over the road truck driver.  I come through Hazard every week.  I can listen to WSGS all the way to Frankfort before I start to lose signal.  Doug Chappell, Unicoi, TN

Your radio station can sure make a security guard's night more enjoyable.  Keep up the good work.  Judy Combs, Knott County, KY

Visit the site everyday and listen to the news.  Nice to be able to keep in tune with "Home" after being away for 16 years. Aaron Evans, Clearwater, FL.

I think it is nice to have things like this to listen to.  Would like to hear from anyone from the old Heiner coal camp our Pigeion Roost area.  I am 80 years young.  Thanks.  Vurdis Brashear, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thanks for this wonderful web site.  I truly look forward to listening to WSGS Hazard Ky news daily (what a pleasure).  Now I can hear all about my home town that I left behind so many years ago.  Keep up the good work.  Thelma (Jones) T.J Emery, Huron Ohio

Born and Raised near Whitesburg.  Lived for a few years on East Main Street in Hazard.  Always good to check in with WSGS and see what is going on back home.  Good to see that WSGS is still around.  Keep up the great work...You make me home sick in a great way...Teddy Ray Brown, Kane, PA

It's a pleasure to listen in on the news from my old stomping grounds. I use to play Country Music on WKIC in the late forties and early fifties and the word of the day for WSGS is nothing short of outstanding. Played on the same show with the Singing Miner many times in Vicco, Hindman, and several other locations around the area.  Born and raised at Hindman (Knott County) Kentucky.  Keep the good work going, you are fantastic!  Dennis Mullins, Fairborn, Ohio

I love the radio station, it is the only station that I listen to.  I enjoy the music very much.  Keep the good music coming.  You have a great day all day long.  Sherry Boyd, Floyd County

Just wanted to say what a great job WSGS is doing.  Keep up the good work.  I was born in Perry County and moved to Indiana when I was eight.  I still love it down there and I keep up with the news by WSGS on the internet.  I plan on coming to Kentucky for a Shepherd and Halcomb reunion and I may not want to return to Indiana. Kentucky and WSGS are great.  Madonna Corbett, Scottsburg, IN

Just found it and I love it.  Only station me and my grandma could pick up many years ago in the hills of Hardshell in Breathitt County.  First time I ever heard my name read on the radio was on a Santa Clause letter I sent to Jay Lasslo in the first grade.  I have been inspired ever since and have heard my name many times since.  I write today for the Breathitt County Voice plus have books about Hazard and Breathitt County etc.  From a true fan in the mountains.  OH Napier, Jackson, KY

I was so tickled to find a site close to my home town of Middlesboro, Ky.  I miss the mountains.  Thank you for this site. Carolyn Reed Barnett, Lyles, TN

It is so good to listen to the news cast on your site.  Left Hazard in 1968. '67 graduate of M.C. Napier.  Makes me feel like I'm at home when I listen.  I still visit Hazard often even though my parents are both gone to be with the LORD.  Will never forget the time when I was in high school and I skipped classes and was at the radio station (had a major crush on Glen Sims), and he was playing songs for me and my friend and my parents heard we were at station and boy did I get into major trouble. Anyhow lots of water under those bridges. Virgie Davis, Geneva, Ohio

I love the way you help us keep up with things back home.  I miss the people there.  I am glad that WSGS gives me a way to keep up with home.  Thank you WSGS.  Shawn Childers, Lake City, FL

Very direct and informative.  Linda Young, Berea, KY

We love you Hazard.  Keep the news coming.  Just makes my day to hear the news from where I grew up.  My heart will always be in those mountains there.  Helen Turner, West Harrison, Indiana

I love your web site, keep it up.  I lived in Perry County until I was 20.  I have kinfolk living in Perry County still.  I now live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  Been here 30 years.  Still love to hear the news from home.  Wayne

I love the news.  I turn it on every day.  I get the Hazard paper but I like to know what is happening every day.  That is my hometown.  I have been away for over 40 years but never forgot where I came from.  I lived in Combs in Sunfire Bottom.  It sure has changed.  I remember all the floods, but your station is great.  I would go to the station when it was behind the Taxi Alley and hear the Singing Miner and the Man On The Street.  That was the good old days.  Keep up the good work.  It is my favorite station.  Thanks.  Jane Baker Hurt, Grayslake, IL

It's great being able to listen to events happening in Perry County.  Hiedi Buchholtz, St Louis, MO

This is my first time to get your news over the internet.  I miss the Hazard news since I have Dish Network.  Now that I found your station, this is great. Thanks!  Irene Wilson, Campton, KY

To the local radio station in southeastern Kentucky, I remember and miss the good old days of Ernest Sparkman.  The Sparkmans were also friends of my older brother and my parents.  Keep up the good work Kentucky.I attended Carr Creek High School for 2 years, Combs High School for one and a half years and finally Cumberland High School, my senior year.  My father, Fred Centers was a coal miner for 48 years in the Kentucky coal fields.  He passed away in 1993.  He used to have friends in Vicco, Ky., by the name of Ambrose and Pat Deaton. As children, we, my brothers and sisters, went to the movies and skating in Vicco.  Those were the days.  I still miss all our friends from school.  Hi to all who are still around.  You haven't been forgotten.  Mary Centers madden in Michigan

I think this is a great idea.  I didn't even know that we had this on the internet so now I listen to it while I surf the net and it's great, keeps my attention longer.  Thanks for it.  Felicia Thompson, Busy, KY

I really enjoy listening to the Hazard news.  I was born and raised in Glomawr, Ky.  I've been in Florida for five years.  Thank you so much for sharing with all if the people that was born and raised there but now live somewhere else. It makes a lot of people feel closer to our Kentucky home.  Thanks again.  Janis Cornett Williams, Fruitland Pk,. FL

I think you guys do a great job, keep up the good work.  We've enjoy listening to Hazard news since childhood, growing up in eastern KY.  Crussie, Elwood, IN

I like the news on the internet.  I am from Jackson and have lived here in Indiana for the past 16 years.  Dorothy Noble

Enjoy the news and comments very much. Elaine Patterson, Calhoun, Ga

Its great to hear the news from home.  Lee Gibson, Springfield, IL

I really enjoy looking at the news on WSGS.com.  I get on the internet about every night.  I look and see what's happening on the news in Leslie County.  I have read all the comments every body has written to the radio station.  I enjoy listening to the news and to what's going on out there.  Just keep up the good work, WSGS.  Eva Estep, Polls Creek, Leslie County.

I listen to the news almost everyday.  It makes me feel close to back home.  We have been gone for 10 years now and we still miss back home.  I always look forward to hear what's going on.  Joyce and Walton Begley, Gallatin, KY

Just to say that I am impressed with the Hazard website.  I check  out the news happenings in my hometown area on a daily basis.  Really enjoy the Guest Book and Community Forum. Very interesting posts there.  I find it educational and entertaining to listen to WSGS.  Originally from the Hazard area.  Shirley in Arizona

I really like to listen to Hazard, Ky., news.  I use to live in Hazard.  I was born and raised there.  Ruthie Cornett, Austin, IN

Love catching up on the news from my home town.  This way I can keep in touch with what is going on.  Grew up on Williams Branch and my family still live in the Ary area.   Thanks Hazard.  Christine in Huron, Ohio

I am from Neon and enjoy hearing the east Kentucky news.  Charlene Scarlett, Satsuma, Florida

I love the Crazy Friday Show.  Keep up the good work.  Laura Slone, Knott County

I have a satellite but do not have local news.  I was one of the fireman that pulled the guy from the house that exploded.  I am with Jakes Branch Fire Department and listening to the news on the internet helps me keep in touch with whats going on. It helps to talk about it after seeing the aftermath of the explosion. THANKS!!!  James Couch, Hardburly, Ky

Good site.  I like using my wireless and just sitting in bed reading about all the good things that have happened and obviously are going to happen to my hometown.  Anonymous

"I was born in Perry County.  I love hearing news from my home place.  I visit about 4 times per year.  This web site keeps me informed on what's going on.  You may take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.  Keep up the good work.  Great Job!!!  I also would like to say hi to the Shepherd Family from Perry County (Leatherwood) and the Amburgey Family from Knott County." Madonna Corbett, Scottsburg, Indiana 

It very nice to listen to.  My family lives in Hazard.  Hi to my sister, Delphia, miss her a lot.  This is for my sister in-law, Bobbie Deaton and my little brother Jr. Deaton from Second Creek.  Maryann Deaton Henson, Cumming, GA

"My name is Diana Watts.  I'm from Leatherwood, KY, the Leatherwood near Blue Diamond.  I left home in 1987 moved to Lexington.  In 2000 I moved to Northern CA, a little town called Brentwood (not O.J. territory).  I visit this site often and just listened to WSGS on the internet for the first time...it brought back that safe, secure back home feeling again....I don't have the words to describe how I felt listening to this broadcast.  I remember hearing that same voice on the radio when I was growing up in Leatherwood, especially on snow days waiting to hear my school called "no school at Leatherwood Ele.", that was the best!  I grew up with that voice.  No matter how much our environment changes, people back home never change...how refreshing is that!!!!  I haven't been back  home in almost three three years and I am over due a visit, I will be listening to your radio station on the way home from the Airport in Lexington.  Can't wait to hear your voice again!!  THANK YOU!!"  Diana Watts, Brentwood, CA

"You have no idea how much I love your station!  I listen mostly at night here in Morehead, KY.  I've loved broadcast radio ever since I was a teenager growing up in Scott Co, VA in the '50's.  On your station, you play so many great old, not so old, and new songs.  Some old ones I had forgotten about.  I always listen to WSGS when I travel down to SW VA and east TN, when I'm not playing my Bluegrass CDs.  You have a very good format so don't change!  Thanks for playing such a wide variety of great County and Bluegrass music.  You guys have it figured out - what's the best.  At least this transplanted SW VA gal thinks so!"  Carol Fraley Laferty, Morehead, KY

"Thanks for the info on the plane crash that killed the family of seven from Texas.  We knew Peggy and had met her daughter once.  We learned more from you than we did from the Hazard paper.  Thanks again."  I. B. and Sybil Campbell, Greenwood, Indiana

"I found this site while searching for news of the Monday plane crash in Breathitt.  My family and I lived in Texas for many years from 1974-1982.  I followed this story to find out if I knew any of the family members.  Little did I expect it to be a former class mate.  Peggy McIntosh Morgan was a classmate. We were in the same graduation class.  We were friends but lost touch following graduation and marriage.  I'm sad to know that we may both have been living in Wichita Falls, Tx at the same time and didn't know it.  I would like to see or hear details on memorial services when they are available.  I was impressed with the online news reporting and will certainly stay connected and updated on the hometown happenings now.  Thank You."   Reva Pinson, Lexington, KY

"The Christie family is well respected here in Wichita Falls. They are a very active family and have given much back to the community. Roby and Renee Christie (Jason's parents) were the organizers of the Hotter than Hell Bike race that was held here this past weekend - August 26. This race is the largest in the nation and this was the 25th anniversary of that race. There were over 11,600 participants. Roby and Renee, along with hundreds of others, are still the organizers of this race. Jason and Christie owned the largest title and abstract company in the area. The young family will be sorely missed. Thank you for giving the news about this tragic accident."  Nancy Ashbrook, Wichita Falls, Texas

"I am so impressed with this website and its commitment to handling the news of your area.  I enjoyed the archived audio materials as well." Brad Becker, Lexington, KY

"I enjoy listening to my hometown news on WSGS.com from where I grew up on Big Branch between Vicco and Viper in Perry County.  I grew up listening to WSGS 101.1 FM with my granddad, Ed Deaton, who went to be with the Lord 13 years ago in February 1993 and my grand mom, Hettie Deaton, who went to be with the Lord 15 years ago in March 1991, who raised me.  I'm so proud of the fact that I grew up in a holler in Perry County, Kentucky, the proud grandson of Ed and Hettie Deaton.  Email me  Be nice to hear from my school buddies who went to Viper Elementary between 1975 and 1983 and Dilce Combs High School between 1983 and 1987.  I've lived in Middletown since 1992."  Timothy Paul Saxton, Middletown, Ohio

"Nice site!  I wanted to know about the miner that was killed and it was easy to find and access. My mom is from Breathitt County.  I am into genealogy and Caudill is surname in my family."  Shelly Platz, Walkerton, Indiana

"I loved to look at the photo's of Home.  I lived in Hazard all of my life and I have been away for 8 years now and it is so good to see the web site.  Good job, I love Perry County." Ova Gene Miller Jr., Sacramento Ca

"I love to listen to the news.  I am from Busy KY in Perry County.  I love staying in touch with home." Betsy Schoonover, Frederick, MD

"I love your web site, keep it up.  I lived in Clay County until I was 16.  I have a sister living on Polls Creek." Martha Hensley, Lexington, IN

"I lived in Perry count from 1993-1999.  I work with Appalachian service project in Chavies.  I still have found memories of Perry County." Bobby Ellard, Campbell, TN

"It was so good to hear news from my adopted Eastern Kentucky home.  I have been away far too long; so it brightened my soul to listen to news, especially from Harlan.  The lights of Vegas don't shine near so bright if you're not near the  people and the area you love the most.  So until I can come home once more, I'm just glad I can listen to the news and the sounds of home on the internet." Lew Mashburn, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Great station, I listen every day.  I grew up listening to WKIC.  Keep up the good work." Carol Maggard, Stanton, KY

"I was completely thrilled to be able to pick up WSGS beginning at Knoxville, TN, through Lexington, Ky., and on into Huntington, WV.  It made a very long and tiring trip very pleasant.  I just wanted to let you know that your listeners are not only locals but those traveling the interstates as well.  Programming like you are providing is long overdue."  Jack Hadley, Ft. Myers, Florida

"I love listening to news and looking at pics from home and when I was a kid.  Believe me, compared to where I live, Perry County is Heaven.  I miss it allot but  my daughter is here and here I will stay.  But no matter what anyone ever says, I think that in Perry County, life is so much more simpler.  Of course there are the same problems as every other place in America, but it just seems like people from home help each other.  I was a pretty wild kid when I grew up but I don't regret a day of it because I grew up in what I believe is the closest thing to Heaven on earth.  My only regret is that my daughter can't grow up there and when I get disgusted with all the hassle of Charleston I just log on to Hazardkentucky.com and remember the good times.  The site is great, don't change a thing."  Timmy Walker, Charleston, WV

"I was looking for news on the internet about Perry County, Ky., and came across WSGS.com.  I have enjoyed it so much.  I lived in Cornettsville, Ky., and went to Viper grade school.  I love reading the news and old news, makes me home sick.  Thank you." Connie Wilson, Homestead, FL

"I love listening to all the news and sports back in a place that helped define who I am today.  I will love Kentucky until the day I die." Ronnie "Buck" Campbell, Monterey California

"I recently moved from Perry County and this web site is my only hope of keeping up with what is going on in my home town.  I really enjoy this web site." Bethany (Stocking) Baker, Stanton, KY

"I really enjoy your web site and listening to your radio station.  I would really like to hear more about George Davis, the Singing Miner. Especially the song, "White Shotgun."  I love this radio station!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kathy Reynolds, Morehead, KY

"We enjoy your site and station when back in the only place fit to call home.  My wife is a native of Ary and we are moving back in the summer.  Thanks and God bless." Jimmy Spradley, Melrose, FL

"I listen to news on here every day after work.  There is no better place on earth to live than HAZARD KY." Paul Miller, Viper, KY

"I like this website, it is full of information about Perry County today and years ago. Very interesting." Sherrie Stidham, Chavies, KY

"I like listening to the news on the Internet.  It helps me keep track what's going on and makes me feel right at home.  I miss it down there very much." Joyce Begley, Warsaw, KY

"I just love to hear the news from good o'l Hazard, Perry Co Ky.  Thank you." Everett Hall, Franklin Indiana

"I thought your website was Great!  Thanks---keep up the great site!" Louise in Florida

 "I just found your website today and it is really great.  There is so much information about Hazard and other places.  I really enjoyed it and I am so glad I found it." Sandra Dean Kincannon in Breathitt County

"I have been in Florida since 1959 but Hazard is still home.  Listening to your broadcast is always a 'highlight' to my day.  I still have relatives in Hazard." Helen Holliday Alcorn, St. Petersburg, FL

"I enjoy listening to the news in Hazard, which is where I grew up.  I miss it very much.  Listening in makes me feel right at home!" Mary Jane Shepherd, Winchester, KY

"I am glad for this Internet, it keeps me up to date of what is going on there which I miss so much.  Please keep up the good work." Mattie Stacy, Hartford City Indiana

"We love this station because of the variety of music you play!" Ron Rigsby, Leipers Fork, TN

"Your web site keeps me up to date with what's going on in Hazard while I'm away." Joseph in Jeffersonville, Indiana

"I just found it today.  I enjoyed it very much and will be visiting often." Bill Hyden, Wellington, KY

"I really love your website.  My future husband is from Hazard.  I love to know what's going on around there." Jennifer, Louisville, KY

"I thought your website was Great." Louise in Florida

"I just discovered your site today and it is awesome!!  I was raised in Wooton, Ky.  My parents were Bill and Elberta (Bert) Melton.  We lived by the drive-in in Wooton." Theresa (Melton) Dedman, Fort Thomas, KY

"Found you website today, and it was a pleasure to hear news from home.  Left Letcher County in 1965, but return three or four times a year to visit relatives and friends.  You can take the girl out of Kentucky, but you can't take Kentucky out of the girl." Linda L Green Scoggins, Stafford, Virginia

"I just listened to the 10:19 PM (EST) news broadcast on 4 November 2005 about the UN Human Rights Commissioners visiting Hazard, KY.  It was interesting.  Why would they single out Hazard?  Eastern Kentucky is not unique in its poverty.  The UN Commissioners could have come to Atlanta, GA, or upstate New York State and found similar problems." James Stanhope, Cumming, GA

"It is so wonderful to be able to listen at what goes on there.  My baby still lives in Dwarf with his family and I worry so much about them since my daughter in law was in a bad accident.  I listen to the news every day." Karen, Fort Wayne, Indiana

What would my day be without the news from Hazard?  To be so far away and yet be so close as my computer.  What would my Granny think? :)  :)

"I love the Hazard news, it keeps me informed of what's going on in my hometown, whether I'm skiing in the alps or diving off the coast of Maine!" Jason Harvey, Lothair, KY

"Very interesting seeing Hazard in the early years." William Roark, Avawam, KY

"I miss Hazard, Ky., so much.  Hazard Rules!!!!!!!!" Rachelle Noble, Indianapolis, IN

"Thanks for having this service online!  Helps me keep up with home.  I've been gone for over 33 years from Hazard, but still feel like it's home!" John Shepherd, East Liverpool, Oh

"I lived in Viper for two years...I miss the people, the country, and the lifestyle.  Also - the love of my life lives there." Bill Waller, Lincoln, NE

"This is a great website!  One I enjoy very much." Will Witt, Wooton, KY

"Your news broadcast was both informative and insightful.  I am planning to move to southwest Virginia in the next few weeks, and hope that I will be able to pick up your broadcast from my location. Keep up the good work." Steve, Fort Worth, TX

"I love to listen to the news.  I am from Lotts Creek.  There's no place like home." Don Mullins, Spring Hill, TN

"I enjoy WSGS and I appreciate your news." Terry Fletcher, Pikeville, KY

"You all really do an awesome job.  I like to listen to the news and sports." Jody Neace, Breathitt County

"I love WSGS they have been a great radio station who has stayed true to country music....these days a locally owned station is few and far between. they help the local artist as much as they can..thanks to all of you for your help." Bernie Faulkner, Hazard, KY

"I have listened to WKIC all of my life and WSGS as long as I can remember and I love it." Edward Couch, Hazard, Ky

"I listen everyday to the news and it's good.  I live in Leslie County and I am very proud of Eastern Kentucky giving when people are in need.  Very proud." anonymous

"My mother grew up in Knott County and she tells me a lot of it.  It's really nice down there.  I really like this website!  It lets me know about what's happening in the area." Brandon Jackson, Kendallville, Noble County, Indiana

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you do with broadcasting and promoting our local athletics.  I look forward to going to your web site on Monday after Friday night's game. Your pictures are amazing.  You do a fabulous job.  Keep up the good work."  Vickie Hall, Hazard, KY

"I enjoyed listening to WKIC in my earlier years.  Getting to listen to the local news from my home town is great.  Keep up the good work." AW in Central Florida

"I like the website.  It helps me keep in touch with the news around the Hazard area.  I grew up in Perry County and went to M.C. Napier my first year and then went to Perry Central.  Keep up the good work."  Tommy Justice, Huntington, WV

"I grew up in Ary, Kentucky.  I have been gone for a few years.  My son, Patrick, lives in Colorado and Aaron lives in Tennessee.  The Internet is about the only news I get from home.  Someone might remember me, I worked at Bells Market for a long time." Sue Lucas, Talbott, Kansas

"Almost an everyday listener...can't always be around but I try.  Keep up the good work." Donald Johnson, Highway 15 near Chavies, KY

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't get on here and see what all is going on.  I love this website.  There are so many more interesting things on WSGS than on any other site.  Please don't ever close this down.  I really love it a lot.  Thank you for your time." Sherri Lynn Dyer, Knott County

"Hello to all who are reading this site.  I wanted to let you know that WSGS is one of the best websites to get on I mean if ya want to know about sports, news or just want to look around or check out the Trading Post, this is the best website to go to.  I bet I don't go through a day without listening to the Trading Post or getting on the Internet to look at all the neat things this website has to offer.  So keep up the good work and thanks." James Farler, Chavies Kentucky

"I like it." Nell Tackett, Bulan, KY

"This web site is great.  It's nice to be able to just log on and get the latest news from home."  David Eversole, Glasgow, KY

"You have a graphic on your website that says 100,000 watts goes a long way.  It's true.  I was able to pick you up early this morning around Circleville, OH....just a few miles from 101.1 in Columbus, Ohio!"  Matt Bruning, WTVN, Columbus, OH

"Played Bluegrass Music on WKIC AM Station in the late forties and early fifties.  Sponsored by the Dow Drug Store and Blue Flash Refrigeration Co.  Also played at Pikeville along this time.  Had the Singing Miner with us from time to time.  We had a Fiddle Player with us by the name of Bobby Summers.  I believe that Ernest J. Sparkman, formerly know as String Sparkman, was there about this time.  I went on to retire from the United States Air Force with 22 plus years, and worked for the Federal Government for another 22 Years at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton Oh.  I am now 76 years old and continuing to play a little Blue Grass Music.  I love my roots, and have a special place in my heart for WKIC.  Keep it on the Air for another fifty years.  I visit Hazard quite often and talk with some of the Home folks." Dennis Mullins, Fairborn, Ohio

"Hello WSGS, My name is Lynda Combs Gipson and I just wanted to say thanks for having this News Broadcast on the Internet.  Faron's voice is a pleasure to listen to, he speaks clear and strong.  I have a lot of interest in Hazard and Perry County.  I care about its people and this will help me keep in touch.  I'll be in Hazard the weekend of Aug 5th & 6th for the Combs Reunion. Please visit my Perry County website." Lynda Combs Gipson, Frankfort, KY  http://www.rootsweb.com/~kyperry3/perrycokystuffpage.html

"My name is Chris Hurt, formerly of Hazard, my father is Mike Hurt and my mother is Shelia Hurt both of Hazard.  I am currently living in the Pleasure Ridge Park area of Louisville Kentucky.  I just wanted let you know that I really love to listen to the news on WSGS.com.  Stuart Shane's voice is a comfort that reminds me of home and is something I never gave much thought about until just now.  I don't know how many times me and my Dad and Jimmy Farmer listened to the news on the way home from doing a roofing job somewhere out of town and now when I hear Stuart Shane's voice I realize that I kinda grew up listening to him tell everyone what was going on in Perry County.  Keep it up guys.  Thanks for letting me feel at home wherever I am.  Now if you can figure out a way to send some of my mamma's chicken and dumplins' in streaming real time we all would be alright." Chris Hurt, Louisville, KY

"Wanted to commend you guys on the great job you do every day.  Not a day hardly goes by that I've not got the radio on WSGS.  My brother, Tony Turner, also thought very highly of the staff and management at the station.  BTW, those Tony Turner fans who are interested, the book I have written on his life has been published and is now available."  Tracy Turner, Harlan, KY   http://www.lulu.com/content/131086  

"I live in the Lexington area now and I visit the WSGS web site every day.  It is my link to the only place that will ever be home for me, Hazard."  Henry Lee, Lexington, KY

"Well, its just like being 'Home'. I left Eastern Kentucky 26 years ago but I continue to come back once or twice a year.  I will always love the mountains and the people who live there.  I listened to WKIC when I lived there and I remember Jay Lasslo's voice.  What a wonderful honor to give to him." Paulette Smallwood, Memphis, TN

"Very informative, I really enjoy listening to what is going on in my hometown." Dana Begley Engle, Whitesburg, Georgia 

"It is amazing when I tune into WSGS in Perry County, I feel like I'm sitting on the front porch on Montgomery Creek with Mommy & Poppy (now deceased) in Knott County, James & Odessa (Everage) Godsey.  I also miss my brother Big Moe (Larry) terribly."  Bernie H. Godsey, Dayton, Ohio

"I enjoy listening to the news from my old hometown, I left Hazard in 1998.  When I get homesick, I tune in to WSGS and it makes me feel better.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you for having such a good web site that keeps people like me informed about what is happening in their hometown.  Thank You." Lois Napolillo, Atlanta, Georgia

"I love this radio station and especially Faron and Bob in the morning, also the Bluegrass programs from Big D." Genople Mills, London, KY

"I love WSGS and have listened my whole life.  I'm 28 years old."  Michael Barnes, Busy, KY

"I was raised at Hardburly in Perry county.  I love staying in touch with home by checking in on your website.  Keep up the good work."  Sam Clay, Deerfield, Michigan

"Moved away from Letcher County in 1987.  Sure love hearing news from back home.  This helps us to feel connected to our home town.  You all keep up the good work.  May God Bless your work." L. Roberts, Lexington, North Carolina

"Just a note to tell you that I really enjoy listening to the programs you air after 9:00 P.M. each night.  You play songs that other radio stations don't especially duets and lots of older songs and artist I have never heard before.  Also the instrumental songs are fantastic and I would like to know who plays some of the ones that are acoustic and who are some of the male and female duets are?  Thanks to one of the best radio stations in AMERICA!"  Ronnie Hall

"It is good to see a web-site close to home.  I'm from Floyd County, Melvin to be exact.  It is good to keep up with home.  I still have family there and it is nice to see that they are safe.  Thanks for the web-site." Melanie Snyder, Lenoir, North Carolina

"I was born in Corbin some fifty-nine years ago and I still can't get Kentucky out of my blood.  Thanks for the news from home". Wayne Shelton in Arizona

"You all do a great job!"  Louie Jones, Springfield, KY

"Well I think it gives us a lot more access to hearing about our daily news and what is happening around us.  I think it is great to have WSGS on the Internet." Mary Lewis, Jeff, KY

"Enjoy news from home, Letcher County."  Jim Stallard, Mooresburg, TN

"I like it."  Nell Tackett, Bulan, KY

"Listened to WSGS all the time when I lived in Knott County.  Knew Trish when she worked in Hindman, Ky.  Our son-in-law, John McIntyre did the News, Free Market and Ballgames for WSGS before moving to Lexington.  He still does the Sweet Sixteen Tournament for WSGS.  I remember listening to the Singing Miner when I was growing up in Knott County."  Wilma Thomas, Columbia, KY

"WSGS News on the Internet is great.  We used to live around Hazard so this will enable us to hear news from there.  Keep up the good work." Dorothy DeLong in Georgia

"You guys are great."  Joe Napier, Hazard, KY

"It's good to have news over the Internet."  Gail Sizemore, Breathitt County

"WSGS is the best Country Music station in any area that I have been in.  If I lived in Hazard, Hyden or the Refro Valley part of the state I would be tempted to take the knobs off the radio and throw them away.  To add even more greatness to 101.1, they broadcast Paul Harvey News."  Lawrence Eckler, Sr., Wilson, NY

"My dear radio friends, I listen to your radio station.  It is the best radio station I have listened to.  It is better than any of the local radio stations I have ever heard.  I really like it.  Keep up the good work your friend." Larry Lawrence, Winchester, KY

"I love East KY News.  This is the best website in the world for people that move away.  Thanks for letting me keep in touch with everything back home." John Neace, Circleville, OH

"I enjoy listening to the news on WSGS.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you."E.Hall, Indianapolis, IN

"I love being able to keep up with the news on your website, almost like being home again.  Thank you for the memories."  Sam Clay, Deerfield, Michigan

"Just finished catching up on all the news from the Hazard area via the internet.  Now I can sleep well tonight." Ted in Washington DC

"Being from (Rowdy, Ky) I was surprised and pleased to find the Radio station on the internet.  Thanks Guys, I can now keep up to whats going on there.  My mother and father still live there, and so do all my (how do you say it up there?) Kin folks HA!  See ya." Cloyd M Brock, Salem, Al

"I don't know how I found my way to this site, but it is great.  I have listened to all the news stories, read the message boards.  I think I will be back tomorrow for more news!" Suzanne Solis, Sharpsburg, KY

"I enjoy checking the news each day.  Thanks for having it on the net for people to check." Hazel in Ricetown, KY

"I love you program  It's my way of keeping up with things in Perry County and the people I know.  I have listened to WKIC since I was a little girl and I'm over the hill now.  Keep up the good work." Carol Maggard, Stanton, KY

"I love the news broadcast on the net my family is from Hazard so I get to listen to all you news broadcast and it makes me feel a little closer to home." Julia Deaton, Maryland

"It was great to listen to hometown news.  A big I love you to all my family." Bernie and Lucy Godsey, Dayton, Ohio

"I left Perry County about 10 years ago.  I have some family left there and some friends.  My boys are grown up now and have a family of their own.  This web site is the only way I have of knowing what is going on.  THANKS A LOT."  Sue Lucas, Morristown, TN

"I think you all do a very fine job and I listen to you all everyday.  I love the Gospel music and Bluegrass.  Keep up the good work." Debbie Hall, Prestonsburg, KY

"Great to hear from Hazard."  John Noble, Crossville, TN

Enjoy this website, keep up the good work.  I am from the Right Fork of Masons Creek, Viper.  I left Viper in 1964.  Gross Butler, Martinsville, VA

"I am a born and raised a Kentucky girl....moved away many years ago...but still am drawn back to my roots...am very proud of my heritage.  I was born and raised in Knott County.  You can take the woman out of Knott County....but you cant take Knott County out of the woman.  I listen to your station every day...love it.....keep up the good work." Ethel in Sellersburg, IN

"Hello, I was very happy to hear news from home.  I had not heard it before." Magdlene Phillips, Tampa, FL

"Enjoy your news items.  Just found your site and will certainly visit it each day.  I was born and raised in Letcher County." Darlene Pettibone, Lexington, KY

"I am from Hazard, Ky.  I graduated from Perry Central and moved here 3 years ago.  I love to hear from back home...it's a nice place.  My family still lives in big Willard.  You might know them, Curtis and Mildred Morris.  I got married and moved away from home.  My husband wanted to go where the jobs are.  We have a 16 month old daughter...she's adorable.  I love to hear what goes on back home.  You might know my sisters, they graduated from M.C.Napier, Elizabeth and Joanne Morris.  Elizabeth is a Smith.  She's married with two girls.  Hi to everyone of my friends back home." Juanita Cornett, Florence, KY

"I just found your website.  I like it very much.  Being from the south, I like to get news from the south.  I have lived in Ohio for 35 years but still like to know what goes on down south.  Thanks."  Fran Harman, Cleveland, OH 

"Enjoy the radio programming and I keep the radio on all day.  I'm glad you have this on the net.  Keep up this means of communication." Bill in Watts, KY

"I think your ideas are very good.  I hope you get a lot of good articles and recordings.  A friend of mine in Hazard sent this website to me.  Good luck." John Eary, Ashland, KY

"Thanks...This web site has kept me updated on all the basketball scores from home.  Good luck to Knott County Central Girls." Lera Feltner, Bowling Green, KY

"Been a while since I have thanked you at WSGS for the Internet East Kentucky News.  I visit WSGS daily and it is so awesome to sit here in Spartanburg at my computer and span the distance to Hazard while listening to the news.  Thanks everybody at WSGS." Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"Great!" Mavis Johnson, Somerset, KY

"Thanks!!" Robin Roll Rouse, Elizabethtown, KY

"I love it. I never expected this."  Bruce Jewell, Ajax

"Greetings from an interloper.  I have no connection with eastern Kentucky.  No family, never been there.  But for some reason, the area piques my interest, and so here I am.  Hey, the accents on these newscasts aren't that much different from the Delmarva ones I grew up around." Fizz, Sussex County, Delaware

"I found this site some time ago.  I think this is great.  We have one similar in Norton, Virginia.  That is where I am from.  There is a web site here that I would like you to publish there.  It is www.huntingnet.com.  This site is the best." Jerry Freeman, in Illinois www.jff12854@aol.com

"Today on Main Street I heard about Tuesday's robbery at the Whitaker Bank - via a Hazard native that is living in New York City!  Do you get that??  He heard about it in NYC through this web site - called his sister in Hazard - and then she told me the news that I had not yet heard.  That is just another of one of the hundreds of stories that you can hear about how people use and love this web site!  I just thought you ought to know." A.J. Hall, Hazard, KY

"Your website is awesome.  I think having Mr. Hall attending the area events has added finesse and long overdue coverage to our area.  Keep up the great work!"  Donna Lynne Smith 

"Thanks for keeping me updated on everything that goes on back home."  John Whitaker, Seattle, Washington

"Point blank.... the best radio station I have ever listen to.  Thanks!  Keep up the great work." Tom Fraley, East Point, KY 

"I was born and raised at Roxana, Ky in 1945, been away from Letcher County for 44 years.  Letcher County will always be home in my heart.  It is nice to hear the voices on the Internet now.  I read that some educated dumbbell wants to try to change the accents of our young children from Appalachian.  I admire people who are educated.  Now this person may be educated but is dumb as a box of rocks.  Children should be left to have their own accent."  Rose Ballar Durham, Harrison, Ohio

"As former Pastor of Town Mountain Baptist I enjoy the Articles and the News that I read here.  I want to encourage you to keep up the good work.  I want to also encourage Rev. John Pray and Rev. Page  Patterson and all of the Ministers and Pastors to 'Keep on keeping on.'  God bless and keep all of you is my prayer." Rev. John B. Nurse, MetroLouisvilleKentuckiana

"I love your site." Alonzo Feltner, Bowling Green, KY

"Love it.  I am from Breathitt County - Clayhole Area and have been living up north for many years now.  It Is a wonderful experience to hear any an all news from back home.  Please keep up the good work.  Would love to hear the Trading Post sometimes.  Thank you very much."  Dave Smith, Antioch IL.

"Always good to get on line and find out Hazard's news.  I have been a police officer since 1999 and graduated the Indiana law enforcement academy in 2000."  Michael Luttrell, Seymour, IN 

"Way to go WSGS...listening to you here in Arizona.  I'm originally from Hazard so its awesome to hear you guys on the internet.  10 stars from me.  Way to go." Rosie Streit, Page, Arizona

"Oh...love my home town news.  I live in Venus Florida and I am from Knott County." Thelma Sullivan.

"I listen to you when I get a chance and I got you bookmark so that I can go straight to it..  I miss being in Hazard and this is a way to keep up.  Its great that all us that leave Hazard can catch up like this...Keep it up."  Sheila Moore, Somerset, KY

"It is very good hearing the voices of the south and I am truly sorry that the south has all the problems that the city has but I am happy to hear news because it is just wonderful hearing things from back home.  Thank you for being truthful and unlike the city who covers things over.  Thank you for being so honest."  Zelma Alcalde-V (Earls), Detroit Michigan

"Real Neat!  Enjoyed hearing it.  Keep it up." Setys Combs-Kelly, Springfield, OH

"Wow!  I have been looking around on this site and have to say it is a wonderful to have a webpage such as this.  Not only does it have pictures, but message boards to capture the history with such descriptiveness.  I am very pleased with this site not only for communicational purposes, but it is here for anyone interested in the past influences of this city." Billie Jean Smith, Hazard, KY 

I am in the KYNG, with the 206th Engineer Bn, where I am the Command Sergeant Major.  We are in northern Kuwait, in support of Operation Iraq Freedom.  I was in the Regular Army for three years and Ky National Guard for 25+ years. I was born and raised in the Hazard area. I graduated from MC Napier in 1975 and now live in Leslie County, I work full time as a Federal Mine Safety and Health Inspector, (MSHA) on Morton Blvd.  I like all the country music you guys play and the news.  I would like to say hello to all my friends at home and would like to hear from them.  My email address is, fred.fugate@campny.kuwait.army.mil or kyminuteman@yahoo.com  Freddie N Fugate, Kuwait

"Was checking my wife's family history with folks from the Pineville and Cubage area and came across your website.  As an former broadcast engineer working with AM and FM stations, I was impressed with the quality of your internet audio and I must say of your newscaster who sounded like network material.  I have visited your city several times in the past, and will return again.  Keep up the good work." Dan, Adrian, Michigan

"It is great to be able to tune in to the radio station from my hometown.  I have very fond memories of Hazard, Ky.  I always enjoyed listening to the singing miner on the radio." Mary Lou Roberts, Caryville, TN

"Happy New Year to my hometown radio station that keeps me posted on what's happening in Hazard and Perry County.  Have been an avid listener and continue to be.  I am still awed by being able to listen to ballgames, news, and just what's happening in and around Hazard.  Be blessed this coming year."  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"Love this site.  It's great."  Betty Johnson, Chavies, KY

"I enjoy being able to listen to Hazard news on the internet.  I never recorded any of your broadcasts but in 1947-48 I listened to WKIC on my crystal radio I made from a kit I ordered from Popular Mechanics magazine.  I lived across the street from the tower in Walkertown so it came in very clear." Jack (Don) Gross, Madison, AL 

"I love hearing news from back home.  It makes me a little less home sick when I can keep up with what's going on in the town I'm from.  Keep it up you are doing a great job!"  Tommy Centers, Shelbyville, Indiana

"Its nice to be able to come on here and see bits and pieces of my past!"  Venus Hollins, Eglin AFB, Florida

"My wife is from Hazard.  We love to travel there still on my Harley.  There's nothing like the sound of a Harley rumbling deep down in the hollars.  She's always on this site, makes her feel a little @ home.  Thanks for the site & keep up the good work."  Danny & Kathy, Alexandria, KY

"I live in Florida."  Mark Wilson, Port Richey, FL 

"It's good to know I can be close to home with the click of a button when I'm now living so far away." Lisa Brashear, Lebanon, TN

"It's a very helpful site. I go on 'WSGS' all the time to sell items on the Trading Post.  Also I like to look at the old photos of Hazard back in the days.  I like this site a lot and I hope it's still here when my little girl gets older."  Tony Wilson, Chavies, KY

"I am from Jenkins and it is so good to be able to get news from Eastern Kentucky."  Norman Preston, Chapel Hill, TN

"I am in the military and travel from Leslie County Kentucky to Yokosuka Japan to San Diego California and now I am in Charleston.  I really like reading about people I grew up with."  Joseph Smith, Charleston, SC  

"Just found this site.  I didn't realize it existed before tonight.  Keep up the good work this looks great!"  Carol Preece, Inez, Ky 

"Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shinin'...hey ya'll!  Just wanted to say I remember waking up EVERY morning at 0400 hours (for those Army-types) to the same song on your station.  Willie Nelson singing 'Good Morning, America How Are You'. I remember the cold of fall and the darkness of the mountain in the morning.  Smelling the wood/cool burning stove and hearing Mom yelling, 'Get Up, youngins!'.  Memories, memories.  Thanks for those wonderful memories."  Mistie Morgan-Tatro, Rochester, New York

"Hi you all.  It is so good to read news from home.  My mom & dad - Laura & Ed Gamble are both gone on home to be with the Lord but just getting on this web page makes me feel so close to them.  I love all people over on Grapevine.  The Gambles, the Neaces, Millers and the Napiers and lets not forget the Smiths, Combs, Fugates, and I'm sure I have left out some one but I lover you and think of you often."  Evelyn Gamble, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I love the internet service you have." Mattie Stacy, Montpelier, Indiana

"I was born in Dwarf, Ky in 1941.  Thomas is my maiden name.  My family surnames are, Thomas, Allen, Salyers, Centers.  We moved to Ohio in 1952.  I now live in Florida.  I have lots of relatives still living in Kentucky.  Thank You for the opportunity to post this information."  Florida Listener

"I think you all do a very good job, I check the WSGS news out every night when I get off work." Paul Miller, Viper, KY

"All my family is from Perry County KY.  Patricks and Fugates." Pauline Patrick Osborn, West Virginia

"Sure do miss the simple life I enjoyed in Jeff as a kid.  WSGS enables me to take that walk down memory lane, recharging my hillbilly batteries, lasting me another few months! Left there in 1970 and served in the US Army for 28 years. Still, Kentucky is my home and always will be. Still have relatives and a brother living at the old home place and enjoy visiting when I can.  Thanks you for putting the station on the Internet so others like myself can reach out and touch a little heaven and home.  It was nice to tune in to my old home town radio station." Garland Hill, Pensacola, Florida

"It was so good to hear a voice I remembered from Hazard.  I am from Vicco and miss home very much.  Knowing that you have some of the same problems that are here is not good, but it is wonderful to hear the good news that is going on.  Thanks to all at WSGS and keep up the good work." Zelma (Earls) Alcalde-v, Detroit, Michigan 

"This is a great site. I love it and learn a lot of history that I never knew even though I was born and raised in these mountains.  Keep up the tremendous work!"  Brian D. Young, Hazard, KY 

"I like listening to your radio on the net.  That way I can keep up with the news from back home.  I use to live at Buckhorn.  I miss it a lot.  I am the daughter of Cecil and Betty Hensley.  It is really nice that we can get on the net and hear all the news from around home.  Keep up the good work."  Debi Davidson, Lexington, Indiana 

"I graduated from Hazard High in 1973 and left for a career in the army.  I am now in my  second career which is real estate.  It is so good to get up in the morning check my e-mail and catch up on the news back home.  Faron and Stuart, you're doing a great job.  Keep up the good work guys."  Jim Combs, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Hi, I was born and raised in Perry County.  This site means a lot to me.  It takes me back home anytime I want, I really do love it.  Please keep up the great work.  If anyone wants to email me please feel free."  Janice (Neace) Campbell, Indianapolis, Indiana  littledove106183@aol.com

"It's great to hear news from home.  Thanks so much."  Virginia Cox, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I was born in Hazard in 1953, I lived most of my teen years in Blue Diamond.  I left Ky., in 1973, but love to go back for visits. It's hard to believe how much has gone up in Hazard, all the new stores, new restaurants, its great...I love listening to the radio station. Does anyone know what happened to Glen Sims?  I remember him from the good old days."  Freida Neace Johnson, Dayton, OH

"I was born in Hazard in 1959 and have a lot of family still there.  I love this site."  Priscilla Combs Addison, Berea, KY 

"Thank you for giving me a little bit of Old KENTUCKY.  I am from Kentucky, but live in Georgia.  My sister, Brenda Hacker gave me your address.  My father and mother-in law are Omar and Jean huff of Confluence, Ky.  Linda Sizemore, Fort Benning, GA

"I really enjoy this site...Makes me feel closer to home.  I was born and raised in Hazard, Kentucky.  I lived there untill about 3 months ago when I moved to Georgia.  I miss it.  My mom and dad, Maxine and Bo Combs, still lives there in Glowmar.  Keep up the good work!"  Chasity Combs in Georgia

"I'm from Hazard and it's good to have some local news come to me from there."  Glenn Nolan, Burnwell, KY 

"Listen to your broadcast nearly every day just to hear what's going on in Eastern Kentucky.  Someone very close to my heart (from years ago) lives in Leslie County and your news makes me feel a little closer to her.  Best wishes to your station and its efforts to bring update news to those many miles away."  Richard in Indiana

"We listen to your station when we can, other times we click on to WSGS on the web.  Great to hear the Hazard and surrounding the area.  Keep up the good work."  Charles McIntosh, Lafollette Tennessee

"WSGS news on the internet is the greatest." Bobby Riley, Kokomo, Indiana

"I've loved WSGS radio for a lot of years.  Keep up the good work."  Herbert Williams, Wooton, KY

"I love and miss Hazard KY.  So when I listen to WSGS I feel like I'm there.  THANK YOU."  Patt Lewallen Conway, Laurel, Maryland

"I'm from Whitesburg.  Love keeping up with the news in Eastern Kentucky.  Need more of it.  Thank you for what you are doing.  Keep it up."  Lonnie in North Carolina

"I did live in Leslie co, near Red Bird, I listen to WSGS & WKIC in Hazard for all local news.  Keep up the good work."  Glenn Collett, New Tazewell, TN

"I love the music on the radio station.  I would love to have the radio station available on the internet!!!"  Daisy Brock, Cumberland Gap, TN

"I think the net news is great.  Keep it up.  I don't listen to the radio unless I'm in my car.  This gives me the chance to catch up on the news around here.  I visit this web site almost every night now.  Again keep up the good work, I thank you."  Iris Hicks Morgan, Hazard, KY

"I use to work for WSGS in 1982 while I was going to Hazard Community College.  I married Larry W. Coots from Leslie County.  He also worked at the station for a while.  We married in Georgia--lived there for 15 years and then his work transferred us to Connecticut we have been here for five years now.  We have two beautiful girls--Angela 11 1/2, Jana 9 1/2.  We have been married for 20 years. We do miss Hazard and all our kin folks there in Perry and Leslie Counties.  I am hoping that we can move back some day. Thanks." Annette Clark Coots, Plainfield, Connecticut

"Ran across this by accident.  Will save it on favorites.  I have a lot of friends around that area.  Thanks."  Bob Hunter, Connersville, Indiana

"It is really nice to be able to get the news from my office in Mississippi.  I start my day with Shane, WSGS and cup of hot coffee.  Thanks for being there and keeping me a little closer to home."  Charles Stamper, Brookhaven, Mississippi

"I am originally from Whitesburg and have moved to Knoxville.  I think it is great to be able to see things happening up there on the internet."  Bobbie in Knoxville, TN

"The best news and country & Bluegrass music station.  Keep up the good work." Carmie Prater, Breathitt County 

"I really enjoy hearing the news from my home town.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks."  Mike Campbell, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

"I just found this site, and I am well pleased.  I was born in Knott County.  My grandfathers home, Marion Mullins, is now where the dock sits."  Virgil Mullins, Barlow, KY

"I cannot get local new so I go to my PC and have all local news and weather.  I thank you so much for this service you have given to the people that cannot receive local stations."  Kathy Morgan, Hyden, KY

"I was born and raised in Knott County and I love hearing news and what's going on in and around Hazard, KY.  I left Kentucky in 1961 but I will always love the mountains."  Rex Bentley, Rome City, Indiana

"Hello, I really like this station.  I'm from Perry County."  Helen in Bright, IN.

"I think this is cool to have this on the internet.  Good work.  I was born in Hazard, Kentucky in 1944.  My dad was Matt and grandfather was Robert.  I was born at home on Loss Creek I have a sister on my dads side I have never seen.  I cant find her."  Wilburn Feltner, Indianpolis, IN

"My mom lives in Hazard, Kentucky."  Maryann Garrison, Atlanta, GA

"I have been in Tennessee for six years.  I am a native of Leslie County,  We get your 101.1 on our radio all the time.  Keep up the good work.  Please say hello to all from a true blue Kentucky fan forever." Glenn Collett, Newtazewell, TN

 "Great."  Donna Hampton, South Bend Indiana

"I love being able to set down and check the news."  Dusty Sizemore, London, KY

"Really glad because I've listened To WSGS some 41 years and it's been my source for sports and news.  It's part of my heritage.  When I was very small we had no TV so we listened to the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night on WSGS.  So I want to say thank you. I grew up in Leslie County.  I live in London but still listen to WSGS.  It comes a long way.  Keep up the good work. Thanks."  Kenneth Wilson, London, KY

"I was born and raised in Hazard.  Hazard will always be my true home.  I really do love your web site.  I am so glad I found it.  Thank you so very much for the tributes to my Mother, Father and my Uncle Hoover.  I know they are in Heaven together and that Sadie is cooking and Hoover and Willie are eating.  I love looking at the pictures.  I hope some of my long lost friends are reading this because I would love to hear from you.  Please visit my site, www.Allure-Travel.com and e-mail me.  I still love basketball, so maybe we can get together at some games in Rupp Arena this coming season.  Thank you WSGS.com for your wonderful web site!"  Willa Dawahare Itan, Nicholasville, KY

"I love this website.  I grew up in Hazard and lived there all my life until three years ago.  I didn't even know there was a website but this lets me keep in touch with what's going on back home.  Thanks for it!"  Bo, Broadheadsville, PA

"I was surfing the web when I came across your site.  I get to come here and read about people I know!  Very cool site." Angel, London, KY

"It is great to hear the news from home.  I was born in Hazard at Mount Mary Hospital in 1952 & lived in Blue Diamond until 1961.  Keep up the great work."  Jerry Young, Dayton, Ohio

"Keep up the good work.  Miss you all.  Tell Miner Feltner, hi.  He has a radio broadcast on Sunday at 4:30 at the Ten Mile
Church." Charles Wooton, Bryant, Indiana

"I have lots of family there in Hazard and I just love this site...I even saw where my aunt had made a comment about the site.  My grandfather is Melvin Shepherd.  Thanks for the web site."  Becky Collins, Frankfort, KY

"Tell that redheaded Paula Campbell we love her in Ohio.  Listen to the news ever evening.  I miss Kentucky more every
year the older I get."  Jan Farmer Reynolds, Middletown, Ohio  

"I like hearing the news from WSGS.  I have been in Detroit since 1975, but I enjoy visiting the south.  I am from Vicco, Ky.  All the members of my family have either moved away or passed away. So going back to the place where we was raised is so sad.  The house is gone and no one ther to see. On the bright side the lady on the hill is still there and I enjoy visiting her. She brings back all the memories of my Mom and Dad, which have both passed away. The nice lady's name is Evelyn Gayheart. She lives on a hill at the mouth of Montgomery Creek. So hearing voices that I heard growing means so much and thanks for the wonderful memories." Zelma (Earls), Detroit, Michigan

"Larry was born in Hazard, Kentucky to John and Lizzie Neace.  Moved away 18 years ago.  We still come back to see the family he enjoys hearing the news, so keep up the work."  Larry & Kay Neace, Martinsburg West Virginia

"I like the web site very much."  Lula Davidson, Austin, In

"We were born and raised in Perry County, and we really enjoy listening to your news and keeping up with the local news.  We still have family that lives in Grapevine, Ary and Dwarf.  Thank you for your good work."  Stanley & Darlene Watts, Richmond, KY

"WSGS keeps you up to date with what's going on in your community and Eastern Kentucky. Thanks WSGS Radio."  Greg Williams, Yeaddiss, KY

"I like to keep up with news."  Teresa Franklin, Goldsboro, NC

"I am from the Hazard area, and I love to hear from you people." Raleigh  Eldridge, Charlotte, Michigan

"I live in Indiana now and would like to keep updates on happening around home, especially around Vicco.  Thanks." Brenda Thomas, Austin, Indiana

"I was born and raised in Kentucky.  I attended high school at Carr Creek,Combs before moving to Cumberland.  That was long ago but Kentucky will always be home to me.  I love the news so each night at this time I am usually listening.  Keep up the good work."  Mary Centers Madden, Michigan

"I really like going back and looking at tributes and remembering  the folks that have passed, but one person I think should be a part of the tribute section is Glen Sims.  I noticed his brother has a tribute." Karen Baker, Hazard, KY

"We enjoy keeping up with the news in eastern Kentucky.  My wife has relatives living in the Hazard, Manchester, and London areas." Dale and Martha Yordy, Springfield, Missouri

"Love your site.  My roots are in Kentucky.  3/4 of my relatives came from the Hazard, Jackson area." Wesley Howell, Pine City, Minnesota

"I just found you web site.  I love it, keep it coming."  Martha Hensley, Indiana

"I use to live in Hazard.  Now live in Georgia but still like to keep up to date on the news there."  Kimberly Gayhart, Georgia

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