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"The story on over crowded jails is just petty stuff compared to Laurel county.  I was in there around October of last year and at times they had 24 men in our 8 man cell.  The only cells there are ever any open bunks are the Federal cells. You really should check into it."  Ron in London, KY

"Just found this site and love it.  I'm so glad that it is here.  I'm from Whitesburg.  Always want to know what's going on up there.  Keep up the good work."  Etta Kincer, Clearwater, FL

"I just found your station.  Now my family and I will get to hear the news from home.  Thanks for a great web site."  Melissa Wilder, Buckeye Lake, OH

"You have a great station.  It's like being home again."  Debi Hensley Davidson, Lexington, Indiana

"We listen to the Hazard news all the time.  It's good to know some of what goes on in eastern Kentucky.  Keep up the good work.  You have a great web site."  Don & Delma Dehart, Kettering, OH

"Hazard is where I grew up.  I would like to be 'connected' with news in this area.  Thanks!"  Glenn in Austin, IN

"I was born in Hazard and raised in Vicco.  I really enjoy a taste of home."  Utah Bailey Jr. Hamilton, Ohio

I am Laura Collins Moore.  I was born in Hazard in 1972.  I moved to Ohio in 1988 and I love to listening to the news."  Laura Moore, Shelby, Ohio

"I use to live 7 miles from Hazard when I was a little girl, in a town called Blue Diamond along with 7 brothers and sisters.  I love finding this site.  Please email me other sites of Hazard/Blue Diamond."  Trish McNeal, Stephens City, VA

"I would rather hear all Kentucky news from you guys.  Keep up the great work cause I will be listening to you."  Patsy Carter, Martin County, KY

"Love it."  Jeff Barger, Moraine, OH

"I love it."  S Lagow, Jackson, Michigan

"I love and miss Hazard."  James Smedley, Cincinnati, OH

"Convenient, profitable, and up to date."  Betty Bates, Whitesburg, KY

"I listen to the radio on weekends.  I love this site.  I look back on the history of Perry County.  I go to the classified ads.  If you see my ad in the housing classifies, I'm the one looking for a house to rent or sell.  Me and my husband want to move back home.  You might know Marshall Cornett.  Well, that's my husband for 3 years we have a 4 month old daughter who will be 5 months old April 6.  I'm Mildred and Curtis Morris' daughter."  Juanita in Florence, KY

"We enjoy the news on the net.  Just need more about Owsley County and other places around."  Hazel Vires, Booneville, KY

"Hey, I like your news program on the computer.  I wish you would put more of what happens in Clay County..."  Jessie Napier, Manchester, KY

"Sure is good to be connected to home.  Keep up the good work."  Jean Lightcap, Wapakoneta, Ohio

"You all are doing a great job on the news.  Thank you."  Bill Bowling, Booneville, KY

"I listen to the radio on the weekends when I work.  I try to tell the lab assistant about the places that are talked about on the radio.  Thanks for bringing Ky. to Alaska for me."  Rhonda Griffith, Bethel, Alaska  

"I just love the news on the Internet.  You're doing a good job.  Thank you very much."  Hardie Chappell, Hyden, KY

"Keep on Trucking.  You all are doing a great job, keep it up."  Charles Ingram, Beattyville, KY

"By going to this web site, I can be back home in the mountains of Kentucky, no matter where in the world I am.  Thank you for providing this service."  Cathy Norton, North Pole, Alaska

"Born and raised in Perry County.  Love your website.  Keep it going."  Ted in Washington D. C.

"I'm so happy that I found you.  With children and grandchildren in eastern Kentucky who don't contact us much, you are that proxy contact that somehow makes them seem closer.  Kudos to your webmaster.  You are a top-quality site."  Rebecca C. Clark, Hopkinsville, Ky

"You all do a really nice job with keeping people up with local news weather and sports.  I like to listen to the music."  Jody Neace, Jackson, KY

"l lived in Whitesburg and Cumberland for years.  I love your website. and the news is the best!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work."  George Collins, Collinsville,Virginia

"I Really Enjoy The WSGS News."  Carmie Lewis, West Liberty, KY

"I listen all the time."  Wes Francis, Laporte, IN

"I grew up in Southeastern KY and I love the fact that I can hear news from home on the internet.  It's good to knew no matter where I go I'll always be able to catch-up on the news from Hazard."  Daisy Brock, Cumberland Gap TN

"I like being able to get on your web site and get the most local updated news."  Kimberly Combs, Hazard, KY

"Go Leslie County Eagles!"  Kathy Collett, Louisville, KY

"I am very pleased with WSGS,  It is the only local news we get."  Eileen Bowling in Leslie County

"I like to listen to your news.  Manchester doesn't have anything like this."  Jessie Napier, Manchester, KY

"We're Listening."  Mr.& Mrs. Arnold Thompson, Inglis,  FL

"Appreciate being able to get the news by way of computer."  Nell and Jim Hollon, Ft. Myers, Fl

"I always listen to WSGS in Hazard."  Paul Miller, Viper, Ky

"I was born in Harlan, County, lived in Letcher County.  I am glad to hear news from my home counties, and to see names I recognize on the comments section."  Harold Gibson, Austin, Indiana

"I just want the people of Hazard Kentucky to know how nice it is to read and be able to keep up with local happenings around the community.  It isn't real easy being 14 hours away but anything is better than nothing especially here.  Hope everyone is doing ok though!  Go Commodores...P.S. My wife, Shawna, is a Bulldog fan but my twin daughters, Zoe and Katie are going to PCC...lol."  Jeff Pennington South Korea, Panmunjom

"I feel like Dorthy on the Wizard of Oz when she says there is no place like home.  Well, Perry County, even though I don't live there anymore will always be home and there is no place like Home!!  Your Internet broadcast is a welcome site to me.  I can keep up with a lot of my classmates and friends. A lot od them are in the public eye now in Perry County.  Keep up the good work."  Deborah Allmond Burns, Anderson, Indiana

"I am thankful to have a source where I can hear a little Perry County News.  My mother was born and raised in Viper.  Her parents were also from there along with many many other relatives.  Surnames of Engle, Young and Farler.  I am looking for a place where I can find a recent Obituary.  If you know, would you please let me know."  Josie Evans Palestine, Texas  HEINZ-67@webtv.net  (email posted at the request of viewer)

"I really like your alls radio station."  Becky Stanfield, Sharpsburg, Ky

"Really like to hear what's going on in Hazard, KY.  Kentucky is a great state.  Good work on your website and hope you keep it up."  Monica Cochran, Perkins, Oklahoma

"We lived Near Hazard for 4 years. It was good to hear the local news."  Andy Seibert, Durant, Mississippi

"I like to hear your gospel station.  I use to live in Whitesburg, Ky." Diane in Somerset, KY

I'm glad we can hear the news from a reliable source.  Tell Scott Napier we need a web site from the folks at WJMD for fine Christian fellowship."  Joseph Grimm, Leatherwood, KY
Click here to go to WJMD's website

"It is nice to be able to check the news anytime. Thanks."  Anita Shepherd, Leatherwood, KY

"Thanks."  Phyllis Kelly, Belleville, Michigan

"Great to hear some news from home on WSGS"  Dr. Russell C. Cornett, Delray Beach, Florida

"I like to hear the news.  I use to live in Hazard."  LaVonne Pierce, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I really enjoy listening to your news, brings me closer to home.  God Bless You."  Carolyn Couch Sewell, Muncie, Indiana

"I like listening to hazard radio station WSGS, I have listened to it for years.  I am formerly from Leslie county.  My parents still live there, their names are Morrow & Dorothy Davidson.  They still listen to it as well.  It's the best ever.  I like it because I can hear what's going on in and around Leslie County from my home in Russell County.  You all are doing a great job so keep it up.  Thanks."  Amy Caudill, Russell County

"I live @3500 miles away from Hazard, so it is a real charge listening to the radio from there.  I don't listen a lot, but sometimes you just want to hear a familiar voice and there it is.  It's great!"  Rhonda Griffith Bethel, Alaska

"I am from a little place called Kildav, 8 miles from Harlan and I love to get on here and find out what's going on down that way.  I want to thank you for a job well done, this hillbilly boy loves it."  Jim Hembree in Michigan

"I haven't heard Hazard news in years.  This is a good thing."  Alma Brewer, Fairborn, Ohio

"Keep up the good work."  Johnny Napier, Tazewell TN

"Check in often to listen to the news.  Keep up the good work."  Yvonne Bowling Campbell, Dayton, Ohio

"I have a good friend in Perry County, this is how I stay in touch with his day-to-day life!  Thanks!"  Lisa in Frederick, MD

"We appreciate getting the news on the internet.  Thank you."  Phyllis Kelly, Belleville, Michigan

"Merry Christmas to all my friends in the mountains of Kentucky.  Enjoyed seeing the photograph of snow on Skyline Drive."  anonymous

"I just love the internet news.  I get up every morning to see what's new on WSGS.  Keep up the good work and have a Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year."  Hardie Chappell, Leslie County

"I like it!  I moved from Jeff, Ky. in 1984 and I like to know what's going on there because my heart is still in the community.  Nice job with the news on the internet."  Rita Combs, Franklin,Ohio

"I am from Lee County...and it was great getting news close to our home town.  I will be checking in daily for the news.  Great job WSGS.  Very happy I found it."  Stanley Ogans, Scottsburg Indiana (Hometown - Fillmore, KY)

"Great, keep up the good work."  Vaughn Hall, Newport, KY

"Love this.  Why do you not have Talk Back anymore?  I loved listening to that with my grandparents when I was a child.  You guys are great.  We greatly appreciate you."  Carla Johnson, Lost Creek, KY

"Really enjoy listening to WSGS.  It makes me feel like I am home, but also makes me sad.  I miss Hazard, the mountains, the people, and especially my family.  I have traveled most of the states, but not one can take the place of Hazard Ky."  Juanita Brown (nee) Engle, Fort Scott, Kansas

"Great being able to hear news on Internet."  Alice Shell, Pikeville, KY

"I check your web site everyday, and I have never been disappointed....it is so good to be in touch with my home area.  I sure wish you could air your station on the internet, I would have it locked in everyday. Thanks for the great job you are doing."  Don Hoaker, Flatrock, Michigan

"We really like WSGS in Hazard.  I can keep up with some of the things going on.  We want to wish all our friends in Hazard and at Ary a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  We need your prayer for our son Brandon, he is 22 and after Christmas he has to go Iraq.  So WSGS keep up your good work."  Charles & Ladonie Harvey, Dunkirk, Indiana

"I love getting on the internet checking my email, and listening to Stuart Shane reporting news in Hazard.  I think it is so cool I can stay in touch with what's going on at home so far away from it."  Kenny Campbell, Mosul, Iraq

"I am from Doty Creek and am finding lots of good sites.  I found the news very interesting.  I would like to hear from any one that may knows me, especially Doty creekers like for instance Peggy Blair and Rudell."  Dalna Caudill, Hamilton Ohio

"I was born and raised in Ky. Left in 1952 and have traveled quite a bit. I love to hear things from Hazard so keep up the good work"  Ray Campbell, Garden City, Mo

"I love all your back history.  I was raised at Buckhorn.  We left there in 1977.  We come to Hazard and Buckhorn two times a year and this is lie being right back home."  Debi Davidson, Lexington, Indiana

"It was nice hearing Hazard News."  Christina /Bo Combs in Ohio

"Great job all, keep it up."  Bill Dobson, San Diego, CA

"My parents grew up in Hazard and I've been taking a trip down memory lane.  My Grandmother, Bethel Smith, lived in Smith Holler behind the Mother Goose!"  Linda Crook, (Watts) Prattville, AL

"Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!  I just finished listening to the news from back home it sure makes me feel good to hear that all is good back there.  I miss the Mts. especially this time of year.  I am from Knott County and I sure miss all the festivities and the wonderful people there.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day and God bless.  Thanks again for this wonderful web site.  Love To All."  Sondra Sorrell Davis, San Antonio, Texas

"Hi Hazard, hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  I enjoy listening to your news."  Linda (Elam ) Reeves, Hebron, KY

"I am glad you are on the Internet.  It is good to hear about things going on back home."  Randall Begley, Georgetown, KY

"Listening to news from home right now.  Love this site.  I am a new member to your message board.  After seeing everything you have to offer, I could not resist."  Butch Williams Indianapolis, Indiana

"Brings us back home."  Aaron Amburgey Jr., Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

"Enjoyed hearing the 40th Anniversary of JFK Assassination.  It's good to hear the news from the mountains."  Max Young, Lexington, KY

"This evening finds me listening to my hometown news via WSGS and it is still hard for me to fathom being so far away and yet so close.  I am so thankful for WSGS and its staff and the chance I have to each day listen to the news as I did years ago.  Thanks again, WSGS!!!"  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"I really enjoy your site.  Listen to it everyday at work."  Thomas C Smith, Pikeville, Ky

"Thanks for being there for us that moved away from home.  It is so nice to keep up on what's going on in my home town."  Louie Jones, Springfield, KY

"Thank you for putting my hometown news on the Internet.  I never hear what's going on down there.  I was excited to find this. Keep up the news.  I now look forward to it.  Native of Ary, Kentucky."  Jim Williams, Southeastern Michigan

"I have missed  the mountain news but I'm happy to be back so I can catch up on all the news in the mountains,  Keep up the great work WSGS,  you're doing a great job.  Go WSGS!"   Rosie Mitchell, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I've noticed a lot of military comments lately.  I just wanted to tell all of our troops that we love and appreciate everything they do."  Navy Wife in Virginia Beach, VA

"Hearing the news from Hazard makes me homesick for the mountains."  Pauline Thorpe Hoover, Charlotteville, VA

"I enjoy your site.  I'm from Letcher Co Ky but left when I was a teenager several years ago, but still have family there.  Keep up the good work."  Effie Buck in Tennessee

"I get up every morning and get on the Internet just so I can read the news.  Thank you.  I rate it highly. Keep up the good work."  Hardie in Stinnet, Ky

"You have a great newscast!"  David Byerley Hixson, Tennessee

"I have a Webtv, not a computer.  I can get on the internet and look up stuff, but I can't listen to any of the news above.  I live on the ridge at Gayscreek.  You wouldn't believe the view of the area from up here.  I have estimated well over 50 people a year stop and take pictures.  You might want to take one to use on one of your programs."  Teresa Spicer  Gays Creek, KY

"I enjoy your web site very much.  I get on here every night to check out everything on the web site.  I have friends and family that live in IN that check it out every night also.  They want to know what is going on here at home."  Thank you Lori in Perry County

"I think WSGS News on the Internet is really great.  I just discovered it today.  I get to listen to the news that I missed.  Very convenient.  Thank you."  Tammy in Ary, KY

"This web site makes me proud of it because it appreciates its viewers so much.  Keep up the good work."  Mike Couch, Yerkees, KY

"Its a great station....Thank you...Keep it up."  Beverly in London, KY

"Hi.  I was born and raised in Hazard and have family there and it is wonderful getting to listen to Hazard news.  Keep up the good work."  Thelma Emery, Huron Ohio

"I have family that lives in Hazard, and I visit often.  My mother is from there.  I love this website because I can keep up with events taking place there."  Angie in Cincinnati, OH

"I enjoy the local news.  You must be wondering why a guy from Massachusetts is listening to your station.  Have a great day.  Go Sox."  Eyal Shapira, Newton, MA

"I have been living in Ohio for the past 2 years & I enjoy hearing what is going on back home.  Sounds as if drugs are taking over Southeastern Ky.  This really hurts because I lived in Perry County for 31 years.  I listen to WSGS @ least once per week to keep up with the latest news."  Teresa A. Boggs, Marietta, Oh

"I love listening to the news on your website.  I have satellite TV so without it I would be lost in what's going on in the community.  Thanks."  Randall Deaton Hazard, Ky

"I can't wait to finally come back home to Hazard."  Ric Begley, Hamilton, OH

"It is nice to hear the names and places of people I knew when I lived and worked around the Hazard area in the 1980's.  Enjoy listening very much, and will try to get back down to my second home soon."  William W. Sabo, Hicksville, Ohio

"I listen to this station at least once a week & I really get homesick for the mountains & the hospitality that 'IS' unique to the mountain people.  I'm proud to call Kentucky my home & there's no place on earth more beautiful or blessed...someday I will return to 'My Old Kentucky Home'.  God Bless Kentucky & our soldiers from Kentucky".  Brenda (Madden), San Diego, California

"I lived and worked in Hazard for many years.  I worked at Bells Market for about sixteen years.  I enjoy the internet news very much.  Miss the people and Hazard very much."  Sue Lucas, Talbott, TN

"We listen to WSGS news daily and would also like to hear the obits."  Mike in New Mexico

"This message is for Bob Hale, My name is Donny Amburgey, you ran into my dad, Don Amburgey, at my aunt Pam's funeral (Francine Sexton).  I will miss her dearly.  But I just wanted to come out here and tell you how much I enjoy this website!  Keep up the good work!  You and all your staff are doing a fantastic job!"  Donny Amburgey, Cleveland, OH

"I heard that my Aunt Becky was killed in an car accident on Monday but that was all I knew.  I was doing a search for news papers and came across your site and found out more details.  Thank You."  Charlotte Resh, Eureka, Montana

"Helps me with my home sickness."  Tony Singleton, Rock Springs, Wyoming

"Just got time to read some of your comments and really enjoyed it and would like to hear from some people who lived in or around Glomwar back in the late 60s or seventies.  I kind of let all my friends slip away but if I know you or not would like to hear from my old stomping ground."  Michael Cornett, Newport Ky

"This is a great site, it keeps me up on the things I truly miss there.  I was born in Jeremiah, Letcher County, but I live in Michigan now and get back there as often as I can.  My family names are Adams &,Smith.  Thank you."  Deborah Flynn in Michigan

"My husband is from Perry County, so he likes to see what is going on there in his home town.  We would really like it if you could put the obituary on the site.  This is a great web site.  Thank you."  Brenda in Scottsburg, IN

"It's so good to listen to Hazard news while so far from home."  Kenny Campbell, Iraq

"Hello everyone at the radio station.  I've been living away from Lotts Creek for seven years and thanks to you, on the internet, I keep up with everything going on at home.  Thank you very much for the service.  Tell Cora Lee and Kim Sparkman, a very special hello from me.  I love them both a bunch.  They'll remember me as Wanda Neace."  Wanda Neace Morgan, Dayton Ohio

"I love this station, It's like reading the paper every am.  I cannot get the sound yet, I'll work on that."  Betty Strong Hobbs in Indiana

"It's interesting listening to the news items."  Mary in Florida

"Great.  Look forward to listening more.  I am from Hazard originally.  Still have family there."  Mike in Louisville, KY

"I enjoy your radio station and WYMT also.  I grew up listening to the Hazard radio station and watching WYMT news."  Tiffany Nolan, London, Ky

"I really like your news on the internet, but would also like to see the obituary's."  Helen in Manchester, KY

"I enjoyed it very much.  Thanks a lot.  I was born in Kentucky so I enjoy any news from there."  Connie Kiser Arnold, Grantsboro, NC

"Keep sending news out.  I check it everyday."  Linda Dalton, Houston, TX

"Love to hear from Hazard. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the news reports from eastern Kentucky." Edna McIntosh, Lafollette, Tennessee

"I think the web site is great,  I am from Elkhorn City, Ky., and it is nice to hear things about home.  Thanks." Treva Sawyers, Hesperia, Ca

"Love the site, keeps in touch with home." Nellie Combs in Ohio

"I lived in Hazard, Ky., for 30 years."  John Bowling, Florence, KY

"I think it's great to be able to get news, and the latest news whenever I'm on line.  I have used it more than once and sometimes it is the only news I get....Thanks!!!"  Buddy Griffith, Gays Creek, KY

"Always love to hear the news from Hazard.  Keep up the good work."  Janis Cornett Williams, Fruitland Pk, FL

"Hello all,  good job, and I do come back very often.  Love your website as well.  Good information, keeps me up to date.  Keep up the good work, ya' hear?"  Jarvis Taylor Jr., Chicago IL./Hyden, KY

"Hey everyone at WSGS, you are doing a great job getting the news on the Internet.  I thank you for having a way for us to keep up with Kentucky News, where we live out of town.  I live in Chicago and check the WSGS Internet every night.  I was born and raised in and around Hazard, Ky.  It will always be my home.  Keep up the good work."  Laura Gayhart, Chicago, IL

"Good Morning Hazard.  I check the web every day for old friends.  Hot in Houston.  I bet it's cooler there.  Keep up the web."  Linda Dalton, Houston, Texas

"I just happened across your website by accident.  I would have graduated from M.C. Napier in 1985.  Would love to hear from old friends.  I only get to come home to Hazard about once a year to visit.  This will help me to keep current on what's going on now so I will have more issues to discuss with dad!   It's great, thanks."  Barbara in Blountsville, AL

"I really like hearing what's going on in Hazard because I moved about a year ago and now I don't get to hear the things that my friends hear!!"  Meagan in Casper, WY

"How many more people are going to have to die on these deathtraps called ATV's before the state legislators pass a law requiring roll cages and seat belts be installed."  A Steady Listener, Ravenna, KY

"This website is great because if I miss the news then I  can get it on here.  Thanks WSGS for making a great website."  Anonymous, Hazard, KY

"I have found some Cawoods living in KY.  Do you have any kin around Bristol, TN., or near Bluff City, TN.?  Please let me know.  Thank you."  Johnnie Cawood, Blountville, TN

"Thanks for having such a great site for all of us who've moved away and get homesick.  This page makes me feel a little closer to home when I need it most.  Hello everyone in Hazard.  Take care and be glad your in a small town."  Melissa Stacy, St. Marys, GA

"I was just listening to the Hazard news as I do every night.  Tamara Beverly was my niece so this story really hit home.  Her name is pronounced (Tamaira) but spelled Tamara.  I hope Browning gets the chair for what he did.  This is awful, no one deserves  to die like Tamara did, and Browning had no right to take her life in any form.  Who does he think he is? (GOD) God is the only one that has a right to take a life and I hope he gets his just rewards for this awful murder he committed.  To Tamara's mom (Donna) I hope you see him get his sentence, to Faye - I love you all and please know that God will have his revenge for this. if not on this earth, then he will give him his just rewards when he has to face his judgment.  Thank all of you in Kentucky that has seen justice served in this case and thank all the news people for reporting the news as it really happened, and thanks to all the people that has helped the family through this rough time.  May God Bless You All."  Rosie Mitchell, Charlotte, NC

"I am always happy to hear anything about my beloved Kentucky.  Its nice to know I can turn my computer on and hear a lot of recent news that is going on from southeastern Kentucky."  Rena Cawood in Ohio

"I just got my new computer and was able to log on to this site and hear the news!!!  I love it.  Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!"  Sondra Davis, San Antonio Texas

"Just wanted to say hi to everybody in Hazard KY.  We have lived in Tazewell, TN for a year now but Hazard is still our home.  We love checking in on the news on this web site.  It keeps us closer to home.  We both were born and raised in Hazard and we still have alot of family and friends there.  I'd like to say hi to our friend Bernie Faulkner from Faulkner's.  Please keep up the good work on this web site."  Johnny & Angila Napier, Tazewell TN

"I travel into Eastern KY with my job and enjoy listening to your station.  I can even pick you all up in Mt. Sterling.  Keep up the good work. Your web site is great."  Robert Haydon, Mt. Sterling, KY

"Love knowing what's goin' on back home, hope to be back one day (soon).  Keep up the good work!!!!!" Amanda Popp, Jamestown, KY ((too far from home)

"It's nice to hear from the hills.  Keep up the good work."  Joey Roberts, VaBeach, Va 

"Love this."  Michelle Collins, Hazard, KY

"It's great.  I love WSGS News and pictures on the Internet."  Manuel in Perry County

"I so much enjoy listening to WSGS News on the net.  I left the Hazard area (Viper) in 1964.  My heart remains in them thar hills.  Everytime I heard you say 'Hazard' I get a kinda warm and fuzzy feeling, it makes me feel close to home.  I haven't been back for many years.  I heard it has really changed.  I have no close relatives there anymore.  I would love to come visit Hazard/Viper.  What kind of accommodations are offered In Hazard?  There was nothing the last time I was there .  Thanks for bringing me home via WSGS News On The Net."  Bonita (Hall) Chandler, Marietta, Georgia

"This web page is really awesome.  I really enjoyed it.  I will be back."   Tina in Fort Wayne, Indiana

"It is great listening to the news from Eastern Kentucky.  I was born in Allock, Ky. and grew up on Grapevine and graduated from Buckhorn High.  Keep up the good work.  Takes me back home everyday."  Deborah Burns, Anderson, Indiana

"I always love Hazard and it's radio & TV station.  I grew up here & moved away lots of times, went to the Navy but always came home to the mountains I love so much, I will die here someday.  God Bless Hazard, KY."  Boss Holland, Hazard, KY

"Originally from Floyd County, glad to know I can listen to local news.  Great Job!"   Karen Dorer, Raleigh, NC

"Listen to your local news every day on here as well as on the radio." Brenda Montgomery, Morgan County

"I have a satellite and don't get local news so I listen here every chance I get.  Barbara Bryant, Bulan, KY

"This is the best news site on the Internet.  The news is wonderful.  I hope to see this site keep growing.  So wonderful to hear the mountain news so clear on the net like sitting right there with you.  Thank all of you for making this site available to all of us that can't be there.  Love hearing the news from home.  Ten big stars from Charlotte, NC.  Thanks."  Rosie  Mitchell

"I really enjoy listening to news about my home town.  The voices of Stuart Shane and Faron Sparkman make me feel at home.  Keep up the good work."  Shirley Eversole Powell, Kaiserslautern ,Germany

"Your news on the internet is great.  Today was the first time I actually listened to your news.  Keep up the good work because I am far away from home and it is nice to be able to hear your voices.  Thanks."  Shirley Riddle, Peoria, Arizona

"Enjoy your station and all the other services.  My dad grew up in the river bottom where Leslie County High School now sits.  We are descended from William & Winnie Sizemore Begley and Wash & Minerva Morgan.  Always enjoy visiting Hyden and Hazard.  My uncle Gillis Begley was a barber in Huff's shop in Hazard.  My aunt Rose Begley Baker ran Manchester Dry Cleaners.  My aunt Lelia Begley Ashby and her husband Eugene taught school in Leslie County.  Take care cousins."  Dwight Merle Begley, Lebanon, KY

"Found this web site by accident and I have really enjoyed the news.  I am originally from Knott County and I love to know what is happening in good old Eastern Ky.  There is no place like home."  Elowise Hamby, Chattanooga, TN

"I just found this website for the first time.  I will definitely come back."  Leola Vanover, Lexington, Indiana

"I love it....!!!!"  B Morgan, London, KY

"I grew up in Hazard and went to M.C. Napier High School.  I've been away for several years, but listening to WSGS brought back many fond memories for me.  I'm glad I found this site, and thank you for making it available."  Steve Haynes, Honolulu, HI

"I listen to WSGS news every morning on radio and keep up with what's happening back home.  It's nice to know if I miss the morning newscast, I can go to WSGS.com and catch up.  Thanks for a fine radio station. ( I played on WKIC AM in 1951-52 ) on the Saturday Morning Jamboree with The Singing Miner and lots more people.  Those were the good ole days."  Dave in Ravenna,  KY

"I live in Chavies and listen to the news on the internet everyday.  I don't have cable, I have satellite and don't get local channels so I get the local news on the web.  Keep up the good work, WSGS..I love all the site you have."  Toni Cole, Chavies, KY

"I was born and raised in Leslie County.  I think it great that you all have a web site so that we can keep up with the news back home now, Thanks."  Wilbert Eldridge, Shepherdsville, KY

"I just recently discovered this web site and I love it.  Hearing the news from down home is refreshing to the ears.  I grew up on Ball Creek or Fisty they call it.  Went to school with Trish Stacy and I remember her very well.  I love Hazard and the people there."  Vikki Fugate Melvin, Florence, KY

"I just found you web site.  It took me back to my childhood.  I hope someone recognizes me and will email me back.  I was raised at Cornettsville, KY and moved in 1966.  I love this web site and get on at least once a day.  Love to everyone."  Sandy Jones Wells, Mooresville, IN

"I think it's really great to hear the news from home.  It's as if I never left Kentucky in 1962.  It really makes me homesick for the mountains.  You have no idea how much this is appreciated.  Thanks again."  Don Fugate, Always a Kentuckian, Lakeland, Florida

"We love southeastern Kentucky, and enjoy hearing local news. It makes us feel closer to home.  Our hearts will always belong there."  Joyce & Darryl Neace, Bradford, Tennessee

"Just discovered your website today.  I was hesitant about buying a computer, but this made it all worthwhile.  Born on Second Creek, migrated to Cincinnati over 50 years ago.  My wife is from Ary where she lies today.  Keep up the good work."  Jeranda Stacy, Florence KY

"Appreciate the good reports and interviews on the flooding there in and around Hazard.  I have witnessed many in my youth in Hazard.  We, also are having same problems here in Manatee County FL now.  Thank you!"  Angelene Boyas, North Manatee County FL

"I always enjoy looking at the web site, even though I am half way around the world.  It is always nice to hear what's going on at home.  Also I think it would be cool to list all the soldiers serving from Hazard so there could be a contact list to get a hold of them.  I know I would definitely enjoy it.  Thank you."  Jeff Pennington, Camp Stanley, Korea

"I really enjoy WSGS News on the Internet.  It is a joy to listen to the news. Thank you very much."  B. Campbell, Greenwood, Indiana

"Love your web-site."  Tootsie Johnson, Letcher County

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"I love your all's website.  Keep up the good work, this is the best radio station to listen to especially to get news that you miss."  Anonymous, Hazard, KY

"I searched out your site as my wife is traveling to Hazard this weekend as part of a planned church mission trip from Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Your streaming audio news report, filled with rich actualities, excellent writing and delivery, was very impressive.  As a television news director for the ABC affiliate in the Pensacola-Mobile market, I offer compliments for your excellent report.  I only wish we had such a professional radio news broadcast in our community.  Your service is obviously a valuable fiber of your community.  I sure got that impression." Peter Neumann, Pensacola, Florida

"Thanks for having it available."  Ed Eldridge, Lewisville, Texas

"I love getting news from 'home'.  You're doing a fantastic job."  Audrey Miller, Los Angeles, CA

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"I think this is great to be able to listen to the news and events in Kentucky.  I was born and raised there and love it.  Keep up the good work."  Della Amburgey, Dallas, Texas 

"I enjoyed listening to your News, sounds great on my slow modem connection!!  Keep up the good work!"  Bill C.,  Detroit, MI

"Found your site by accident, but really enjoyed listening in! Thank you!" Sheila Landreth, Augusta, KY

"I just wanted let you know I listen to your station all the time and I would like for everybody to remember David Lee Miller.  Thanks."  Anonymous, Hazard, KY

"I love WSGS.com.  I am so glad that I can finally hear what is going on down home.  I can hear if something is going on with my family or friends.  Thank you guys and keep up the good work."  Nicky Sparkman, Indianapolis, Indiana

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"If I miss the news of the morning, I like to look it up on the Internet.  Thanks for doing this!!!"  Carol Ison, Happy, KY

"I love it!!"  Lynda Combs Gipson, Frankfort, KY

"My Dad loves listening to the local news from his home town. Since his illness he has had to move in with me here in the Northern part of KY and to him nothing can compare to his home in Perry County!  So at least now he can hear some of what is happening back home!" Charlotte Fugate Florence, Kentucky

"I love this web site. I was raised in Hazard and I only get to come home once or twice a year. I love being able to catch all the latest news."  Linda Smith Honeycutt, Indiana

"I feel like the Dare program is being held accountable for things parents should be doing also. The little bit the children are taught in school by the Dare officer is not enough if it is not being reinforced other places. Parents and families need to talk to children and know where they are and who they are with." Glenna Gamble, Viper, KY

"I listen to WSGS every day and enjoy it very much. Thank you." H. Hosack, South Florida (Gulf side)

Don Caudill, Bell County

"I liked your news cast. I live in Covington Kentucky, but my mom and Stepfather live in Fisty. This is the only way I have of keeping up with what is going on down there. Thank You." Amy McEntee, Covington KY

"I think it's great getting the news from Hazard." Bill Peters, Franklin, Ohio

"Love reading the Hazard website, go through it every day. Keep up the good work Hazard." Jane in Grayslake, IL

"The audio is as good as if in Hazard. Tell Ernest hello. It was hard to keep up with Ernest when going around peddling flour samples - the good days. Send me the news k4kpt on 3847 ham radio." Doug Slough, Wytheville, VA

"Great job, thanks for the news." Edith Baker, Leslie County

"I just love this web site.  I am so thankful we have this for us to hear the news. It is so interesting. You all are doing a great job. Thanks."  Irene Brock, Bell County KY

"I think your whole site is great. I am from Glowmar and I kind of keep up with things there from you, Thanks a lot." Nathan Dalton, Coldsprings, Texas

"Graduated HHS in 1965.  Always great to get back to Hazard sites & catch up on what happens at home. Hazard Herald helps, but audio makes it feel more real. Hello to old friends." Dr. William Garlen Byrd, Kansas City metro area

"I am originally from Pine Top(Omaha) in Knott County and I really enjoy listening to the area news. Please keep up the good work." Dotty Baker Grim, Columbus, OH

"I wanted to know more about Hazard, Ky and also if the TV show, Dukes of Hazzard was from there." Loretta Keiser, Louisville, KY

"I love WSGS on the radio. I listen to the morning show with Trish Stacey and I love the music and also on the internet. I thank you guys and gals for bringing news and country music to the mountains for the people to hear." Becky Couch, Smilax, KY

"Great getting news from Hazard area - parents and in-laws live in Breathitt County and sometimes they get to share the news with us - but this is great." Van Barnett, Knoxville, TN

"Listen to your news on the internet often. Originally from Bonnyman." Linda (Elam) Reeves, Hebron, KY

"We have property in Owsley County and also friends and relatives in the area. We just love the people and the surrounding area and appreciate being able to listen to WSGS Mountain News on the Internet. Thanks." Ken La Follette, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

"I grew up in Rowdy, ky, some day i want to move back and live the rest of my life. I love Ky." Mitch Brock in Alabama

"WOW...what a great site, the more I listen the more I love it. You news people are great. I would love to hear from any one back home. I really miss the quiet peacefulness of the beautiful mountains, I think you news people are the only ones that actually give the news as it is. You all are doing an awesome job. Please keep this site going. 10 + stars from me. I would love to see the site bigger and better. Great job guys and gals. Thank you from all of us that have no other way to keep up with the mountain news daily. I listen to you nightly on the web and enjoy every moment of it. God Bless all of you. Thanks." Rosie Mitchell, Charlotte, North Carolina 

"I like it." Milan, Indiana

"YES, this is a very interesting site. I was looking for person's whom might have lived at Leatherwood, from mid 50's to mid 60's, and who attended Leatherwood HS.  I moved from there in 1962, during my Freshman year of HS. Anyone, from the Class of 65 or 66. I am retired from the US Army, and the US Post Service.  Will be attending a 'Perry Co. Tent Camp Meeting' the week of 7 TO 12 Julu 2003, at Chavies First Church of God, Chavies, KY., furhter data under Faith/Prayer in the Community Forum. I could not arrange the whole week, at this annual event, but will be there tue. thru thur., the 8, 9, and 10.  Keep up the good work, here on the web site. Person's knowing the Suttles clan of Leatherwood, feel free to contact me! God Blee Ya'll." Gary E. Suttle, Sr., Urbana, Ohio

"I think its really kool to listen to Hazard news on the internet. I still have a lot of family that lives there. I don't visit as much as I would like since my parents have passed away, but listening to the radio is just like being home." Lauretta {Moore}Pearson, Kendallville, Indiana

"I love it, this is the best way to get the news." James Herald, Hazard, KY 

"I enjoy hearing from my home town, Hyden Ky, and also Hazard. I tune in every chance I get to catch up on what is happing down south. I love my home away from home. I was raised on Hell for Certain Creek, the daughter of Oscar and June Begley. So nice to hear from home. Kentucky will always be home to me. My sister, Charlotte, works at Kempers in Hazard, she keeps me informed too. I love news from my home." Genevieve Langdon. Liberty, IN

"I'm from Wheelright, Kentucky but I've been in California for the past years. My grandparents are from Darfork, lived there all their lives. My mom is Mary Strong Ellwood. I'm so glad I found this web page, its wonderful. I love hearing or seeing anything or anyone from Kentucky. Keep this site going, for our sakes." Fran Ellwood in California

"I think this is a great website, I was on here last night and finally found someone I have been looking for. I love Hazard, Kentucky, its a great place. Everyone here is down to earth and if I ever move away I will never forget this great place. I have met my best friends here and wouldn't trade them for anything. I love WSGS, they have great music. Keep up the good work on this website." Heather Thorpe, Hazard, KY

"This is just great.  I just now found it. It is so wonderful. So glad I found it. Thanks." Irene Brock, Beverly, KY (Bell County)

"I really like your site. I would like to have some information on Route 66 that is supposed to come through Hazard."  Wade Couch, Brownsfork, KY

"Best website on the Internet. Keep up the good work Hazard. I listen everyday. Love WKIC. I turn it on every day, even though I get the paper. I still tune in. I lived all my life in Combs. I lived in Sunfire Bottom, went to school on the hill. So glad I found this web site and all the people I see on there I know. Keep up the good work. If anyone remembers me, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you." Martha Jane Baker, Grayslake, Illinois

"Best web site in the country. Now I can hear every thing from music to news. Good for us people who moved away many years ago, but haven't forgot our roots. Keep up the good work HAZARD, Love you." Jane in Illinois

"I love the web site and love Hazard. I was born and raised in Combs so someone must know me. I would love to hear from Glenn Fields who was my first boy friend. I mean no harm. I am sure he is married with a family, but so was I. I am a widow now. Glenn had a brother, Earl, Willton, They were from Sun Fire bottom in Combs. Love to see a picture of wife and children, and grandchildren. You can email me and I will give you my address to you or your wife. I know we are all pretty old now but would be nice to hear from you. Thank you. This is a great web site. Keep up the good work Hazard. Does any one know Ewell Edward Ritchie from Fisty, Kentucky in Knott County? His parents were Dorthy and Tig Ritchie. He had a brother named Chandler who passed away. My son, Ewell Edward Ritchie would love to find his half brother and sister. Last we knew they were living in Cincinnati, Ohio. My son was named after his uncle. Dorthy and Tig Ritchie were my sons grandparents. I would love to have any info. Email me to let me know how you are." Martha Jane Baker, Grayslake, Ill

"Love the website. Listen every day. Hi, Betty Hurt, Shirley, Donna, Mance - love you. I can now hear the news every day and see what you all are doing, so don't do anything bad. lol." Mrs. Douglas Hurt, Roundlake, Il

"Would love to hear from friends that I GREW grew up with." Donald L Feltner, Indianapolis In.

"Hello Hazard. Love my home town Radio Station." (no name provided)

"I enjoy listening to WSGS." Jerry Chaney, Glen Carbon, Il

"This site is awesome. I enjoy visiting it daily to keep up with mountain news home town. Someone deserves a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for putting so much effort and time into this site. Thanks from Charlotte." Rosie Mitchell, Charlotte, NC

"We really enjoy your website. It's very informing. I really miss being back home, if you know what I mean. I live in Indiana, but my heart is in Kentucky!!!! But we visit when we're on vacation. See you later." Carolyn Banks Smith,  Salem, In

"I currently live in Corbin and I love to listen to your news on the internet as I am from Harlan Ky." Dave, Corbin, KY

"We are not able to get Hazard TV station, so I really like being able to hear it on the Internet." Connie Sams, Wooton, KY

"Excellent internet site. I always catch on the latest news with WSGS. Thanks big time for this Internet site." Ada Jacobs, Pippa Passes, KY

"I like to look at old pictures like floods and etc.  I hope you all the best of luck on this page." Patty Jenkins, Knott County

"I really enjoy WSGS news on the Internet. With a busy day going on sometimes I miss the news. I love your news and check in everyday. Thank you." Glenda Hollins, Chavies, KY

"Love WSGS and Hazard News." Bill Napier, Ocala FL

"Love WSGS on the web. Gives me a chance to catch all that I have missed!" Robert T. Combs, Hazard, KY

"I look forward to listening to WSGS every day on the net. I am from Harlan Co. Ky and this is the best way for me to keep up with my home town news. Thanks for being there." Carrie Stanton, Wilmington, NC

"We like listening to your station its like being close to home. We support your station. Thanks." Jr. Cornet, San Antonio, TX

"I love WSGS on the internet. I lived at Ary, Ky. I left Ky in 1971. My wife and I live in Dunkirk In .We visit Hazard once a year. Now we can get the news from Hazard each day now. Keep up the good work." Charles & Ladonie Harvey, Dunkirk, IN

"You are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work." Roger Hutch, Nancy, KY

"I am really from Leslie co. and i have missed listening to your newscast. I like to know what is going on down in my home town." Joyce Begley, Warsaw, KY

"I like this site because I don't have WYMT on my TV." Melissa Johnson, Jackson, KY

"Love the web site, and love my home town. I use to listen to WKIC all the time, the Singing Miner and the Man on the Street. Sure was a lot of fun. If anyone has a group pic of the grades from 1950 to 1954, I sure would love to have one. I had many friends - Paula Fugate, Glenn Fields, Bobby Dean Day, and Paul Burris. Would love to hear from anyone. There are lots more. This is to name just a few. Where is everyone? Keep up the good work Hazard." Martha Jane Baker in Michigan

"I was born in Knott County. I visit the WSGS web site to keep up on what is going on in eastern Kentucky." Shelby Owens, Winchester, KY

"I love that good news coverage and especially listening to Paul Harvey. I enjoy the gospel numbers that you play. Thanks." Carl Hacker, London, Ky

"It is good to keep up on the news back at home." Nellie Combs in Ohio

Great! Keep up the good work you all. I love being able to keep up with the news back home through your al's web site." Aaron Amburgey in North Carolina

"You are doing A fine job, keep it up." Arnold W. Bentley, Bluffton Indiana

"Very nice!" Joyce Perry, Corbin KY

"Hello Trish, I listen to your show 5 days a week. I am in the WSGS area around 7 every morning. We would like to hear Daryl Worlys new song, 'Have You Forgotten.' Thank you and keep playing it fast and loud." Gary Green, Middlesboro, KY

"I just recently found this site and I really like it. I like to hear what's going on down around my parents old home place. They're from Floyd county but I kind of think of East KY as one big familiar place." Rick Stevens, Kendallville, Indiana

"I thought that it was great to listen to the news just like I was listening to the radio. Thanks!" Dolly Noble, Stanton, KY

"I think WSGS is the best radio station in Kentucky. I've listened to it all my life, that's 50 years and glad to find it on line. Thank you all, you are doing a great job." Hobert Lewis, Yeaddiss, KY (Leslie County)

"This is great. I remember when it was WKIC." Nellie Combs in Ohio

"I am from Whitesburg. I left there in 1953." Wally Fields, Palacios, TX

"When will you all have WJMD on the air again. I would love to hear it. There isn't nothing like southern gospel. Can't get that here. Thanks." Rita Carreras, Houston, Texas

"I was born and raised in Leslie County and this is great raised on Thousandsticks - Davidson Fork. Hey this is great, keep us in touch. I worked as a coal  miner, now I'm a Pastor in Ohio." Curtis Davidson, Hamilton, Ohio

"I am originally from Leslie County and working in Tokyo for a few weeks. It's great to hear WSGS all the way over here in Japan. Keep up the good work." Logan Couch, Tokyo, Japan

"Just found this site. It is great. Keep up the good work Hazard. Love that town." Tracy Ritchie in Illinois

"So nice to visit my hometown and listen to the radio like I did as a child."  Marie Morris, Bonita Springs, Fl

"I moved from Knott County to Shelby in 1967. I go back for visits and always tune to WSGS as soon as I can receive. I am thankful for your web site. May God bless you to continue to keep us informed." Cledith R. Amburgey, Shelby, Ohio

"I am originally from Wayland, Ky., and my wife is from the Hazard, Hindman area.  We both still have family there and really appreciate the WSGS internet news and photos.  It's sure good to hear from home. Thank you so much." Don Wright, Covington, Virginia

"Excellent source for news...I enjoy listening to WSGS on the internet."  Ada, Pippa Passes, Knott County

"I am from Fleming-Neon in Letcher County. I think your eastern KY news is great. I listen to it two or three times a week. Keep the good work up." Richard V. Hall, Rocky Face Georgia

"Just tuned into your news over the internet. I grew up in eastern Kentucky and at the age of twenty moved out of state. Often think about Ky. and the people that I grew up with. This will be wonderful to be able to keep up with the news from Kentucky. Thank You" Betty McGuckin in Florida

"I was born and raised in Hazard, and just found your website. I truly love listening to the news! Please post more pictures! GOD BLESS." Mary in Indiana

"I enjoy your website and keeping track of the news from back home. I grew up in Hazard. The same dj's are still on the radio!"  Shirley in Indiana

"Like the music on WSGS FM. Also like this site. It's nice. You may be interested in Harlandaily.com (Harlan Daily Enterprise.) Thanks." Clarence Pridemore, Evarts, KY

"Great job I have satellite and didn't think I'd ever hear local news again." Karen Ritchie in Campton

"I'm from Kentucky, now living in Ohio. Love to read online news from back home. Keep up the good work." Glendean  Hamm, Custar, Ohio

"I really enjoy the news on the web. I don't have time to watch the news on TV. I work at Hall Properties and never know when I will get off work. You guys are great." Teresa Hurt

"Great concept. How often do you update? My husband was on his way to CTA when the explosion happened at CTA this morning. Wanted to hear more information." Brenda Shackleford Shelby, NC

"People in Kentucky and other states like to hear good things that come out where we use to live. Thank you all. Keep up the good work." A.J. Eldridge Sr., Bridgeton, NJ

"I enjoy listening to the news on here. Sometimes I don't get a chance to listen to it when it comes on so I can come on here and get it anytime I want to." Frances Couch, Grapevine, KY

"Who is looking to go to the state this year in the high school play offs? I went last year to watch the girls turney in Bowling Green and watched Perry County. girls play really enjoyed it." Lera Feltner, Bowling Green, Ky

"I left Hazard In 1971. I was born at Ary. My wife and I get back to Hazard once a year. I really enjoy WSGS this way I keep up the news and what going on. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK." Charles Harvey, Dunkirk, Indiana

"I like it very much I was born and raised in Breathitt County on Caney Creek at Hardshell, Ky. My sister lives about a mile below Hazard so any news from Hazard or Jackson is always good to hear. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you." Charlie Fugate, Round Lake Beach, Ill

"Looks good." Kathy in Breathitt County

"I'm from Hazard & still have quite a few relatives there. It's great to be able to hear current news. So sorry to hear about the flood. My thoughts & prayers go out to all." Sherry Easterday, Ypsilanti, MI

"Hi, still the greatest site there is. Thank you." Janice Campbell, Indianapolis, Ind

"Its amazing to sit here in Spartanburg and be able to listen to hometown news and events. WSGS and the WEBSITE are part of our daily lives and the people who staff and keep this going are the greatest ever. Listening to home away from home." IdaLee Hansel, Spartanburg,  SC

"I have been gone from Hazard (Jeff) for three years now. I return home at least once a month to see my parents but the majority of my time is in Tn. I get my daily news from WSGS.com I have also been able to contact a lot of old friends through this site. One I have not been able to contact is Garland Hill of Pensacola Fl. due to no e-mail address. If you see this please e-mail me. I believe that there is so many transplanted Kentucikiains Tn. Should be renamed Ky, Jr." Maggie Carver/Combs/Cummins, Waverly, Tn

"I really love listening to WSGS. I wake up to Trish every weekday morning. Everyone at the radio is wonderful. WSGS plays all the best Country Music. I am country at heart. I am 26 and have listened to WSGS as long as I can remember. Keep up the good work, guys."  Toni Cole, Chavies, KY 

Wilbern and Pat Hollowell in Camden, Tennessee

"I love your site i was born and raised in Manchester Ky. but have live in Ohio since 1974 I love to read happenings and the website from back in Kentucky. Keep up the good work." Roy Spurlock, Hamilton, Ohio

"Please keep up the good work. Keep us informed and bringing back some old memories. We are listening. Thanks. First year M.C. Napier guy 52-53. Born and raised in Harveyton, KY. Left home in 1953 and have lived in Ohio for the past 50 years. I miss home very much." Neil Shelton, Pleasant Plain, Ohio

"I enjoyed tremendously getting to not only see but hear the news and events happening back in Hazard. When we listen on the Internet, it reminded me of my parents' stories of listening to the news around the radio in the living room so many years ago. Thank you for the good work." P.A. Secor, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I really enjoy WSGS. It is wonderful to get news from your hometown." Coy Peters, Madison, IN

"Thanks To This Station, I can listen To The 57 News. We can't get cable where we live. So we can hear What is Happening On Our Computer." Florence Napier, Breathitt County

"Oh this is a great site. I love Hazard and all its people there. It is great to listen to the news and keep in touch with what is happening there. I have satelite and I dont get the real news but this makes up for it. Thank You WSGS!! Faron and Shane, you are great." Patty Miller Ritchie, Montgomery Co., Mt. Sterling, Ky

"I appreciate your station. It keeps me up to date on 'down home news'.  Helps us maintain peace of mind regarding relation dealing with the elements of winter. Thank You." Roy Everett Couch, Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103

"I miss home so badly. I have been away for 35 1/2 years now, but my heart will always belong to my good ole mountain home. I hope to visit soon. I enjoy keeping up with the news at home on the internet. Keep the news coming." Helen Baker, Owensboro, Ky

"Keep up the good work. Thanks from Leslie County." John B. Collett, Stinnett, KY

"This is a very good station to carry all the latest news. Also, I'm a big fan on Paul Harvey news, the 6:00 news and those good gospel songs. Thanks." Carl Hacker, London, Ky

"I was just looking through the Internet  in eastern Kentucky Ky, and ran across the radio station, and that was nice. Keep up the good work." Myrtle Wilson, Fairborn, Ohio

"Like your site.  Trying to find information on the boat show that is held at the pavillion every year. If you know the answer please email me back."Allan Rose, Prestonsburg, KY

"You all do a great job! Keep up the great work". A. J. Hazard KY

"I grew up in Perry County and certainly enjoy a voice coming out of the mountain." Marvin Smith, Daytona Beach, Florida

"I really have enjoyed listening to WSGS News on the net. I am from Viper, but live in Tennessee and am so glad that I can still enjoy news from Hazard. Thanks so much for the opportunity to get hometown news." Ronnie Woods

"I enjoy WSGS very much. Your music is indeed classic country. Faron is a bright announcer who really knows what to play. I stay homesick for the mountains. Tell my friends at Wabaco that I said Hi! WSGS is especially neat to listen to at election time!" Terry Fletcher, Cleveland, TN

"Oh this is a great site. I love Hazard and all its people there. It is great to listen to the news and keep in touch with what is happening there. I have satellite and I don't get the real news but this makes up for it. Thank You WSGS!! Faron and Shane, you are great." Patty Miller Ritchie, Montgomery County, Mt. Sterling, Ky

"Moved away from Hazard in 1956. I still have kin folks there. I enjoy coming back by way of this web site. Thanks for memories." George Hatcher, Warsaw Indiana

"I appreciated the opportunity to view the election results.  I remember the election when Onzie Sizemore was first elected, and renting videos from Eugene Stewart.  We bought our first VCR from the Radio Shack. We visited Leslie County over Labor Day; stayed out at Wendover. We had a memorable visit with Sherman and George Wooton, and Susan Hull and her family. It was great to see them again. Sherman and I regaled the family with stories of our days in Leslie Co. during our 3+ years there in the mid 80s. George gave our children quite a history lesson.  Time constraints prevented us from doing all the visiting we hoped to do. None-the-less, it was just plain old nice to be back in the mountains again." Andre Lijoi, Hanover, PA

"This is fantastic!  I can finally keep up with the news back home while at the same time listening to the voices I grew up hearing on the radio. You can't imagine how much I've missed that!" Miranda Wells, Winchester, KY

"Just logged trying to find out some information about the area as my husband just started working in the area of Vicco and he drives back and forth from home everyday so can use this site to keep posted of weather and happenings. Hope to find a place for him to stay soon so he doesn't have long drive. Even thinking of moving there. No definte plans but seems to be nice area. Love the Littcarr Recreation site and the beautiful scenery. Expect to be taking lots of pics soon as weather breaks and I can get in the area too. Have a good day." Judy Wright Whitman, WV

 "I love Hazard." Bill Napier, Anthony, FL

"Keeping up with Eastern Kentucky news is so easy. WSGS has made it possible for me to look and listen even three states away. I even tell my friends back there news that I have heard on WSGS. Now, that is special!!!  Thanks from a snowy and chilly SC." Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"You need more stuff on this web site but it is OK I guess. You need to put school closings for today." Marcie Collins, Bonnyman Ky

"Great, just great to be able to hear live news from downhome. Haven't lived there for 40 years, but it's still home to me. Keep up the great work. It very much appreciated." Don Honaker, Romulus, Michigan

"I miss Hazard, I went to M.C. Napier in Late 60's and early 70's. This site is great. Hazard will always be home. Keep up the good work." Lera Fugate Feltner, Bowling Green, Ky

"I don't have cable in my home, I have satellite and I love to log on and listen to the news on the internet. Faron, you have the best voice for radio I have ever heard.  Keep up the good work guys, you're doing a fine job. I have listened to WSGS for as long as I can remember. All I can say is yah got to love it." Kelvin Neace, Bulan, KY

"It's a very good service for all of eastern Kentucky." Lenny Blevins, Hyden, KY 

"I was born and raised in Hazard.  I left the area in 1990.  It's nice to be able to find out news and see picture's of home. Great work!" Melissa Stacy, St. Mary's GA

"Love, reading the news about Hazard and all of Perry County." Jackie Marvelene [Blanton] Thompson, Troy Ohio

"I really enjoy listening to news about my home town.  The voices of Stuart Shane and Faron Sparkman take me back to my youth. Keep up the good work." Chris Fugate Greeneville, Tn 

"GREAT." R Montgomery, Ararat, VA

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"I saw the weather for this week and all the snow makes me homesick for Bonnyman and Blue Diamond. I miss the snow very much, but remember all the good times we had there playing in it." Charles Fields, Seagrove Bch, Florida

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"I love this website I was born and raised in Hazard and I think it is great to be able to listen to what is going on in my old hometown that I love and miss very much." Carolyn Salisbury, Kendallville. Indiana

"Keep up the good work." Annette Smallwood, West Liberty, KY

"I saw the weather for this week and all the snow makes me homesick for Bonnyman and Blue Diamond. I miss the snow very much, but remember all the good times we had there playing in it." Charles Fields, Seagrove Bch, Florida

"Finally a website with my home news and more at my fingertips! Thank you WSGS for being so informative. When I want to know what is going on, I'll look here first." Tammy Hacker, Stinnett, Leslie County

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"Like being back home! I lived in Perry County (Dunraven) when WKIC went on the air.  As a child it was my biggest thrill to talk on Hugh Dunbar's 'Man on the Street'!  I listened to Sunshine Carl and the Sunshine Mountain Boys, the Singing Miner, and got to sing with the Camp Nathaniel in the studio!  Fifty-five years and many thousand miles later, I still love to tune in!" Gayle Hamblin, Pensacola, FL

"I love the way that I can come on the HazardKentucky.com web site and click on the link to hear the news. I used to live in Kentucky and now am in Chicago. Keep up the good work." Robert Jamison, Chicago, Illinois

"I think that WSGS News on the Internet is very incisive, and bears quality information about news happening in our area." John J. Peavley, Hazard, KY

"I was born and raised in Hardburly,  Kentucky and had to leave to find work. I would love to move back home to be with all my family but for now I have WSGS to keep me up with what is going on down home and I would like to wish all of you a very good year and keep up the great job that you are doing keeping all of us home sick hillbilly folk well in formed. Thank you and God bless you all." Charles Arnett, Camden Ohio

"Every day I listen to the Hazard news.  I enjoy it so much.  Keep up the good work." Mary Jo Edwards, Carmel, IN

"I was born & raised at Drift Ky." Glendeane Gayheart, Claypool, IN

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"I enjoy listening to WSGS because where I live we cannot pick up the station on TV. So I can listen to it here. I think everyone will enjoy this.I will e-mail it to my friends." Florence Napier, Breathitt County

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"I appreciate the news being on the internet as it allows those of us who have migrated elsewhere to have local news and event knowledge literally at our fingertips. It allows us to keep up with the people and the events that are reshaping Eastern Kentucky.  It also gives you a medium for opinion poll feedback on any subject you choose." Bo Strong, Atlanta, GA

"Hey just a note to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EACH AND EVERYONE IN KENTUCKY! Keep up the great work on the news, you are the best." George Collins, Collinsville, Virginia

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"Growing up in Hazard as a poor coal miner's son I had no idea that I would someday be sitting in from of a computer listening to WKIC.  I would like to thank WKIC and the creators of this web page for making this possible." Jimmy Luttrell, Lexington, KY

"Happy holidays Hazard. 100,000 watts of power. Wow." Melissa, Emlenton, PA

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"I was born in Perry County but left the area in 1978. I now live in Richmond Va. I get the Hazard Herald, but it is still good to listen to WSGS, WKIC and all the great people from back home keep up the good work." Ron Caudill, Richmond VA

"The web site is excellent. We can always check up on the things that we missed on the news. Keep up the good work." Tammie Hall, Yerkes, KY

"WSGS is my way of keeping in touch with the mountains." Mary Meade, Lexington, KY 

"Good to hear hometown news. Came to your page to get election results."  Lee Greer, Lexington, KY

"I think this web site is great and your news cast is so up to date. I don't get to hear the news much where I have a satellite dish so I am glad I found this website. It keeps me up to date about what's going on in my own home town. Thank you very much." Diane Winnett, Hazard, KY

"I was born in Letcher County. WSGS  is the greatest. It is so good hear the news from eastern Kentucky. Thanks so much. I am so glad WSGS is on the net. Keep up the good work." Darrell Bentley, Cottondale, Alabama

"I enjoy this web site. Keep up the good work!" Pat Holland, Perry County

"I grew up in Hazard, KY (Airport Gardens). I would love to hear from old friends in the area and will see some soon. I always listened to WSGS and had my name mentioned a lot on the radio due to High School football at PCCHS 1996-97. It was a great station then and I'm sure that it is a great station now. To all my friends in Hazard, God Bless." Ben Butler, Aiken, S.C

"I like to listen to WSGS radio on the Internet. It reminds me of the good old days when Glen Sims was a disc jockey & Charlie Wilson had the (Talk Back) show. Keep up the good work & thanks a lot." Charles Gross, New Port Richey, Florida

"I really enjoy reading the news via the Internet. You are a wonderful source for keeping on top of what is going on in Eastern KY. Please Please Please, when are you going to bring back the wonderful Country Music you play on WSGS?????"  Von Banks, Taylor Michigan 

"I think this is a great site. Now I can keep up with all the news from back home." Wilma Campbell Hammock, Polk City, FL

"Listening to you is just like being back home. Sure would like to make it back one more time." Lee Gibson Jr. Springfield, Illinois

"This gives me a chance to keep up on what is going on back home." Lori New, New Tazewell, TN

"I visited your fair city in May 2002. I have family that I met when I was there! Loved the city there, and found it very interesting! You are doing a great job here, keep up the great work!! Loved the site too!! Very informative!" Sandi Rich, Sargent, Texas

"Love the site...hoping to see something about some relatives...descendents of George and Mallie Moore...looking for info on his parents...Ephraim Moore and Susan Roberts. Thanks." Kathy Moore Casey

"I love the news from home. Would like more but just guess I'm greedy. Thanks again." Jeffery Jones, Grundy, VA

"WSGS is great on the web!  I liked the game highlights, since my brother plays for Hazard. I thought the articles on the Big Dipper were great help boosted the confidence and moral of many students athletes in eastern Kentucky." Charlotte Sizemore, Houston, TX

"I love your station, I listen to it every time I'm in your area. You play a song about mama use to beat me with a George Jones album that's why I sing this way, and also Cadillac tears. Could you tell me the name of the artist of both of these songs." Theresa, Luckey, Ohio

'That's Why I Sing This Way" is by Daryle Singletary & "Cadillac Tears" is by Kevin Denney

"We really enjoy listening to the news on the internet. It's nice to keep up with the news around Perry County, it's like being back home again. Keep up the good work." Mike, Jefferson City Tenn

"I was born and raised in Hazard. I'm the son of the late Lon Hendrickson Jr. and Carol Hendrickson. Me and my grandparent's love to listen to your website. It's like we're back home again. 'Go Bulldogs' #1."  Lon Hendrickson, Elizabethton, TN

"I love reading, listening to the news on this site, matter of fact this is usually the only site I check every day, but I would love it if once a week you all would list the Perry county indictments. I love reading them, 'kind of like looking at the car wreck deal' Any way I would really love for you all to do that." anonymous

"Good to hear familiar voices and news from home." Herbert Elam, Yokosuka, Japan

"I grew up in Hardburly, left there in1973. I like hearing the news on the Internet. It lets me stay up to date with things going on at home. Thank you so much." Sam Clay, Dundee, Michigan

"I remember Ernest Sparkman, Charles Luther Deaton, Taylor Porter, Corbet Grigsby, & George Davis and Family. I played music with all of them at one time or another." Sebern Campbell, Eminence, IN

"Very informative, great site." Lorine Ritchie, Hazard, KY

"This is a great site for people who have satellite dishes and no cable. Thanks a bunch." Lee Collins, Vicco, KY

"GREAT" Faye Coon, Springfield, Ohio

"Love your program. Keeps me next to my memories." Don Stacy Seymour, In

"I think the way you have improved the site is great.  Easy to navigate, find info., and I like listening to news up-dates whenever I feel like it." Nancy Coleman, Hazard, KY

"Your Internet broadcast is my only way of keeping up with what's going on down home. Keep up the good work." Willis Jones, Austin, Indiana

"I appreciate very much having WSGS News on the Internet!  I, like most of us, miss the news from time to time and so it is great to drop by WSGS.com and quickly catch up on the news that I have missed! Thank you very much for this great service, which I know is appreciated by many all around the world! That still blows my mind to think of that!" John Earl Goff, Jr.Hazard 

"I still turn my dial to 101.1 for the news in my car. I can get good reception even in Lexington.  It is good to here a familiar voice from back home.  I also enjoy the news on the Internet when I miss it in the car." Gail Osborne, Lexington, Ky

"I enjoy your broadcasts, helps keep me updated on what's happening back in Hazard and Perry County."   Jack (Don) Gross, Madison, AL  HHS Class of 1952

"Its always good to hear news from home." Jeff Skaggs, Haleyville, Alabama

"I like to go to the web site and listen and keep up with what is happening around Hazard and Perry County because I also have a residence in Perry County which I visit and spend time there." Malcolm Pratt, Morristown, Tenn

"I enjoy listening to the internet radio---brings back memories when I use to work for the radio station in 1982-- during my college days at the Hazard Community College (1981-1983)." Annette Clark-Coots Plainfield, Connecticut

"I like your news, it keeps me in touch with my home town. I love Hazard so."  Freda Collins Boyd, Independence Lousiana

"Enjoy the news every morning. Born at Bonnyman and raised at Bonnyman, Walkertown, and Blue Diamond." Through this site I have caught up with old friends I grew up with most recently the Shillinglaws from Bonnyman, (Bill and Jim). Thanks for the space." Charles Fields, Seagrove Bch, Florida

"I'm in the marine corps for 6 years now and I enjoy the news by net to keep me up to date on the local side. Thank you."  Sgt. Paul Wilkerson, Camp Lejeune, NC

"Hi all!!  My family left for Dayton Ohio in December of  '63, when I was 10. I'm now living in Fort Wayne, IN and never, never forget my roots. I went to Walkertown til the 5th grade. love this site." Gary Napier, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Hazard has a good website! I left Hazard 13 years ago after living there for 19 years. I really like keeping up on what's going on down there!!!!" Darlene Luttrell, Seymour, Indiana 

"I was so thrilled to have found this site after leaving Hazard. I can now keep up with my hometown news. Thank you so much for this site." Betty Hurt, Pennsboro, West Virginia

"I'm from Saul and so glad to hear the news up in there.  Thank you." Julie, GA 

"I truly enjoy the ability of being able to keep abreast of the latest happings in and around Hazard.  Kudos for use of Streaming Audio!" Bradley D. Scott, Alumnus, Emeritus & Resident ('67-'95) Jonesborough, TN

"I was born in Wheelwright and it is nice to listen to news from my roots. Sure hope to get back to that area for a visit some day. I also lived in Price. My stepfather worked for Hayes Metal Company - I think in Hazard." Roger Osborne, Whitehouse, Ohio

"Love to hear the news from eastern , Ky. Keep up the good work. Thanks." Anonymous, Swartz Creek, MI

"Excellent internet broadcasting, it is always good to hear about the news from back home.  I am from Hyden, KY and hearing local news from the surrounding areas is just great. Since I was told about the website I've been listening about everyday.  Keep up the great work!" Michael Johnson, Savannah, GA

"I like to listen to the news on the Internet at home because I am not usually in the car when the news is on. It is very handy and helpful. WSGS covers the most important news. Thanks for the web site, guys."  Toni Cole, Chavies, KY

"Have been listening since Day One! No Kidding." Ovitt Couch, Brownsfork, KY

"I was doing research on my mother's family when I came across this web site. My mother's maiden name was Allen, her family was from Clay Co, Ky. My grandparent lived in Laurel County. As long as I can remember that is where they lived until their deaths. My mother past away 20 years ago and I didn't know a lot about her family sense I was a young girl at the time of her death. So I'm still searching for information. Now sense I came across this site I will be visiting it more often because it is a very good web site." Bonnie Gambill, Houston, Ohio

"I was raised in Blue Diamond and Bonnyman and love to listen to your broadcasts, even though it makes me homesick." Dolores Yant, LaVergne, TN

"It is so good to be able to listen to the current news and keep up with what is going on at home.  I grew up in Perry County and attended Dilce Combs 1964-68.  I still visit my Mom and Sister at Viper. Keep up the good work!" Lois (Kentucky Woman) Knoxville, TN 

"I love this site I have found. I lived in Knott County for several years, and was so pleased to find WSGS. Love you all in southeastern KY." Vickie Rogers Hamilton, Ohio 

"I was referred to this site. It's wonderful!! I live in Phoenix, Arizona and my mother, Faye Maggard, and her family, Dewey, Mae, Otis, Charles, and Jim, to name a few, are born and raised in the Hazard/Jackson areas. It's great to have news from back home at my fingertips. Keep up the good work and thanks a mil!" Sharon Tomasky, Rush Phoenix, Arizona 

"I think it is a great way to keep up with relatives and friends. I was born in Hazard and have lost touch with a lot of family over the years. This keeps me up with what is going on in Hazard. Thanks again." Leola Vanover, Lexington, Indiana

"I think it's GREAT!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!" Debbie Stoots, Dayton, Ohio

"I love listening to your news broadcasts and all the storys of Hazard. My wife and I are both from Knott County and you keep us in touch with everything going on. We appreciate it and keep up the good work." Amos Noble, Orange Lake, FL

"I love to hear or read anything about Hazard. I was born and raised in Perry County at Ary, Ky." Mavis Fugate Baisden, Burnsville, West Virginia

"Thanks for helping me keep in touch.  It's always great to hear your familiar voices and find out what's happening at home!" Darlene Johnson, Ft. Mitchell, KY

"I was born and raised in Perry County, the daughter of Ance and Lorene Neace, so glad I found this site, its like being home, Thanks. WSGS YOU ARE THE BEST"  Janice (Neace) Campbell, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I enjoy keeping up with the news in Eastern Kentucky via the Internet. I would love to be able to listen to the Country Music on WSGS again. It is the only station I was able to hear real country. Please bring it back!" Judy Banks, Taylor Michigan

"I appreciate your Internet news and especially the current local political news." Jean Willoughby Moates, Americus, GA

"Love bein' from Eastern Kentucky. It's just not the same anywhere else. Can't change ole Kentucky." Chris Combs, Black Mountain, Evarts, Harlan County, KY

"I think this site is GREAT. To think that no matter where you go in this great big world of ours you can still stay in touch with a part of home. Keep up the good work!****God Bless always!" Sandra Napier, Stinnett, KY (Leslie County)

"You all make me feel like I'm back home in eastern KY. Thanks a lot!!!" Jeff  Huff, Gary IN 

"I grew up in Hazard. I'm the daughter of Ronnie & Mary Lewis and I think this web site is great because I can keep up with what's going on in my home town. Its wonderful that with the click of a button I can see pictures and hear news about Hazard." Porshia Lewis Patrick, Kingsport, Tennessee

"This site has helped me to keep up with home town news and to find family I haven't seen or heard from in nearly two decades! I truly thank GOD I found it." Wanda McIntosh, Austin, IN

"I have just found WSGS on my computer. I love it." Coy Peters, Indiana

"I like to browse the Hazard net. I was raised in Combs. I like your web site and listen to the 101.1 when I am traveling. Thanks for the good Country and Bluegrass." Boyd Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I really enjoy your website.  I have found it very informative." Kim, Urbana, Ohio

"Just got on here to hear the news and what's going on in my home town." Donnie, Dayton, Ohio 

"I listen to WSGS on the web all the time. Keep up the good work!" Debra Caudill, Viper, KY 

"I was born in Blue Diamond and grew in Morehead but I miss my mountains. I found you by accident but I will continue to listen everyday. God Bless Everyone there." Ray Calton, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"I have got to listen at least two, or three times a week just to keep with what's going on. Makes me want to come home. Keep up the good work."  Abbie Fernandez, Washington, Michigan

"Great site. I grew up in Knott County and listened to the Hazard radio station all the time. Keep up the good work. The mountains will always be my home." Ron Barnett, Mocksville, NC

"I am a retired teacher from M. C. Napier High School. Keep up the good work." Dale Begley, Corbin KY

"Fantastic." Raymond Howard, San Francisco, California

"We received an email telling us about you guys giving us some airplay at your station...'The most powerful FM station in KY they said.' WOW!  We are just floored...Thank you so much. God Bless You!" Randall, Tammy, and Kanah Dunaway (The Dunaways) Mississippi 

"So glad to hear about Hazard...It makes me feel like I'm home. Thanks." Joyce Morris, Lamaster, Indiana

"I enjoy this web site so much for it is news from home. I am from southeastern Ky. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy checking out WSGS on line. Thanks." Snuggles49, South Dakota

"I love to come to this site and read what is happening in Hazard. My son still lives in Dwarf and I still like to keep up with what's going on there. I do visit often but when I can't be there I can always turn here to this website. It keeps me happy. lol." Karen Gardner, Indiana 

"I have thoroughly enjoyed finding this Site about Hazard,Ky. I am originally from Roxana, Ky. in Letcher Co. I have been away for 41 years and we were in Letcher County last weekend. I wish The Mountain Eagle had something like this on line. In fact I write a column for The Mountain Eagle called Southern Ohio. Keep up the good work." Rose Ballard Durham, Harrison,Ohio 

"It's nice to know when I am at work I can catch up on all the news back home in Hazard on WSGS. Keep up the good work." Johnny McIntyre, Lexington, KY

"I grew up in Hazard and miss knowing what's going on there. I'm so glad to have found this site, it helps keep me up to date on what's going on in my hometown. Thank you and keep up the good work." Davida Mobelini, Jamestown  KY

"I love all the fine music on WSGS." Ronnie Lewis 

"It was great hearing Faron's voice again. "Betty Ann, Chicago, IL 

"Hello, I was searching the Internet today, an came across your website. I was thrilled when I found your website. I was born and raised in Perry County. It is going to be so nice to keep up with things that go on in my hometown. It is so good to here familiar voices broadcasting the news. I just want to thank you for making it possible for people who had to leave their homes to stay in touch. I will be listening to your broadcasts everyday and look forward to reading and listening to a lot of things you offer on your site especially the memories. This is just like being back home again. Thank you so much. You will be hearing from me from time to time." Looking forward to more listening from Pittsburg." Myrna Myrna (Campbell) Manko, Pittsburgh, Pa                                                                     

"When I miss the news on the radio, which is often, I know I can listen on my computer. I really like this service." Sylvia Williams, Lothair, KY

"I was born at Jeff, Ky and lived there until the 50's. Love to be able to listen to your local news. Makes me homesick. Keep up the good work." Bobby Taulbee,  Lincoln, Delaware

"I just found this...it is very interesting. Keep up the good work. My mother was born and raised in Rowdy, Kentucky and I still have a lot of family in around Hazard. Love it up there. Great to hear from the area." Edna Kimball Gracey, Deltona, Florida

"I enjoy this because I don't have the time to watch the news and read newspapers." Lucy Curtis, Bulan, KY

"Looks and sounds great from an old time engineer of WKIC. Just found the site tonight." Doug Slough, Wytheville, VA

"I have recently started listening to the news on the Internet.  Although I have been away from Hazard since 1963, the Hazard Website has renewed my interest during the last two years. I have been trying to remember the name of the man who was an announcer at your station during the 60's, who lived in Airport Gardens.  Can you help me on that?  I believe he was at WKIC." Rosalita Wilcox Wright, Ringgold, Georgia

"In answer to Roselita Wilcox Wright's question about a former WKIC employee, I am that person." Wayne Combs, Missouri

"I am a former resident of Perry County.  I lived there for 40 years and moved to Florida six years ago.  I am so glad I found this web site.  Now I can keep up on my hometown news.  Thanks so much for making that possible." Ola Lawson, Hutson, Florida

"I really enjoy your website. This is an excellent way to keep up on the local news. I have a satellite and can no longer pick up the 57 news channel. Thank you for this website." Billy Ritchie, Rowdy, KY

"I love listening to WSGS.  It's like a visit home.  My family is from Perry County and I came back last September for a family reunion.  I'll be home again this September.  Thanks for my daily news." Eva Mae McCleland (Campbell), Los Banos, California

"I sure enjoyed this web page. My granddaughter that lives in HAZARD e-mailed it to me. Keep up the good work." Jean Day, Wooton, KY

"This site with sound is great! This is great!!! It brings all of the news right to our homes at our convenience. We can read and listen to all of the latest news happenings. I really enjoy the whole site and want to thank everyone who works on the site for doing such an excellent job." Judie Lynn Gayheart, Vicco, KY

"Good to hear the old station here in K-Town!!"  John J. Peavley, Knoxville, TN

"My husband and I sure enjoy your website.  A little taste of home.  Love it and enjoy it." Stanley and Gloria Ogans, Scottsburg, Indiana

"My father, Marcus Fugate, was from Combs, Kentucky and my uncle was George Davis, the Singing Miner. They used to entertain me during my childhood with stories about down home. It is so great to be able to keep up with the news from that area. My daughter who's father (Gary Saylor, Ross, Ohio) is from Harlan and her grandparents (Sonny & Ruth Saylor) lived near Wallins Creek loves to read articles that connect her to our heritage. Great job!" Marcia Fugate Clayton, Sandusky, Ohio

"I like to come here and read the news. Thank you." Lola Feltner, Round Lake, Illinois

"I never miss the top stories due to this part of WSGS. Thanks for producing such a fine web site." Mary Belle Goff Westerfield, Hazard, KY

"I listen to WSGS every day.  I am glad that is is now on the Internet.  My name is Ronnie Lewis.  I live on Highway 7 at Viper, KY.  I am married and we have four daughters - three of them are married and our youngest one is at home.  We have two grandsons - little Terry in Tampa, Florida and little Felix at Brownsfork, Kentucky.  We love them and are very proud of them."  Ronnie Lewis, Viper, KY

"Hi WSGS!  Wonderful to hear you!   Love that familiar Sparkman voice.  Sounds like home." Martha Quigley, Hazard, KY

"I was always fascinated hearing the voices of Ernest Sparkman, Jay, Lasslo, Glen Sims and others coming out of that old speaker. These were people who had a profound effect on my life. They were the reason I entered the broadcast profession and became successful in life; thanks Ernest and the gang for the great service you provided our region and for helping a poor little country boy like me survive." Jim Maggard, Jackson, KY

"Being from south eastern Kentucky makes me feel at home. I listen to the news every day." Dennis Back, Middletown, Ohio

"I was born in Christopher (Gregory Branch) and visit for the Christopher reunion.  I like the news.  Thank you." Bob Thompson, Paris, Tennessee

"Sorry about the flooding. Hope things are back to normal by now. I used to live in Whitesburg, and Cumberland. I know how spring and winter time can be. Thanks for putting the news on the Internet. I think it is great. Anyone can send me some e-mail if they would like to. Love to hear from Kentucky." George Collins, Collinsville, Virginia

"I was born and raised in Perry County.  Want to say thank to WSGS for the Internet connection.  Enjoy listening to you every day. I can sure remember listening to WKIC radio as a child and especially during high school.  Keep up the great work." Alma Warner, Avon Park, FL

"I was born and raised here in Hazard, KY and in Perry County.  My parents were the late George and Mary Archer o f Fourseam, KY.  My husband's parents are Bessie and Nick Everage of Happy, KY and his real dad is Robert Estill Lewis of Leslie County.  He is deceased.  They all listened to WSGS ever since it came on the air and me and my husband, Ronnie are daily listeners of WSGS.  I think it is great that WSGS is on the Internet now." Mary G. Lewis, Highway #7, Viper Road, Viper, KY

"We have a station in Salyersville but I always listen to WSGS 95% of the time. I am partial to western swing and you play it a lot, so keep up the good stuff. I played music in the WKIC station when it first started in the 40's. We were in the station ready to go on , on Ernest's first day at the station, so we had to wait for him to learn the board before we could start. He probably doesn't remember that. I also picked with him from time to time, then he was known as String Sparkman. I am very happy for all your success. If all your photos were burned in the fire, I still have a couple taken in the WKIC station, I would happy give them to you. Keep playing the good western swing and steel guitar tunes. Your the best." Sammy Davidson, Salyersville, KY

"Thank you so much for this News website. I love keeping in touch with what goes on in Hazard and Perry Co. I really appreciate it. I do genealogy on the people from Perry Co so its VERY special to me. Again THANKS!" Lynda Combs Gipson, Frankfort KY

"WSGS,  I've just tuned into your station.  I think it is wonderful to hear someone back home.  I am originally from there.  I will listen more often." Edna Deaton, Fritts Carlisle, KY

"Hello how are you all doing?  I like out in Shamrock Texas now at KRMN radio. I love the fact that I can hear news from Hazard over the net. Keep it up. Take care." Jody Ritchie, Shamrock, TX

"Grew up in Hazard, went to M.C. Napier High School. Love hearing the news from home." E Faye Coon, Springfield Ohio

 "I love hearing news from my old home town and birth place." Charles Fields, Seagrove Beach, Florida

"I think your web site is awesome. It helps me keep in touch with my family and friends but I think you need to talk about the military personnel a little more often because not to many people from Hazard are doing what I am doing. I am makeing a diffence in my life and people think the military is like one of the worse things in the world and I think its one of the best things in the world so please - if you can talk about the military a little more people in Kentucky we'll thank you for it
later on down the road.  Thanks."   Sergeant Troy Dwayne Slover, Untied States Marine Corps, Iwakunia Japan

"I was one the Kentucky National Guard that got deployed.  Thanks for news from back home.  If you all read this, drop me an email.  Thanks." Russell Gibson, The Netherlands

"I have always listened to WSGS.  I live at Viper, KY on Viper road.  My youngest daughter listens to WSGS music every day.  Her name is Lynn.  We are happy that we can find WSGS on the Internet."  Mary G. Lewis, Viper, KY

I like hearing the news, but how do I listen to the station? I was in Pineville yesterday to visit my Grandpa and  really enjoyed you station all day. I would love to be able to hear it everyday. It just makes me feel closer to home. Thank you."  Tammy Hites, Harrod Ohio

"Sorry to hear about your radio station. This is the first time I've seen this site, but I'm enjoying reading every bit of it. I'll be checking back here for updates. I truly hope the best for everyone over there. My dad (Jesse Bush) was born/raised in Hazard (Pigeon Roost) & a bunch of the family still there. waving to all the family."  Rita S. Bush Kelso, Maryville, TN

"I was born in Perry County and I love to get the news from home."  Brenda Wright, Northvernon Indiana

"I like to hear the news from my home town. Keep up the good work."  Conda Almond, Taylorsville, Indiana

"I really enjoy your website. I don't always get to listen to the news, so I can always find what's going on the computer. I work as a nursing assistant in the Jackson Nursing Home-the night shift. So I sleep through the days and miss the news casts. Thank you for creating this site for people to see what a beautiful place we have here in Perry County. We all should appreciate the things that we have. May God bless each of you. Thank You."  Beatrice Ritchie, Noble Cockrell Fork - Rowdy

"Even with all the hard times that WSGS has suffered during the recent past I am glad to see that my favorite radio station and Internet site has survived."  Dave, Corbin, KY

"Really feel still a part of my hometown when I visit the website.  Thank you!"  Donna Lawson Glenn,  Middleburg, FL

"Some of my family still live in Hazard, the Grubbs' family!"  Kellie Grubbs, Harrison, KY

"Hey you guys have interesting things on here and where I have not got enough time to watch the news I learn a lot from just getting on here and reading.  You all keep up the good work."  Crystal Turner, Leslie County

"I was born at Carrs Fork and moved to Jeff at about age five.  I had a wonderful time, as a young lad, in the swimming holes and exploring the hills around home. Listening to your station erases the miles between us for a few minutes each day. I have many fine memories of my childhood there. I'm amazed at the number of people from that area that are scattered all over the world. Great job!"  Jim Combs, Mesa, AZ

"I enjoy listening to the news at Hazard, and reading the news too. I've listened to Hazard news since I was a boy and I still call Hazard my favorite radio station." Charles Tidwell, Brinkley, KY

"I enjoy listening to the news from home even if it is on the web.  Keep up the good work and God bless."  Willis Jones, Austin, Indiana

"Thanks for keeping eastern Kentucky informed." Ryan Adams, Whitesburg, KY

"This is fabulous.  I didn't even know Waylon Jennings came to Hazard, Ky. in 1982.  It is great, keep this page going."  Angie, Hazard, KY

"I think your service is great and very needed.  Keep it going."  Crystal Mcfall, Whitesburg, KY

"Keep up the great work!  Always good to hear what's going on back home!"  John Shepherd, East Liverpool, Ohio

"I realy do enjoy listening to the news on the Internet.  I sure do hope that I can keep on listening years from now."  Lisa Williams, Vicco, KY

"My husband is in the U.S. Navy and is stationed in Norfolk, VA.  We spend most of our time here.  It is really nice to be able to get on the Internet and keep in touch with the news back home. We both are from Hazard and love the mountains.  Go Bulldogs!"  Kathy Neace, Norfolk, VA

"I lived in Harlan most of my life, and I grew up listening to your station there!  Keep up, thank you."  Clyde C Kelley, Florence KY

"Hi, My mother was born in Harlan (Fairview), KY and her grandfather was born in Yancy, KY in 1875 d. 1-18-1949 Cincinnati, Ohio. Her grandfather Finley Fee and his family once lived in Hazard (approx. 1936) (Lothair), KY, he was a preacher at the time. I just happen to view your site while I was talking to my mother on the phone who also lives here in Tacoma and just thought I'd let ya know I heard your newscast loud and clear. My mother says, HELLO KENTUCKY!"  Debbie Frady, Tacoma, Washington

 There's no place like Home."  Bobbie Richie, Hazard, KY

"I have been in Europe for 7 years and am from Kentucky.  My moms side is from Harlan, Ky.  I was very happy to know I could check in on what's happening at home."  Sharon Bodet, Luxembourg

"I enjoy the communication from Hazard, glad you are back on line. My friends on cape cod were surprised with your beautiful communications of the mountain news."  Kathleen Fugate Collins, Marstonsmills, MA

"Former Hazard resident...I do like the new broadcast news but I prefer the text. Could you please mix them both for good balance."  Aaron Evans, Largo Florida

"I visit Eastern Kentucky several times a year, but this site keeps me up to date on what is going on around Perry, Knot, and Letcher Counties. I use to listen to the music you play because that was the only place I could hear real country music. I was very disappointed when the music broadcast was discontinued (on the Internet).  I hope it returns soon."  Von Banks, Taylor, Michigan

"This is my first time to visit your news on the Internet.  I think it is a real good service to Eastern Kentucky.  Thank you very much."  Paulis Hall, Letcher County

"WSGS news sounds real good out here in Calfornia."  Harold Lloyd Baker, Modesto, Calfornia

"This was the first time that I listened to this on the Internet and I think that its really great.  I'll listen more."  Lauretta Jacobs, Kendallville, Indiana

"Used to listen to hometown news daily and now I cannot connect at all.  Love to visit Hazard via this site and would love to listen again to the news.  Help this old KY girl tune in again, please."  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg SC

"It is good to have WSGS web news back on the web although I am not from Perry County.  My wife is [Blue Diamond].  I enjoy getting the news each day.  When I come to West Liberty, I listen to WSGS keep the good work."  Don Dehart

"I really enjoyed listening to the news from Eastern KY.  I am originally from Manchester, KY.  Keep up the good work."  Helen Holland Taylor, Franklin, TN

"Nice to hear the news from my husband's home town.  We listen often and try to keep up with the progress there along with any news of our old friends."  Loretta Watts, St.Helena Island, SC

"Thanks for the hometown news."  Gary Tackett, Loudon, TN

"Good job."  Jim Adams, Cadiz, Ohio

"Great web site."  Linda Galyk, Marion, Ohio

"Glad you are back on the Internet.  Like the news."  Gene Blythe, West Palm Beach, Florida 

"Thanks for being back on the Internet.  I missed WSGS news when it was off the Internet for the past several months. It's really good to hear the news from my home town of Hazard Kentucky.  I grew up on Big Branch up by Viper from the time I came home from Hazard, ARH, when I was 5 days old until I moved away, when I was 21 years old.  I live in Middletown Ohio now.  I've lived here for 10 years now, been married for going on 8 years to a lovely girl named Martha from Trenton Ohio.  I have a handsome son that's going on 6 years old named Jeffrey."  Timothy Saxton, Middletown, Ohio

"The WSGS news sounds real good out here.  I am from Hazard."  Harold Lloyd Baker, Modesto; Calfornia 

"I think that its cool that you can get the news on here.  Keep up the good work!"   James Epperson, Perry County

"Heck of a site. Love it. Keep up the good work."  Jim Adams, Cadiz, Ohio

"I enjoy this WSGS News on the Internet.  I am proud to be from Southeastern,KY.  You are doing a wonderful job using text, photos, and I look forward to the audio news service returning.  Thank you."  Bonita Williams Napier, Hazard, KY 

"This is great...I grew up in Knott county, and we always listened to the Hazard radio station.  Eastern Kentucky is a place you never forget...Coolest place on earth."  Evelyn Trusty North, Judson, Indiana

"Since I have moved to West Virginia, I don't get much of the news from home.  I rely on the News now from the Internet.  I really enjoy it.  I miss Hazard and all the fine people there."  Betty J. Hurt, Pennsboro, WV

 "It is always good to hear from home."  Nell (Howard) Bee, Hampton, VA.

"My family originally came from Perry County and moved here to Indiana sometime after 1946.  I used to go down there with my grandparents on visits and loved the scenic mountains and the stories they would tell me about growing up down there.  Best of luck to all of you and hope you get your radio station up and running soon."  Bruce Lutes, Connersville

"If I may, I'd would like to take this opportunity to thank all the citizens of Hazard and the surrounding area for the great contributions they have given my brother over the recent months. My brother is Jeff Ritchie, a loyal deputy, and loving friend in your community.  Recently, he and his family lost there home to fire only two days before Christmas. Thankfully, they were not home and were left unharmed, they lost everything.  The people of Hazard pulled together and the unthinkable happened;  I consider God's miracle.  Donations from all over have given them a fresh start, and what seemed to be the most devastating thing to ever happen in their life is now the strongest obstacle they have overcome.  With God's love, the citizen's of your great community brought one family stronger than they ever were.  I grew up in Hazard for 18 years, and I'm very proud to say that I'm a part of such a wonderful community.  I will never forgot the memories that I have there.  Hazard, thank you so much for being the kind, loving friends that I knew and grew to love as well. You're memory will always hold its special place in my heart."  Tina Ritchie Gordon, Fort Worth Texas

"I love visiting your website.  It brings back good memories.  I have been in Florida for 18 years and I visit your website almost everyday to see what is going on in Hazard."  Kathy (Clark) Johnson, Tampa, Florida

"Its good to hear the news from home.  I was born and raised there, born in Hazard in 1935 and left there in 1961."  Bobby McIntosh, Breckenridge, Texas

"This is great.  Even though I moved from Hazard in 1959, I still subscribe to the Hazard Herald but this is even better.  Thanks.  I have family in Hazard and Perry County and will always be interested in the news of the area."  Helen Holliday Alcorn, St. Petersburg, Fl

"I think this is wonderful...I have a friend who sent it to me...I am so glad he did."  Patricia  Bolling, Jenkins, KY

"I used to live in Whitesburg and Cumberland and WSGS was what I listened to all the time.  Glad it is on the Internet.  Will be back often."  George Collins, Collinsville Virginia

"I really enjoy reading all the news and keeping up with where I was born and raised."  Faye Rogers Flanagan, Jamestown, KY

"It's so nice to go to your computer and get the local news from your home town.  Thanks very much WSGS."  Marie Hensley, Texarkana, Texas

"Good to hear news from home and to be able to hear fromold classmates and friends.  The pictures bring back fond memories and good times.  Keep up the good work.  God bless the staff and all the people of Hazard."  Robert A. Basey, Covington, KY 

"I just found this web site.  I love hearing about the news from Salyersville.  I was born and lived there until I was 15 and me and my husband are planning on moving up there in the Spring."  (no name or location given)

"I am so sorry to hear about Rev Coots.  I knew him a long time ago.  I was saved under his preaching."  Paul Browning, Philadelphia Pa 

"Nice to see things at home catching up to the times.  And as always - good to hear news from home."  Bill Shields, Daniesville, PA

"This site is great.  It let's me know what's going on in my town and what's going on around me.  Being an 8th grader, the school closings just brighten up my day!" :)  Holly Smith, Perry County

"Ernest Sparkman - Do you remember me?"  James Adams, Cadiz, Ohio

"We love your radio station.  We love music."  Alice Hall, Leslie County 

"My father is from Grays Knob in Harlan County.  Back in the '60's & '70's, your station was the only FM signal I could get on my car radio.  I used to visit the area frequently, but all of my aunts and uncles are deceased and their children moved away from the area.  Your site brings back lots of fond mountain memories.  Thanks."  Fred Clem   Hilliard, Ohio

"My husband was born and raised in Hazard, (Kenny Banks).  It is nice to look on the Internet and keep up with home.  We have been gone for 17 years now."  Mickey Banks, Huntsville, Tennessee

"I enjoy hearing news from the area I grew up in."  Edna Whitaker, Greenville, South Carolina

"While on vacation in 1989 with cousin Bob, we just happen to wind up in Hazard.  We stopped for a beer in town and wanted to find a campsite for the night.  The barkeep steered us to a campground just south of town.  Now this was in the middle of summer when we pulled into that park.  We had the place to ourselves.  Not one other camper in sight. We got out the boombox and found WSGS.  What a great station!  All the really old country hits like San Antone Rose, Your Cheating Heart and From a Jack to a King.  We put in a cassette and taped 2 hours of some of the finest country this Country has ever heard.  That tape is certainly in the top 3 of my vast collection of recorded tunes!!! We drank plenty of brewskis that night and partied till dawn.  Our one night stand in Hazard will forever be remembered as one of the best.  Right now I'm sitting here putting that tape onto C.D. so I'll have it till I go to that Grand Ole Oprey in the sky."  Mike Czerwinski, Milwaukee WI

"Originally from the Lothair area.  Still have relatives in that area and the Jenkins area.  This is a sure way to help keep in touch with all.  Keep up the good work."  Shirley Riddle Stacy, Phoenix AZ

"This is a wonder site.  I have a lot of family and friends in Hazard and this is a way to hear about the daily news.  Thank you so very much."  Lola Feltner, Round Lake, Illinois

"My wife & I both like to read the news from Hazard.  Both of our family's are from there."  Mike Salisbury, Kendallville IN

"Great site.  I like the news that I can get on the Internet and also when I am anywhere in Eastern Ky I listen to WSGS.  I am a big Bluegrass music fan and like the Bluegrass on WSGS."  Charles Speaks, Dacula, GA (NE of Atlanta)

"This website is very interesting.  Since I hardly ever have time to keep up with the news on television this is a very convenient way for me to keep up with the news, here in Hazard."  Ashley Rice  Hazard, KY

"I really like this page. When I can't listen to the news I can go to the page and find out everything that is going on keep up the good work."  Misshills, Owsley County 

"Nice page.  I was searching the web actually to see if I could find a young man who is a new member of the police dept. there.  I went to the Kentucky Law Enforcement Academy with him this summer.  I think his last name was Campbell, but I am not 100% sure.  I can't find any e-mail addresses for the police dept or sheriffs dept and I don't remember which agency he worked for. But I wanted to comment on your site.  Nice Job."  Karen, Kentucky 

"I think its great. Watch it on Hazard net everyday for hours.  Miss my hometown.  My son Rick in San Jose, California and watches also.  Thanks for the great web site of my hometown of Hazard."  Kenneth N. Davidson  Richmond, Indiana

"I have family that live there.  Thank you."  Shirley, Indiana

"Keeps me informed about the place I was born.....Thanks."  Jerry Ashley, Louisville, KY

"We love it. Good luck."  Kelly Hounshell, Beattyville, KY

"Testing the waters--Too new to me to comment."  Ray Fugate, Battletown, KY (Meade County)

"Look to this site to keep up on my home area news.  I have been gone from Letcher County Kentucky for 45 years, but I visit often and I like to keep track of what is going on in my home town area.  I am looking forward to listening to real country music I enjoy so much again, and thanks WSGS for playing it."  Von Banks, Michigan

"I like your news network.  It keeps me informed of what's going on.  I'm an old Lothair boy."  Bill Ferguson, Dunbar, West Virginia

"My family lives in Thousandsticks, KY.  Its real nice to be able to listen to news from that area.  I don't get down that way too often and its good to know the happenings."  Kim Jacobs, Pekin, Indiana

"You have a good station and I remember it well.  I went to school at M.C. Napier with the Combs boy that worked there in the middle 50s."  Roger Noble, Brookville, OH

"By accident I found your web site.  Sure glad I did.  It's good to get the news from down there.  Keep up the good work.  I also listen to WMMT in Whitesburg."  Leonard C Singleton, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I think this is a great web page.  I enjoy sitting down to read it...cuz I'm not an on time person, always miss hearing it,  Thanks to you all for putting it on here."  Anonymous, Breathitt County   

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