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00 years ago today, March 24, 1923 - The French Style Shop put on a fashion show at their business on Main Street in Hazard with live models displaying the latest trends. The Gatliff Orchestra performed at the event.
March 24, 1947 - James Baker, a Civil War veteran, died at his home at Yerkes in Perry County . He was Perry County ís oldest citizen at 106 years old. He was five months away from his 107th birthday. Baker was a farmer and carpenter who crossed a mountain to cast his vote each election day. 
March 24, 1957 - The Dudley School burned in Perry County.

March 24, 1961 - The Louisville String Quartet performed a concert at the Hazard High School auditorium on Baker Hill.
29 years ago today, March 24, 1994 - Ernest Sparkman broadcast his last Sweet 16 game on WSGS. (M. C. Napier vs. Paul Dunbar). He called his first Sweet 16 game in 1954.