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Additional Comments

"I'm so glad I found your web site.  Please keep up the good work."  Nell (Howard) Bee, Hampton, VA

"This is a very useful site.  Its good that people from Kentucky still think about us and put their comments in which they don't have to."  Everett Campbell Jr.  Perry County, Grapevine, KY

"I used to live in Eastern Kentucky, (Magoffin Co.)  I think the state is so pretty."  Bonnie Beem, Indiana

"Was sorry to hear about pastor R. B. Miller passing.  I grew up with him and went to his church when I got a chance to come back to KY.  I was born and raised in around Hazard and knew his family.  Sorry to hear about the fire you had also." Laura Gayhart, Chicago ILL

"Beautiful site brings back a lots of memories.  Very good.  Keep up the good work!"  Jarvis Taylor Jr., Chicago, IL

"I think this web page is outstanding."  Nerissa Campbell, Hazard, KY

"I was born and reared in Cawood, Ky. in Harlan County and attended Cawood Elementary school when Cawood Ledford was  a teacher and was a part time announcer for WHLN in Harlan.  We had to go to the top of Crummies mountain to listen to him announce Cumberland Valley Conference games.  He then went to WHAS in Louisville and continued to announce UK. games.  I listened to him all of his broadcasting career and loved to hear him call the games.  It was just like being there. I now continue to follow the cats but now listen to games on the Internet on your station.  Keep up the good work.  I enjoy your site very much."  (name and location not given)

"As a fellow Kentuckian, it's good to know I can hear the news from Hazard and surrounding areas everyday.  Thank you."  Mary Madden, Melvindale, Michigan

"I am sorry about the fire you all had."  Timothy Alan House, Philpot, KY

"Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed viewing your web site.  I just thought I would take a few minutes to see if the forest fires were affecting your area.  Thanks."  Stephanie Caudill Bates, Freeport FL (Northwest Florida)

"I was born & raised in Perry County.  My Husband and I was down for two weeks on vacation, it is more beautiful than I remembered.  Can't wait to retire and move back. God Bless Juanita ( Engle) Brown, Pleasanton, Kansas

"Being a 'transplant' from Hazard to Springfield, it's great to be able to 'hear' the news from back home.  My Dad, Glen Sims, was an announcer on WKIC during the 1960's and 70's."  Vicki L. Sims, Springfield, Ohio

"I am wanting to relocate with my 12 year old daughter I live in Illinois and want a change.  Can anyone help me on information on eastern Kentucky.  Your information would be greatly welcome.  Thank you."  Sandy

"I use to live in Perry County & went school at M C Napier."  James Coots, Chatsworth, GA

"I hope you will broadcast on the internet again soon looking forward to hearing from Hazard. KY."  Reva Thompson, Inglis FL

"Thank you so much for all the hard work you do and have done for our Eastern Ky. people.  Hope you are back full force soon.  Again, Thanks."  Bea Miniard, Hazard, KY

"Hi, Just happened by your station while surfing.  Used to visit Hazard once a month or so for shopping when I lived in Ary.  Now that I know where to find you, I'll be listening to your station each morning from my PC."  Callie Fern, Ulster County, New York

"When I'm traveling the world I can always be in touch with the news of the mountains.  I'm always glad to hear the voice of Faron or Shane because I know I'm close enough to drive it on in.  From Beckley, W.VA. to the west side of Mount Mitchell, NC; and Bowling Green, Ky the voice of the mountains is heard loud and clear."  Sam Hill, Jeff, KY

"As always, enjoy reading hometown news and thanks again to the staff for giving us this opportunity to still be there via the Internet although we are miles apart."  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"We don't have to listen off the Internet anymore.  We have a new 50 foot tower with separate VHF/FM and UHF antennae's.  We receive you loud and clear!  Not a weather thing like when we receive WYMT.  We have listened now for over two weeks!  Please say hi to all our kinfolk from Laurel County to Pike County KY, and Scott County Virginia.  They receive ya' all too!"  James Evans, Xenia, OH

"Listening to these clips made me a little homesick.  I'm hurt to hear about the recent fire in the studios, hope all is well."  Barry W. Hall, Louisville, KY

"I love this site.  I hate that I had to move away and this site made me feel like I was sitting in my old living room in Hazard."  Melissa Cook, Berea, KY

"This comment is for America, but it is especially for the people of Hazard, KY.  I want to thank all of the people that has thought about me and contacted me via e-mail. I'm touched by how the nation has come together in this time of need. My thoughts are with all of you back home.  Oh Yeah, Sorry about the fire."  SPC Barry Combs, Fort Hood, Texas

"Nice site to go to."  Bradley Ivey, Dayton, Ohio

"We are praying for you!"  Dennis Shipley, Knoxville, Tennessee

"Faron, we are very sorry to hear about the fire and all of the business establishments affected. We will include everyone in our prayers and pray for a speedy recovery since it affects so many bread winners and the economy of Hazard.  Keep the faith and know that God is in control in all situations."  Harold & Jane Morgan, Melbourne, Fl

"I was sorry to hear about the fire in your studios a few weeks ago.  Keep up the good work, and continue to give those of us who can't be home a link to the mountains.  Best of luck, and I'll be remembering you in my prayers."  Will Bowling, Lexington, KY

"I salute you and your team for providing such a great radio station and website.  I have listened to 101.1 FM for years and have come to depend on it for news and local weather.  I have thought it time I write you and thank you for all that you do for all of Eastern Kentucky. So ...Thank You!"  Gary Wooton, Flat Gap, KY (Johnson County)

"I am a former resident of the Hazard area.  I was sorry to hear about the recent fire which put WSGS off the air.  I am currently listening to the Internet broadcast of past news stories. Please continue this service as it is very important to those of us who have moved from the Hazard area. Also, it would be helpful if you could list obituaries from the Hazard area, since Perry County News discontinued their site it has become difficult to keep informed of local deaths.  Your website is not only one of the best, it is also one of the fastest." Dana Lewis, Shelbyville, KY

"This is one of the best news and information web sites I have come across in some time.  You seem to have your things of priority together and know what the people want and expect from a news department.  Keep on trucking as you are going in the right direction.  CNN has nothing on you."  Kenneth J. Roberts, Lebanon, Ohio

"You are my voice from home.  I am so sorry about your fire.  Good luck and God bless!"  Eva Mae McCleland, Los Banos, CA

"Good newscasts and thank God that people have begun to wake up and see that we need God in this country, and the real name for the ACLU is Anti Christian Lawyer Union.  God bless you all to help you restore the stations."  Rex & Vonda Jones, Smithville, TN (Southern & Bluegrass Gospel singers/writers)

"My prayers are with you all in the mountains."  Pearl Wayne Couch, Shelbyville Indiana

"Trish, just wanted  to let you know that I am thinking about all of you as you try to get back to normal after the horrible fire.  I was really concerned over the loss to property owners and the danger to them and the firefighters who came from all over to help control the fire.  They put their life on the line for us every day.  Best of luck with the new building once it is up and running again."  Billie Ruth Gayheart Leburn, KY

"I really enjoy listening to WSGS on the Internet.  I also like to get on the site and download the pictures and to print them for my son.  He really enjoys it.  He's only five years old, but I want him to know the history of Hazard and Perry County.  I really hate the terrible things that have happened to you all over the past few months.  Moving was bad enough without the fire happening too.  We love listening to you everyday.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Best of luck with recovering all of your things from the fire."  Toni Cole, Chavies, KY

"I work for medical transport and I am on the road at all hours.  WSGS plays solid music and gives news at local and world updates and I would like to express my thanks for your broadcast."  Clay Burke, Barbourville, KY

(For WJMD)  "Sorry to hear about the fire that tried to destroy the good work you do in Gospel music ministry.  May God restore your station back on air.  Will be praying for you from across the miles.  Gospel Deejay - Job Gathemia,  Africa, Nairobi-Kenya

(For WJMD)  "I just found out about the fire through a Southern Gospel newslist that I'm on.  Our prayers will be with you!!  I have family that are from Hazard so I feel a tie with your town also!  I am a Gospel singer too so even more so my prayers are with you!  God bless all of you."  Linda Weber, Coshocton, Ohio

"To Ernest and the entire Mountain Broadcasting family:  I heard about the devastating fire over the weekend...sorry to hear about the extensive damage done to WSGS and the other stations in the chain.  I'm especially aaddened to hear that some, if not most, of the old tapes, pictures and memorabilia were destroyed in the fire. Hopefully what can be replaced will be done soon.  If you need any help or assistance, please feel free to contact me."  Jeff Noble, WBKO Television, Bowling Green, KY

"We are so sorry to hear about the tragic fire there.  You all have been a great encouragement to our group and have supported our music since we first started.  We will be in much prayer for you all and I hope you will let us know if we can be of any help at all to you."  Sherri Vestal of Rejoice! Greensboro, NC

"I love your site.  I have listened to WSGS for 25 years or more.  Sorry to hear about the fire.  If I can help, let me know.  Thanks."  Mike E. Thinnes, Richmond, KY

"I was in shock to hear about the fire.  I'm keeping you guys in my prayers.  I hope no one was injured.  I've listened to WSGS for many years and WJMD since it's been on the air for the past six years or so.  May God Bless as you regroup and rebuild.  Hello Faron and Steve.'  Paul R. Lunsford, Harlan, KY

"Dear Radio People:  My thoughts &  prayers are with ALL of you and family. HOPE you get
back on your feet soon.  In Christ's name   a-men."  Robb Shine, Chardon, Ohio

"Hi, I'm sorry to hear about the fire.  If I can help let me know.  I would be glad to help in anyway."  Dwayne Amburgey, Hindman, KY

"Sorry to hear about the fire, will keep you all in our prayers."  Tim Shelton, Carlisle, Ohio

"I was very saddened to hear about the fire at the Radio Station.  I appreciate your coverage."  Amy Case, Paintsville, KY

"I am really sorry to hear about the fire.  This destroyed many landmarks from my past.  I spent many hours in the Hazard Drug.  Hope you are back on the air soon."  Richard C. Ward Lexington, KY

"Sorry to hear about the fire. Good luck..."  J.C. Bentley, Middletown, Ohio

"I just read that your WSGS studios were destroyed due to a fire."  Nathan Hamblin, Camden, OH

"It makes my day at work go so much faster when I have good music to boost me on."  Donna, Hazard, KY (Loyal Listener)

"Great site.  I like the variety on your website.  I know I will visit often.  PS: My Daddy was born and raised in Middlesboro and my Momma were born and raised in Wooton."  Teresa Chadwell, Portland, Oregon

"I love keeping in touch with different parts of the country.  This is my first time to see your web site."  Peggy DeLay, Ferris, Texas

"I enjoy listening to WSGS.  I listen to the news every day."  Frank Barker, Combs, KY

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