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"I enjoy the news from the place I was born, and to have it read from the computer is such a pleasure.  My family resides in the Hazard area and were surprised I found you on the Internet.  Home news is always good, thank you."  Kathleen Fugate Collins, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"I'm glad we have this site, it's great."  Lesia Williams, Vicco, KY

"I like your web site."  Tawynia Ritchie, Hazard, KY

"I was born & raised in Hyden, Ky, so I grew up listening to WSGS & you guys are still the best.  Keep up the good work."  Ivry Montgomery Fairborn, OH

"I have been listening to your great station for years.  I really miss the Free Market & the Excellent Adventure.  Looking forward to their return. There are hundreds of listeners on the strip jobs all over east KY.  Thanks for keeping us company."  Tim Joseph, Gunlock, KY

"I really enjoy listening to the latest news and looking at the photos.  This kind of keeps me informed on what's going on in my old home town."  Dexter, Newton, New Jersey

"Our family really enjoys this program.  Keep up the good work."  Edith & Bert Baker, Chavies, KY

"Keep it up, we all love the news."  Vicky Baker, Whitesburg, KY

"You have the best station in the US., especially for us Bluegrass fans.  Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot."  George Howard, Okeechobee, Fl

"As I was travelling from Harlan, KY to my hotel in Kingsport, TN, I caught your station at 101.1!  There appeared to be little to listen to on the ride back to my hotel, but I was quite pleased to hear what sounded like the WYMT-TV news over your station.  Keep up the good work!"  Gavin Burt Albany, New York

"Hi all.  I saw Ernest's picture and not bad for an ole geezer."  Doug Slough, Wytheville, VA

"I think your station really is nice.  I listen to it all the time here in the Hoosier state.  Keep up the good work." :>) Pearl Wayne Couch, Shelbyville, Indiana

"I enjoy your radio station.  I grew up in Perry County and it is good to hear the news from there."  Keep up the good work."  Conda Almond, Taylorsville, Indiana

"This is my first visit to this site and it takes me back to the many years I listened to the station from the time I woke-up until you signed off in the early evening.  This proves that you CAN go home again.  Thanks."  Laura Sigmon Parker, Newton, N.C.

"I like to keep in touch with home."  App James Miller, Tacoma, WA

"Sure is good to hear a voice from home.  Wish I could be at the Black Gold this year.  Hope you all have a wonderful time.  Teresa, my wife, sure is homesick."  JR Cornett, San Antonio, TX

"Having the news broadcast on the Internet is a great thing.  It is good for people who work long hours and can't see the news on TV."  Toni Cole, Chavies, KY

"Keep up the good work."  Brian Colllett, Ypsilanti, Michigan

"I listen to your local news first thing every A.M., being from Knott County, those of us who live away miss friends and family.  Keep up the good work."  Loren Calhoun, Milan, Indiana

"How great to hear Cawood's local radio station.  Can I count on you broadcasting the memorial service? I was fortunate to have been writer-producer at WHAS in the early 60's and saw and heard 1st hand the Ky legend.  In 1983 I saw Cawood and Frances at a miniature horse show.  That was beginning of 17 years spending summers among miniature horse lovers.  Will become regular listener for Eastern KY news.  I am from Carrollton, KY."  Donna Reed Beeker, Bloomington, IN

"Keep up the good work."  Alvin Stacy, Hazard, KY

"I really like this.  I'm a student at Lees College here in Jackson but from Hazard, so now I can keep up with what's going on."  Daniel C. Hall, Jackson, KY

"While browsing through all the comments on the net about your fine radio station, I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to listen.  I'm just wondering if by some chance some of you older listeners might have known my family as they were from around Hazard.  I'm trying to find out if we have any relatives left, as I would sure like to find out about them.  My father's name was Marcus Fugate.  His father and mother were Martin and Mary (Hall) Fugate.  Some of his siblings were Meridy, Martin, Charlie, Eva (who seemed to have disappeared some time ago) and Daisy (who married a man named George Davis.  I would really like to find out everything I could about them.  Thanks so very much for any info."  Mary Carson, California, KY

"I have a very good friend from Hazard, she has introduced me to WSGS radio.  It is the best!!!  Thanks."  Aubrey Isaac....NC

"Love your WSGS, radio!"  A.W. Isaac, North Carolina

"Love to hear news about Hazard."  Bob Newberry, Georgetown KY

"You have a great website, and a killer radio station.  I had the day off Monday and listened to WSGS throughout the morning, at home for a change, not in a car on a highway to Tennessee.  I like the Trish Stacy Show, and I was saddened upon hearing news flash of Big Dipper's death.  I will truly miss listening to Richard's "live" call-in program on WSGS because you never knew what kind of high school sports fan you were gonna hear.  There was never a dull moment of air time, even when the phones were silent.  I don't attend as many high school sporting events as I used to, but Dipper's enthusiasm for the games and the kids who played them has left me with a lasting impression."  Robert Dean Cornet, Dwarf, KY

"My husband and I listen to WSGS radio constantly.  That's the first thing he does in the morning, turn the radio on.  WSGS is the best radio station out there."  Pauline Burke, Viper, KY

"Ya'll are my radio station.  I was born and raised on Sizerock in Leslie County, but I came up here to Lexington to attend U.K. about a week ago.  I would like to thank you all for allowing me to bring a piece of the mountains with me!"  Will Bowling, Lexington, KY

"Yes I listen in."  Jonathan Harvey, Hazard, KY 

"Listening to WSGS brings back lots of memories, it was nice hearing Stuart Shane cuz he was an announcer when I lived there, I used to call him and request songs.  He was always very nice."  Hoosier Hunnie,  Indianapolis,Indiana

"Great job on the Website."  Trena Combs, Hazard, KY

"Love WSGS.  Keep it up."  Yvonne Bowling Campbell, Dayton, Ohio

"It's nice to be able to go back home for a few hours a day.  Keep up the good work."  Ivory Montgomery, Fairborn Ohio

"Love the radio station.  Trish, haven't seen you in quite a while."  Billie Ruth Gayheart, Softshell, Knott County, KY

"Thank you for the news."  Wilbur Lee, Brandenton, FL

"I am glad to hear WSGS on the Internet.  I grew up listening to UK games and Cincinnati Reds baseball on WSGS.  I would also listen to your 4:45 sports report many times."  Kevin Hall, Sterling, VA

"Keep up the good work Hazard Kentucky.  We love listening to the news from down home."  TeeJay Emery (Thelma),  Huron, Ohio

"Born in Hazard, but moved away as a child.  I still have fond memories.  Nice website!"  Nick Asher Hamilton, Ohio

"I listen to the web broadcast every week.  I especially enjoyed hearing my grandpa on his 100th birthday."  Joe Eversole, New York, NY

"I want to say Happy 100th Birthday to Joe Eversole, a distant cousin.  My father, Justus Begley, was the son of Elizabeth Smith and Hiram Begley.  Elizabeth Smith was the daughter of Margaret Eversole and Preston Smith.  Margaret Eversole was the daughter of Abraham Eversole, son of Jacob Eversole.  Jacob Eversole built the oldest log house in Perry County.  Preston Smith was the son of Jarimiah Smith.  Jerimiah Smith was the founder of Buckhorn.  That makes me 5th generation from Preston Smith, 6th generation from Jacob Eversole.  Happy Birthday Joe Eversole!  I hope you have a great day!"  Betty Jane Begley Coots, Marietta, Georgia 

"Reading these notes makes me feel good, not that I know these people, its just that they are from Eastern Kentucky.  Thanks."  Bobby Mills, Paris Tennessee

"My husband has relatives in Hazard.  He grew up there.  Listening to your news broadcast keeps us in touch and makes us feel a little closer to home.  The first time I saw Hazard was 22 years ago and I Knew then I wanted to live there it is the most beautiful place, with beautiful people.  We will be retiring there in 8 more years.  Thanks for keeping us posted on all the news."  Debbie Jones, Yukon, Oklahoma

"Well hello from the great White North.  Just saying a big hello.  I think this is a good site & hope you will have the actual ("live") broadcast on the net.  That would be good."  Mike Jones, Vancouver BC, West Coast, Canada

"Although I have never been to your area of the country, my Dad was born in Wooton, Ky, which I think is somewhere near Hazard, Ky."  David Wooton Lakeland, FL

"I really love to listen to WSGS.  Keep up the good work."  Rosetta Hall, Hazard, KY

"Do like your news although the flood was terrible.  I am originally from Perry County and do like to keep up with the land of my birth although I've been away from there since 1940.  Will check back in with you again."  T.K. Dyer, Corpus Christi, Texas

"I miss good old Kentucky very very much."  Doris Mount, Tucson, Arizona

"It is really great to hear E. Sparkman deliver the news on the Internet.  I listen about once a week.  Thanks to all of your staff."  Betty Hewitt, Gainesville, Florida

"I listen to WSGS constantly through the day.  I don't listen to any other station because I don't feel like hearing any foolishness.  Thanks."  Mattalou Campbell, Southfork, Breathitt County

"I like the news very much."  John C. Sandlin, Yerkes, KY

"Boy am I one happy person.  Finally got Hazard news in the West Part of the state.  Its good to hear the news from Hazard.  Keep the news coming.  This is the only way I hear many things going on there.  Thank you!"  Helen Baker, Owensboro, KY

"I just got you for the first time & will be back.  I`m from Knott County & always interested in news from Eastern  Kentucky.  Thanks."  Loren Calhoun, Milan, Indiana

"I was born in Pike County and I enjoy hearing the news from home."  James D. Lovell, Joliet Illinois

"I recently moved here from Hazard and I have missed hearing about my home town.  I love this little broadcast and would like to congradulate the staff of WSGS for all their hard work that makes WSGS the great radio station that it is."  Willis Edwin Jones, Austin Indiana

"It was good to hear from my home town."  James M. Greer, Palmdale, CA

"WSGS is the greatest."  Lula Gibson Vicco, KY

"Enjoyed listening to the hometown news!"  Joe & Janice Calhoun, Burnsville, NC

"Would like to have a little of home here in Florida."  Glenn E. Oliver,  Edgewater FL

"I was really happy to find your newscast on the Internet.  It is my way of keeping up on with what is going on back home."  Leonard Napier, Clermont, GA.

"Have just found your web site.  I lived in Hazard as a child, and my mother was born and raised there.  We really enjoy listening to the news from Eastern Kentucky.  Thank you for making it possible for us to hear Hometown News.  Keep up the good work!"  Mandi Popp, Jamestown KY

"I enjoy listening to the news from my hometown.  Thank you very much."  Letty F. (Stacy) Knapp, Ravenna, Ohio

"When I miss the news I just go to the net and get it.  I wouldn't know what I would do if they was to take it off.  We all would be lost.  lol."  Tammy Green, Hazard, KY

"My mom, Alvie Holland, who is now deceased, would always listen to the Hazard radio station for the news and obits.  Glad I found you."  Helen Holland Taylor, Franklin, TN

"Very interesting site.  Lets me know what is going on in my mothers homeplace!"  Lisa Baker, Ohio

"I was really pleased to find the newscast on the Internet.  I was raised in Blue Diamond-Bonnyman area and am very interested in today's topics.  It feels like a trip back home.  Thank you for the chance to hear the radio broadcast."  Dolores (Durbin) Yant  Port, Charlotte, FL

"I listen to your radio station on the Internet every day and my dad listens to.  Hope you get back on live soon.  Enjoy it very much."  Peggy Green, Lafollette, Tennessee

"Listen to your news every day.  Love your site.  When will the radio station be back on the Internet?  Soon I hope.  You're the best."  Roy Green,  Lafollette, Tennessee 

"Great to hear from Hazard.  Thank you."  Carol Sewell, Muncie, Indiana   LSewell@aol.com

"My wife and I really get a kick out of being able to listen to the radio down there.  It still makes us feel like we are at home even if we are hundreds of miles away.  Thank you."  Wyckliffe Morgan, Moraine, Ohio

"What a surprise to hear Eastern Kentucky news on my Internet in Las Vegas.  I grew up in Loyall and would love to hear from anyone from there.  Come for a visit. If you cannot have a good time in Vegas you cannot have a good time any where.  It is just like LOYALL except exactly different!"  Benny Bissell, Las Vegas, NV

"Doing a good job.  Keep it up."  Marilyn Wilder, Corbin, KY

"I lived in Williamsburg until 1982.  My dad grew up in East Kentucky, and told me about visiting and working in Hazard, though I've never been there myself.  Finding your site was a great surprise.  I appreciate the Internet newscast, too!  My mom and dad just got Internet access, and I'll tell them about this site."  Don Collett Cisco, Texas

"Grew up on Lotts Creek, joined the KSP in 1966 and left the Hazard area.  Rarely get back anymore.  Enjoy the news broadcast and especially the Singing Miner's theme song."  Marvin Smith, Daytona Beach, Florida

"I love listening when ever I can.  I often miss the news and when I'm online I can listen when ever I want.  Thanks."  Tracy Anderson, Vicco, KY

"I love to hear from home.  I live in Ohio, a native of Hazard."  Pauline Campbell, Ohio

"I recently found your web site while looking for news in my home town.  I grew up in Georges Branch (Vicco area).  My parents listened to this radio station everyday.  Whenever I am feeling home sick I get on my computer, turn up the volume, close my eyes and reminisce about the days of sitting in my mothers kitchen listening to the radio with her.  It's nice to know that no matter where I may go I can have a little piece of home with me, and I can stay in tune with what is going on at home.  Thank you so much for making your station available to me in Germany and to everyone else no matter where they are."  Shirley Powell, Kaiserslaurtern ,Germany

"Heard your radio station driving through Eastern KY.  Liked what I heard, and now find you're on the Internet, too!  Great.  I'd caught a song live called 'Green Huey' (I think??).  Is it available on mp3 or any other medium on the Internet?"  John Nelson, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I really enjoy being able to listen to the news at my convenience.  Thank you for making it possible.  This way, I don't miss the news." Charlotte Dixon, Hazard, KY

"I love it.  I have family in Hazard.  I'm from Leslie County.  I can keep up with what's happening in and around home.  Thank you so much."  Virginia Cox, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I like being able to get my local news and weather any time or any where."  Angela Langdon, Krypton, KY

"I have been a resident of Perry Co. KY all my life and a resident of the City of Hazard for the past several years.  I grew up with WSGS and listen to this Radio Station almost everyday.  I love the News Reports and Programming.  I plan on listening for years to come.  Thanks and keep up the good work.  It just keeps getting better."  Steve Napier, Hazard KY

"I haven't listened yet.  I was recently told I could listen to your station on the WEB.  Most of the country stations here play corporate (top ten) country.  It's hard to find a station that plays good Country Music.  (I'm originally from Viper)."  Marshall L. Davidson, Marina Del Rey, California

"Just arrived in Hazard today and learned about the web page.  Look forward to listening from the sunshine state.  Keep it country (and Bluegrass).  Thanks"  John C. Prater, Orlando, Florida

"I listen to your news daily.  I hope you can resume complete programing soon."  Jim Hill, Southgate, Michigan

"Great programming!"  Michael Sexton, Manhattan, KY

"WSGS is the best radio station in the whole USA.  It plays the old Country Music of the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and very little of the so-called Country Music such as Garth Brooks--- a most belittling type of music.  Please get it on line soon." William B Houston, Crossville, Tennessee

"WSGS is the only radio I listen to for the news music and weather.  It is the greatest radio station.  It is the only one that picks up where we live and you all are loud and clear."  Betty Noble, Owsley County

"Your Service to the Community is something to be commended."  Penni, Yellow Creek

"I just found your station last week. I have listened all week long, especially this Saturday morning (6-16-01).  I'm in Barbourville and it was totally refreshing to hear your station and know that you care for your listeners.  I was working in my garage and had two radios on and every customer that stopped wanted to know what radio station I was listening to.  It was so good to hear the songs about real life again.  Keep up the good music.  I'll be listening.  Thanks."  E.G. Abner, Barbourville, KY

"Now that I have found your WSGS News on the Internet, I will listen often.  I love it!  I grew up in Floyd County and still have family there.  I like to keep in touch with the news in the mountains.  Thanks!" Bertha Baase, Albion, Michigan

"I like to listen to the news, and put some Bluegrass Music on occasionally if possible.  You can listen to your station from AOL media play also."  Nick Asher Hamilton, Ohio

"I am from Hazard.  I have been here for 7 years now.  When I listen to WSGS  feel I am at home.  Thank you very much."  Theresia Garner, Southport, NC

"Sure was glad to hear news from back home. I was born in Vicco in 1936.  Will be tuning in more often now that I've found you."  Fred Colwell, Austin, Indiana

 "I love it.  Keep up the good work."  The Fisherman, Florida

"Just messing around. Used to live on Skyline Drive.  Miss the mountains."  D. Miniard, Bakersfield, CA

"Just listened to Ernest Sparkman report the news on WSGS.  I used to listen to Ernest on the radio when I was growing up in Viper, Ky.  I sure enjoy getting the news from back home.  Keep up the good work."  Bill Hoskins, Dayton, Ohio

"My husband and I really do enjoy your radio, live.  Great updates." Janet Couch, Bonnyman, KY

"Looking forward to the live link."  Bob Hall, Wheelwright, KY

"I think this is the coolest thing!  I am born and raised in Hazard and now I can keep track of what goes on everyday!  This is wonderful that you can do this and have an inside report of the area events and news.  Thank you so much!  I will be a faithful listener and other family members from out of town would be happy to hear that there is such a wonderful link to Hazard."  Rhonda Christie, Johnson City, Tennessee

"I listen every day to see what is going on back home.  WSGS is my way of keeping up with everything.  Keep up the work."  Leonard Napier, Clermont, GA

"I am from Leslie County myself and I would like to hear news from home." Della North, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Enjoy reading and listening to the news from home.  My daddy is Cager McQueen and I would truly love to hear him preach and sing.  Keep up the good work.  God Bless."  Zada Marie Cole, Marengo, IN

"I enjoy hearing the news.  I lived in Jackson during the late 70's and mid 80's."  William Wilson, Elizabethtown, KY

"I grew up at Redhill next to Chaives and moved to Georgia seven years ago.  I miss home, Bluegrass and the people."  Leonard Napier, Georgia       

"I love hearing the news from home.  Keep up the good work."  Susan Parsons DuBois, Kenosha, WI

"I was born in Hazard and grew up in Krypton and Grassy.  Moved to N. J. when I was six years old.  Still love home.  Love Bluegrass Music!"  Larry L. Gibson, Deptford, N.J.

"I was raised in Perry County.  Thanks for being there.  Although I have been gone for over 30 years, it's nice to be able to keep up with what is going on there now."  Lee Miller, Hampton, GA

"It's good to be able to keep up on what's going on back home."  Pearl Wayne Couch, Shelbyville, Indiana

"Really great to find news from SE KY.  I must tell you this is such a hoot to kind of be back home through this media.  All of you responsible people I am so grateful.  Thanks!!!"  Betty Davidson Hewitt, Gainesville, Florida

"Used to live in southwest Virginia.  Enjoy your station."  G.R. Tolbert, Powhatan VA

 "I think it's great!"  Pam, Perry County

"Just heard about your web site.  Now I can listen to the local news when I'm in Florida.  Thanks.  Keep up the good work."  William Witt, Wooton, KY & Port Richey, FL 

"Thanks.  Love to hear from my hometown."  COL Ronnie R. Roberts, Fort Bragg, NC

You're a good radio station."  Couch, Hazard, KY

"I cant believe the radio station I grew up on is still going strong great job guys I was home sick but now I have found a little piece of it in Houston."  Rita couch  Houston, Texas

"I love Hazard, KY.  I lived there until I was 12 years old.  I lived at Christopher.  I miss it there."  Doris Mount, Arizona

"No one else seems to measure up with the good music you play."  Grace Howard, Wendover, KY

"I love to listen to what's going on there.  This site keeps me in touch with what's happening in Hazard Kentucky.  I'll be back soon.  See you all."  Gary, Indiana

"I'm 24 years old and have been a Christian for 11 years.  I see nothing wrong with listening to good Country Music.  I have been confined to a wheelchair all my life due to Cerebral-Palsy and I've lived here in Perry County all my life.  I would like to hear from you so if you would like to e-mail me, please do so.  Faron Sparkman, Stuart Shane, Trish Stacy and the others do a wonderful job keeping WSGS on the air.  God Bless you."  Michael Barnes, Busy, KY

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