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August 10, 1923 - Hazard, Kentucky joined the rest of the country in honoring President Warren Harding who died a few days earlier. Harding was the first President to visit Hazard. Mayor Joe Craft issued the following proclamation: "The 10th day of August, 1923 has been designated throughout the nation as a day of mourning in the memory of President Harding. As Mayor of the City of Hazard, I respectfully request that appropriate religious services be held in the different churches of the city, and that during such services all offices, places of business and amusements be suspended out of respect of the departed President." J. W. Craft. 
August 10, 1934 - Citizen's Bank opened in Hazard. It is now known as Community Trust Bank. 
August 10, 1957 - "Destination Moon" opened at the Family Theater in Hazard.