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November 29, 1917 - Merle Travis was born in Rosewood, Kentucky , near Greenville .
November 29, 1929 - A man leaped from a second-story window of the Perry County Courthouse when he was told that a Federal prohibition officer was after him on a whiskey possession charge. He was uninjured. 
November 29, 1931 - Mary Breckinridge, the founder of the Frontier Nursing Service in Leslie County , was injured when a horse she was riding, stumbled and fell.  Breckenridge suffered a fractured rib and an injury to her back. She was taken to the Hazard Hospital then transferred to Lexington in Engle's ambulance.  Mary Breckridge was 50 years old when she was injured. She recovered and lived to be 84 years old.  She died in 1965.  
November 29, 1952 - Western star Don Red Barry made a personal appearance at Memorial Gym in Hazard. He told jokes, sang songs, and fired his gun for the kids. After the show, he signed autographs. 
November 29, 1978 - WSGS listeners talked about the Jonestown suicides, Pete Rose, and Sparky Anderson's firing. Charlie Wilson took 39 calls. 

November 29, 1930 - Ten female prisoners in the Perry County jail became panic-stricken when heavy clouds of smoke were caused as soot in the attic of the jail was ignited. Small damage was caused and the women were calmed when Jailer Troy P. Combs told them the attic had a concrete floor which would resist a more serious blaze. Thirty-two other prisoners appeared unperturbed.