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February 21, 1925 Elisha Sloan was found guilty in Perry Circuit Court of the murder of Dr. Marvin J. Kingins and sentenced to death. The courthouse bell was tolled to announce to residents that a verdict had been reached.
February 21, 1953 - WKIC broadcast an auction from Kentucky Power Company to raise money for the Boy's Scouts.
February 21, 1964 - The double feature at the Grand Vue Drive-In at Airport Gardens: "Promises! Promises," with Jane Mansfield, plus " Bikini Baby," with Diana Dors.
February 21, 1967 - A radio-telethon was broadcast live from  Memorial Gym on WSGS, WKIC and Channel 4 TV to raise money for the proposed Hazard Community College. Local talent performed from the stage at the gym. The program consisted of many local bands. Ernest Sparkman, Bill Gorman, and Bill Morton served as master of ceremonies. Over 3,000 people were in the crowd.
February 21, 1979 - The topic on WSGS Talkback was 14th region basketball. Junior Davidson was Charlie Wilson's guest.

Groups that appeared on the Radio-Telethon in Hazard on February 21, 1967 including Nobody's Children, The Psychos, and the M. C. Napier High School band. Wayne Davis, Eddie Fields, Ray Linville, Bernie Faulkner, Ernest Sparkman, and others provided musical entertainment. Perry County Schools dismissed classes for the event.

February 21, 1956 - Former Perry Circuit Judge Sam Ward got "scooped" by the Associated Press. He said he didn't know he was a candidate for judge of the state court of appeals until he read an A. P. dispatch from Frankfort listing him as a candidate. He surmised that friends signed his declaration papers and sent them to the secretary of state.