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Additional Comments

"I love to listen to it when I chat." Thomas, Hazard, KY

"I really like you all at your radio station.  Please keep the mountain news flowing just like milk and honey or like moonshine, which ever your hearts desire."  Bill Ken Noble, Jackson, KY

"Happy you are on the big screen! At one time was at the Herald when Fred Bullard was the owner.  Hazard will always be a favorite of all the places we have lived.  MANY THANKS."  William H Grigsby Richmond, KY

"Excellent! I love to listen to your bluegrass programs.  Keep up the good work."  Red Strickland Vicco, KY

"I love to listen to WSGS FM.  It's great.  Keep it going."  Tiffany, Knott County

"I found this site through a search engine.  I was so thrilled to find a way to connect with the mountains of Eastern Kentucky from so far away.  I grew up in Breathitt County. I used to listen to this station every morning.  I love this site!  Keep up the good work! Thanks!!!!"  Tonya Strong, San Diego, CA

"I hope all are well.  I will be in the Virginia Beach for about three months for medical treatments.  Happy to be able to hear WKIC."  Doug Slough, VA Beach, VA

"This is one of the ways I keep in touch with the area that is dear to my heart."  Letty F. (Stacy) Knapp, Ravenna, Ohio

"Delighted to reach your quality station.  Warm Good Wishes from County Antrim on the Emerald Isle."  Raymond Stewart, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

"Just enjoy hearing from home and the good 'ol southern voices."  Glenna Sunn, Indiana

"The number 1 station in the nation. Go WSGS-FM."  Dr. C. Vernon Cooper, Jr., Hazard, KY

"Hi, I think it is great to get to listen to the news from Hazard.  I was born and raised in Hazard.  I have been living here in Virginia for 8 years.  I have family living in Hazard.  Thank you."  Linda Sallee, Leesburg, Virginia

"I ran into your station while looking for relatives there in your town!  I decided to listen to the news while there! It made me feel like I was listening to my home town news, your station is great!  I love it!  Keep up the good work!  From the coast of Texas!"  Sandi Rich, Sargent, TX

"I really enjoy listening to the news from Hazard since we moved from there two years ago.  We also listen to the Free Market every chance we get."  Wanda Smith, Somerset, KY

"WSGS is really a pleasure to listen to. News, sports, and just plain good entertainment."  Charlie Joseph, Corbin, KY

"Hey all you people, I miss being home so I may be there soon..." Jackie, Indy man

 "Good job."  Cleatis Holbrook, Richmond, KY

"What a great way to start my day!!!  I love it!  Great source of information about my home town, county and state.  The older we get the more we appreciate being able to be in touch with a hometown news.  Thank you!"  Betty Coots, Marietta, Georgia

"It is the best."  Winston Dunn, Hazard, KY

"I love Paul Harvey."  D. Kesley, Chattanooga, TN

"I am glad to be able to hear the news from Hazard."  Allen Hollen, Nancy, KY

"Enjoyed your website.  It is great.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you very much."  Yvonne Bowling Campbell, Dayton, Ohio

"Good."  Bob Noble, Jackson, KY

"What a pleasant surprise to have found this news site.  I just typed in 'Hazard, Ky News' and up came WSGS news.  I was born and raised in Hazard. Listening to the news on this site made it seem much closer.  I just read my niece Angel Kibodeaux's posting.  What a small world!"  Carol (Sue Hurt) Staten, Dayton, Ohio

"Nice music, current news updates, great work.  Thanks."  Mary, Breathitt County

"Hi, I found your site today and it's so great.  I feel like I'm in Kentucky.  Thanx."  Angel Kibodeaux, Port Charlotte, FL

"Keep up the good work."  Patty Dunigan Slaven, Viper, KY

"I love getting the Hazard news when I am in Indiana.  I live in Hazard but I visit my children here in Commiskey quiet often.  I miss Hazard news so its so nice to get on here and hear your hometown news.  See you soon Hazard."  Martha Feltner Barker, Commiskey, Indiana

"I like this web site.  This is how we keep up on what's going on in Perry County so keep it goin' on.  We miss you Hazard."  Gary & Toni Sue Green Austin, Indiana

"Lived in Hazard for twenty years until I was 36 years old and love to hear anything from there."  Bob Newberry, Georgetown KY.

"Nice."  C. White, Hazard, KY

"WSGS News on the Internet is very much appreciated.  Thank You."  Karen Baker,  Hazard,  KY

"I love Hazard Kentucky.  This is the way I keep up on what's going on there." Toni Green,  Indiana

"Was surprised to see all of this on the web.  Its great.  Keep the good work up." Yvonne Campbell, Dayton, Ohio

"Well I love the news and I don't get it on the TV because I've got a satellite and they wont give me Hazard so I go on the net and listen to it and its great.  Thanks."  Ronnie Sparkman, Perry County

"I moved to Austin Indiana from Hazard about a week ago.  I felt like I had lost touch but you give me a way to stay in touch."  Willis Edwin Jones, Austin, Indiana

"I love the fact that no matter where I move in the future that I can still be in contact with WSGS News and music.  Great site and station!"  Bobby Dale Osborne, Leslie County, KY

"Its good to see that Hazard has made it on the Internet."  Renee, Saul, KY

"Greetings from East Tennessee!"  Ray Dobbs, Johnson City, TN

"I was just wondering if the redbuds are blooming yet?  We like to visit just to see them."  Vickie, NE Indiana

"This is my frist time.  Would you play Feelings Back Again by Brenda Riddle?"  Elizabeth Napier, TN  elizabeth1010@earthlink,net

"Buenos dias, Trish; WSGS Country!  I hope everybody at the station is feeling fine as frog hair.  The Morning Show has gotta mucho kick!  Do you fine folks have a copy of Tanya Tucker's Walking Shoes in the building?  I wanna request it.  Gracias mucho. Hasta luego."  Robert Cornett, Dwarf, KY

 "I am from Hazard and I like listening to WSGS.  I feel like I am at home."  Theresia Garner, Southport, NC

"I love listening to WSGS.  Country music is the only music to listen to other than Bluegrass... I love Bluegrass."  Bruce  Littcarr KY

"First time listener.  I like it".  Billie Sowers  Dayton, OH

"I lived in Wooten, Kentucky for several years and worked at the Shamrock Coal Company.  I always enjoyed listening to WSGS and now to be able to hear the news etc. on the net means so much."  Billy Sabo  Hicksville, Ohio

"I really enjoyed listening to the news.  I retain more by listening.  This is a great service for eastern Kentucky.  I really enjoy hearing the Dipper.  He is something else. He carries the same enthusiasm playing pool, as he does broadcasting. I believe he deserves some type of reward for all his dedication and involvement with eastern Kentucky and broadcasting.  I attend Lees College in Jackson, Kentucky, but otherwise stay on Grapevine. I just visiting parents and decided to check out the news.  It is vita for us to keep updated on the news. We never learn anything by sticking our heads in the sand. Well, that's enough from me."  Lesa Handshoe, Knott County

"Great mix of music guys, keep it up."  David Stacy, Hazard, KY

"You do a fine job."  Winston Dunn, Hazard, KY

"Keep up the broadcast.  It is good to listen to hometown news."  Carl K. Johnson Moscow, OH

"Glad to find WSGS on web.  Now I can keep up with the news.  I have lived in Tennessee for 5 years now.  I'm from Harlan, KY and we don't get much Kentucky news down here.  Thanks for having KY news on the web." Sam Lankford, Maynardville, Tennessee

"You guys are coming in clear as a bell.  Have a great day and tell Dipper the guys from the Clay County QB Club say howdy."  Les Nicholson, Manchester, KY

"I enjoy your broadcast very much...I really enjoy the news from Perry County."  Charlene Combs, Texas

 "Great.  Keep bringing the news to the people."  Robyn C. Napier, Hyden, KY

"I love what you all are doing.  Listening to your broadcasts makes me feel like I am back home again. Thanks much."  Ishmael Dwayne Watts,  Ft. Bragg NC.

"I love being able to get WSGS on the Internet."  Shirley Groler, Greenfield, Indiana

"As a former Eastern Kentuckian, I am interested in all things related to the mountains.  I enjoy your web site which I just learned about.  I will continue to listen to it."  Carla & Susan, La Habra, California

"I really enjoyed WSGS while visiting Kentucky."  Roger Back, Monterey, Indiana

"I've been listening to WSGS since I was a kid.  I like all of the programming and the fact that you are a voice from the mountains." Wendell Lewis, Sandy Hook, KY

"I'm from Lee County.  Its cool to hear what's going on down in the hills.  This is a great site and I visit it daily!"  Roger Kidd, Austin Indiana

"I do the safety test on the elevator in your building.  When I'm in the area, I always listen to you all.  I especially like the Bluegrass show on Monday night and for some reason, I don't know why, I listen to Trish's Free Market.  Maybe her voice soothes me because I sure don't want to buy anything they're sellin'."  Dave Jones  Lexington, KY

"Hazard is  my birthplace.  I have lived in Lafayette Indiana for 35 years.  Hazard is still home to me."  Bobby Fields, Lafayette, Indiana

"It's nice to listen to the hometown news."  Roger Cornett, Jasper, Alabama

"My father, Homer Charles Profitt, played and sang on WKIC when he was 14 years old in 1946 /1947.  I have a picture of him with his guitar and above it there is a caption, 'Lonesome Boy' WKIC Hazard.'  It would mean a great deal to me to know if anyone remembers or maybe has recordings of his music.  He later married Euretta Ashley."  David Allen Profitt, Falmouth, KY

"Former teacher at Riverside School in Lost Creek."  Page Boyce, Smyrna, DE

"I was born and raised in Hazard.  I am well known as my dad was well known every one knew him as Red Benton."  Thomas Benton, Mount Sterling, KY

"Enjoy the live casting."  J., Lexington, KY

"I'm sure everyone who listens gets a little homesick."  William Fields, Georgtown, KY

"It's good to hear your station again.  I try to make it home to Hazard every chance I get.  Great work guys!"  SGT. Jeremy Engle, Ft. Bragg, NC

"My wife and I travel in Eastern Kentucky quite frequently and we always listen to WSGS.  Working for the Postal Service takes me to Oklahoma several times a year and it's good to hear WSGS on the Internet.  Keep up the good work."  Robert Marcum, Georgetown, KY

"I listen now and then to WSGS.  I do not have enough time to do it often.  I enjoy listening because it gives me news that brings Hazard closer.  For some time now Hazard is a project of mine.  I try to form an image of the town and the people that live there.  I intend to visit Hazard in a few years to find out if the image I have by then of Hazard has anything to do with reality.  You may wonder why Hazard.  I really have no good answer.  I found the town on the net and it attracted me."  Alexander Spoel, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

"Nice to hear your news again.  I listened to this station every morning for twenty-five years on my way to teaching school at Cumberland, KY."  Victor Morris, Tullahoma, Tennessee

"Keep up good work.  We all miss you Hazard."  Taylor Cornett, Cleveland, Ohio

"It's always good to hear from my home town.  The only time I am in Hazard is on Sunday for church services at United Christian Fellowship Church.  I don't miss none of the news thanks to WSGS on the Internet."  Timothy Morris, Mt.Sterling, KY   tmorrisw@bellsouth.net

"I was born in Mayfield and lived at Carr Creek thru my formative years.  I knew String Sparkman as a boy growing up at Carr Creek.  I enjoy the newscasts and the entire website.  It will always be home."  Donald Amburgey, Germantown, Ohio dja2-2@prodigy.net

"Enjoy the news.  Always good to hear from home.  Keep up the good work.  May God bless."  Samuel White, Paris Crossing, Indiana

" I like your Internet Radio.  It is good to get the home town news.  Thank you for it."  Conda Almond, Taylorsville, Indiana

"I enjoy listening to the news when I miss it."  Suzie White, Hazard, KY

"I have listened to WSGS-FM radio since about the fall of 1990.  I  wish I had listened to it sooner.  I would go out and listen to the car radio, sometimes up to about 3 am listening to singers like Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Don Williams and Dan Seals.  Anyway, keep playing Classic Country
songs.  I love the radio station.  Thanks."  Wayne Wright, Louisa, KY

"Wonderful."  Creda J. Isaacs, Deane, KY

"Really enjoy listening to the news from home.  I enjoyed my childhood there."  Pat Roberts Gayheart, Lorain, Ohio

"Enjoy very much."  Jimmy Clay, Cumberland, KY

"I grew up in Hazard, left in 1969, get back about twice a year.  No place like it anywhere." Mary Howard, Indianapolis, IN

"I grew up in Letcher County; up until recently I called Letcher County home.  Reflecting back on my childhood, I can remember that we would travel to Jeffersonville, IN (across the river from Louisville) to visit family, each time we would make that trip WSGS was the radio station which was on in the car and the signal was just as strong in Jeffersonvillle, IN as it was in Hazard, KY.  Since WSGS has been the occupant of button number 1 on my  car radio for years it's comforting to know that there are real people that do take the time to respond to there audience."  Ryan Adams, Morehead, KY

"It so nice to listen to WSGS on the Internet and get the news from my home town. Patricia A. Cornett, Lexington, KY

"I think it is wonderful that we can hear our Home Town news.  Now that I have found this web site I will be listening to you often.  It is good to hear the familiar voices.  Thanks From the Emery's, Sammy and Tee Jay Emery, Huron, Ohio

"It's nice to keep in touch with home."  Roger Cornett, Lexington, KY

"It's good to hear Hazard news.  I miss my hometown."  Esther McCall, Winamac, IN

"It's nice to keep in touch with home."  Roger Cornett, Lexington, KY

"Just keeping up with the hometown gossip  Thanks for being on line."  Evelyn Combs Cave City, Arkansas

"Still love to here from my home town.  I've been gone for about 14 years & I miss it so bad.  Still like to know what the weather is and what is going on.  Omega Chamberlain, Edwards Air Force Base CA

"I am a daily listener to WSGSFM and enjoy your newscasts very much.  Just to let you know that a friend of mine lives in Los Banos, California and she called me and told me that the San Francisco news had picked up the OxyContin Bust and she wanted to let me know that Hazard had hit the big time news.  I think what PAD has in mind is great and other counties should follow suite.  Keep up keeping me up on Hazard and its news.  Thanks."  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"I like to hear news about my home town."  Haven Smith, Canton, Ohio

"I am so very glad to find your site.  I will be listening often if not every day."  Nell (Howard) Bee, Hampton, VA  bugsie456@aol

"I enjoy listening to the news on the Internet.  My husband and I grew up in Perry County, and our children were also raised in Perry County.  Keep up the good work."  M. Begley   Corbin, KY

"All the oc news, but I would like to know if all these people are users.  Someone must be a supplier."  Don Deaton, Hazard, KY

"I sure do like your radio.  It is good to get the news from my home County." Conda Almond, Taylorsville Indiana

"WSGS keeps me informed all about our Owsley County basketball team."  Jason Smith, Owsley County

"Thanks for maintaining such a resource for those of us wishing to keep up with the news in Eastern Kentucky.  So far I've listened to the Perry County Central Girls basketball team while I was in Denver, Colorado and to the news by accessing it on the Internet from WSGS.com."  Ryan Adams, Richmond, Virginia

"As a former Hazard resident, it's nice to be able to log on and catch up on the events in the area.  Keep up the great work!"  Mel Sayers, Coeburn, Virginia

"I'm glad to have found this site.  I've missed WSGS's news since moving to Louisville."  Blanche Caudill, Louisville, KY

"Gee it sure is nice to hear my home town radio station.  The drug bust was no surprise.  It should have happened about five years ago.  One problem that Hazard has is arresting the drug dealers and users, then they get out after a few hours or as soon as they can pull strings or raise bail.  They go right back to using and selling.  I think the only thing that is going to help is to put them in a good drug rehab and keep them there until they are clean and cured.  When they have completed the rehab of 6 weeks, make it mandatory that they see a psychiatrist when called at random to take a urine or blood test to see if they are still using.  I am ashamed to hear on WBBM radio here in Chicago about the drug users and the crooked police force and other officials stealing drugs out of the jail lockers.  Chicago is a big city and Hazard is about even with this city when it comes to drugs.  I say cure them even if they don't want it and if that don't work, hurry with the new jail and make it big enough to hold half of Hazard and the surrounding cities.  I will be listening to you on the Internet since I keep my computer on all day 24,7."  Kathleen (Turner) Mchugh Chicago, IL. northwest side

"WSGS,  I have been waiting for you to get the 'live' broadcast back on the Internet.  I love to listen to my home town music and news.  I was born and raised in around Hazard.  I have been in Chicago now since 1956.  I get back to visit my son who lives there once a year at least.  I would love to hear the music again.  Sure do miss it."  Laura  Gayhart, Chicago, Illinois

"I think this site is an excellent tool of communication means.  It's easier for me to keep up with my home town and happenings.  Thanks a lot."  Denise Stacy  Pensacola, FL

"Love to hear about what's going on down home."  James Evans, Xenia, Ohio

"Born and raised in the mountains and love listening to the local news in Hazard from the Internet."  Alex Gayheart, Chicago, Illinois

"It is about time the police are stopping the drug dealers and abusers.  Drug use is destroying the lives of our children and our children's children."  Phyllis Mcintosh, Versailles KY

"I do enjoy your listening to your broadcast so please keep up the good work.  Thank you for it."  Alfred Fugate, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I always seem to miss the news on the radio.  This is a great idea.  I listened for the first time yesterday and will continue to go to the Internet for the news in the future."  Tammy Caywood, Hazard, KY

"Listened  for the first time today.  Very good.  I'll be back."  Charlene Combs, Texas

"I am a very proud listener of our local news team and listen every day.  Keep up the great work."  Betty Hurt, Bonnyman, KY

"I enjoy getting all of the news updates from my hometown and the surrounding area."  Gordon Patton, Avilla, IN

"Your Great!  Go WSGSFM radio."  Vetta, Booneville, KY

"I just like to surf the web listening to radio stations around North America."  Phil, Nottingham, UK 

"This is a great site!  Keep up the good work!"  Crystal Jent, Scuddy, KY

"Just to let you know that my day is not complete without tuning in WSGSFM and listening to hometown news and sports; visiting the websites and browsing to keep up with friends and family, and making connections with old classmates that I would never thought I would see or hear from again.  The Staff are to be highly commended in the work they are doing to keep out of town Hazardites feeling right at home."   Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

"I wish to thank my friend Irene Robinson that lives in Hazard for sending me this site.  I use to live in Hazard in the 60s.   I miss Hazard & the wonderful people there."  Alma Jean Moore, Leeds, Alabama

"I enjoy hearing news from Eastern Kentucky."  Brenda Ann, Danville, KY 

"I like listening to the ballgames on the radio because my little brother plays on Perry Central."  Alvin Harris, Nicholasville, KY

"I am originally from Hindman KY and whenever my family and I are down home I always program WSGS in my radio."  Jeffery Thacker, Kendallville, IN

"We are still trying to get our computer to connect.  We are so anxious to get the music from there.  We also would like to know is the daily news is available?  Thanks."  Jim and Nell Hollon, Ft.Myers, FL

"I really enjoy listening to WSGS FM."  Alvin Ritchie, Happy, KY

"We are still trying to get connected so that we can get the news like we do when we are at home in Wolfe County (May--October).  When do you broadcast Bluegrass Music?" Nell and Jim Hollon, Punta Gorda, FL

"WSGS is my favorite radio station. I love Country Music."  Susan Moore Ashley, Knott County

"We really enjoy listening to this program.  It is more informative than listening to your television or the radio.  Thank you."  Amanda Elam, Stanton, KY

"I remember listening to the Singing Miner 'coast to coast' on WKIC." Dexter J. Slone, Rolling Measows, IL

"I owe my radio career to Ernest Sparkman.  He gave me my start in about 73 or 74.  I have fond memories of being in Hazard, Ky.  I certainly do remember the city, the stations and everybody.  My mother's family is from Lothair, Perry County, KY.  Her name is Mary Loretta Riddle Brooks and she is now in Arizona.  I've been in Seattle for going on 14 years now and love the Northwest."  Randy Lundquist, Bothell, Washington

"I think WSGS is a great way to show people about Hazard."  Heather Stamper, Knott County

"My husband is from Kentucky and we enjoy listening to the news.  We would like to hear more about Letcher County."  Sandra Maxie, Marble Hill, GA

"This way I can stay in contact with home."  John Cornett, Newport, KY

"Hello, I've been asked by readers if there is an e-mail address at which fans can write get-well cards to Cawood Ledford. Can you help?  Thank you."  Bob Watkins, Glendale, KY

"I love the site. It's nice to check in on what's happening in Hazard. My mom, Goldia, spends the winters down here and loves to listen to the news everyday. She wishes the obituary column was included."  D.R. Johnson, Plant City, Fl

"I listen to WSGS all the time on the web.  I was raised in Leslie County and it's my way of keeping up what's going on at home."  Rick Melton, Morristown, TN

"I have been a fan of WSGS for many years and I can depend on this fine radio station for all the latest news weather and sports.  I'm 23 years old and I've never been able to find a better Country Station than this one.  I love WSGS."  Michael Barnes, Busy, KY 

"I am glad that WSGS is on the web.  This is the best thing that has happened to me for I was born in Letcher County, KY.  Keep up the good work."  Darrell Bentley, Cottondale, Alabama

"Thanks WSGS for a great radio station.  I just want to say it is great to get a little piece of home for us that live out of state. Keep up the good work and play more Bluegrass."  Charlie Conley of the White Oak Bluegrass Band, Kendallville, Indiana

"Thanks to your broadcast on the Internet, I no longer have to get off the net to listen to it. Thanks a lot, it is a great new improvement."  Rosa Couch, Saul, KY

"Can't wait to click on Friday evening when I get home from work in Tennessee."  Robert D Cornett, Dwarf, KY

"I grew up on Ball Creek and graduated from MC Napier High in 1972.  WSGS/WKIC was our primary source of news and entertainment in the pre-cable TV days, and it is great to be able to hear it again.  Keep on adding more text and audio content to your outstanding site.  Thanks for making it available."  John Graves, Bristol, Virginia

"I work for J and L Auto Sales and listen to WSGS daily at work."  Gary Fry, Artemus, KY

"First time on here and think I would love to hear the radio station all the time and make it a home page."  Dave, Corbin, KY

"We listen when we can.  Me and my husband are from Floyd County originally and we love to hear anything from back home."  Angie, Tennessee

"I listen to you guys and gals daily.  Hello Paula, Trish and all the others up there.  I work with Tim Reynolds at the Davidson Baptist Church at Grapevine, KY with the youth."  J.D. Farler, Chavies, KY

"Thank you, WSGS for reaching out to all our friends around the world.  Now they can actually see and hear why we are the cream of the crop.  I love Hazard and always will!  This is my home town and I am proud of it!"  Elizabeth Snyder Duncan, Hazard, KY

I Really like WSGS.  They play the best music."  Alvin Ritchie, Happy, KY

"I like your  Web Page.  Keep it up."  J.C. Bentley, Middletown, Ohio

"This is a great idea.  I enjoy listening to the news while working with the computer.  Now I know that my local news is just a click away."  Ericka, Perry County

"I love to read about home and see the pictures.  I try and come back every two years."  Lee Gibson Jr, Springfield, Illinois

"Really an interesting web site.  Good to hear the news from my hometown. I was trying to find information about the Hazard Bombers, when I found this site. Thanks for your efforts.  I know everyone who finds this site will be pleased.  Sure does bring back a lot of memories."  Phyllis Perkins Pitcock, Tompkinsville, KY

"This is my way of keeping in touch with the news and what's going on in my parents area and where I grew up only 45 minutes away in Whitesburg, KY."  Thomas A Fields, Indianapolis, IN

"I loved your site. I love history and the photos of Hazard were great.  I love seeing the old times when things were slower and people had more time for each other.  Hope you are having a great winter. We have had the most snowfall in Ontario for the month of December since the early 1880s - 74.5 inches has fallen on our area.  Its 10 above zero fahrenheit this am and a high wind chill of minus 22F and snowing and blowing.  Happy New Year.  Thanks for all the work and time you put into your excellent site."  Patricia Doherty- Brienesse, Ontario, Canada

"I like to listen to your station." Lenny, Somerset, KY

"I was born in Hazard and still have realatives living in Hazard.  It is wonderful to listen to your station and stay in touch."  Tim Sizemore, Dalevile Indiana

"I tune in when I can to hear some real Country Music and to hear the basketball games.  Thanks!"  Nancy Landrum, Lexington, KY

"Just found the site.  Absolutely outstanding.  Was born in 'Naper Holler,' Bonnyman in 1950 and graduated from M C Napier High School in 1969. I am currently serving in the Army at Fort Bragg, North Carolina (26 years so far).  This brings back fond memories. Thanks."  Col. Ronnie R. Roberts, Fort Bragg, NC

"I lived in Perry County many years and listen to the news daily.  Listening to your news broadcast now makes me feel at home.  Great job everyone.  Thanks."  E. Mullins, London, KY

"I was born and raised in Hazard."  Joe Turner, Brownstown, Indiana

"Really enjoy your station and news from down home!"  Jim Evans, Xenia, Ohio

"Enjoy hearing all the news from home.  We appreciate being able to receive this website."  Larry Bentley, Brookwood, Alabama

"When traveling through Ohio, we listened to your radio station.  Most enjoyable.  I played Bobby Benson of the B-B from 1951 to 1955 on Mutual Broadcasting System out of New York.  I joined the Navy after high school in 1959, and retired as a Chief Petty Officer in 1981.  We returned to my wife's hometown of Roanoke, Virginia and have lived here happily ever since."  Clive E. Rice, Roanoke, Virginia 

"My memories of WSGS are listening to all the basketball games you use to do and Jay Lasslo using all those vivid words, 'he yo-yos the ball', and calling the state tournament the 'dribble derby.'  But what I miss the most is the 'Talkback program' Charlie Wilson did.  Anyone remember the 'snake show' when old Charlie about met his maker?"  Anon, Hazard, KY

"I love this station!  I listen all of the time when I am going to and from work.  It gets boring listening to all of that elevator music that Wal-Mart plays.  Come see me at Wal-Mart!!  Thanks!" Andrea McIntyre, Viper, KY

"I like to listen to sports." Jody Neace, Breathitt County

"Always interested in Hazard."  Jimmie Couch, Warsaw, Ohio

"It's nice to be able to listen to hometown news."  Charlie Stamper, Morristown, TN

"My son lives in Jackson, KY and I listen to WSGS for local news and info. Thanks."  Gary Pelton, North Central Pennsylvania

"Born and raised there and like to hear the home town news and music."  Haven Smith jr., Canton, Ohio

"I really enjoy this sight!"  Mike Hollon, Hazard, KY

"Love it!"  Mary Ann Mullins, Hyden, KY

"Great radio station.  I listen all the time over the Internet."  Chuck Topinka, Belle Plaine, Iowa

"Keeps me up on the latest news, weather and sports."  Loretta Baker, Red Fox, KY

"Grew up in Hazard.  Enjoy keeping up on all the news.  Thanks for doing a great job."  Mary Porter, Bedford, IN

"WSGS was my favorite station in the late '70s and early '80s. I'm thrilled to be able to hear it now over the Internet." Kelly Kessler, Chicago, Illinois

"I have roots in south east Kentucky (Harlan Co) and have listened
to your station while traveling down KY Route 80 many times."  Fred Clem. Hilliard, OH

"The best.  Keep it up Hazard FM 101."  Randy Pam Holbrook

"Keep on keeping on." Ronnie Baker, Whitesburg, KY

"I enjoy listening to my home town news since my relocating to Indiana." 
Doug Griffith, Seymour, IN

"I love WSGS on the net.  I am so glad that I found this page."  Rose Anna Williams

"Hi!  Wanted to hear a little home."  Scott, Hudson, IN

"I sure enjoy hearing of all the great stuff happening in my hometown of Hazard.  Sure does bring back lots of great memories.  "Ira Clemons, Westfield, NC

Mark Catron, Auburn University - Alabama

"Been listening to some old clips. (Singing Miner)  My! What a treasury of memories preserved by WSGS.  Former Pike resident. (Through 1958)  Now living in Maryville, TN.  Keep up the good work."  Hal Damron, Maryville, TN 

"I love the Goodtyme Bluegrass Show every Monday night.  That Canadian guy sure plays some great Bluegrass music! I'm also glad that Dwayne guy is not there anymore - he talks too much!"  Ken Carriere, Prestonsburg, KY

"Just like to hear down home cooking."  Ernie Lawson, Ripon, California

"See ya' on the radio Hazard!"  Donna Reed, Bessemer, Alabama

"I will be in your city the first week of December.  I am simply checking things.  Thank you kindly!"  Richard Allen, Columbus, Ohio

"I was born and raised in Hazard, KY.  My father is Boyd Baker everyone knew him as Bake. He worked for the Hazard school system for many, many years." Vickie Baker Sargent, Parkersburg,WV

"I heard from a friend of mine from L.A. about your cool station and can't wait to listen to it!" Sorin Coste, Oradea, Romania

"I listened to your station when I was 8 years old and I listen to your station when I need to about  events and weather.  I also use the weather from Hazard when I travel to see my family on my trips to Perry and Leslie Counties.  You're not alone.  We are listening from over 450 miles away from the home of Purdue."  Bobby Fields, Lafayette, Indiana

"I'm glad I found your web sight.  I was  raised in Hazard, KY from the age of 10, lived on Lost Creek most of my life and I visit as often as I can. I like the music and news.  I listen to it on the Internet."  Kimberly Gayhart, Snellville, GA

"Very cool indeed, I love country music and it's a great station in general." Richard Gaynor, Sheffield, England

"Just surfing around and found this site! I was born in Hazard."  Ron, IN

"Great."  Gail Shell, Hyden, KY

"I listen to WSGS all the time."  Jack Duff, Hazard, KY

"Just found the web site and I enjoy it very much."  Loretta Baker, Red Fox, KY

"It is very nice to hear a voice from good old Kentucky.  I am from Wallins Creek.  I really miss the mountains and the people."  David Noe, Coedell, Oklahoma

"We are currently living in Chicago, but are originally from Hazard, you are still sounding great out here.  It's nice to have this available to us!"  Matthew and Faye Day

"Love the whole Hazard, Kentucky web site!"  Bobby Hurt, Birmingham, Al

"We love you from Middletown, Ohio."  Janice Reynolds

"I met the 'Big Dipper' in Laurel, MD and wanted to hear the Legend himself LIVE!"  Mike Phillips, Freeport, Illinois

"I listen to your station.  It's great.  I also want to say hey to all the Bowlings out there."  Glenna Reffitt, Richmond, Indiana

"I listen while I'm online."  Mary Westerfield, Walkertown, KY

"I like your station.  I was born in Hazard.  My daddy's name was Clayton Bowling.  I miss the hill's."  Glenna, Richmond, IN

"Thank you." James H. Keith, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I like it because I cant get this kind of news on my satellite dish.  It gives me a chance to listen to what is going on."  Vanessa, Hazard, KY

"Great - Now I can listen to my #1 station here in Southgate and not just when I'm in Williamsburg."  Jim Hill, Southgate, MI

"Thanks for bringing the news of Hazard and Perry County to the net.  I can now 'visit' any time I want to!"  Doris Marshall, Appalachia, VA

"Trish honey, you are a BABE FIRST CLASS.  You are far and away the best thing on WSGS.  From your friend and secret admirer!." Trish Stacy Admirer

"We just got on the net tonight to find the Rev. Cager McQueen.  He is Rosa's father. What a treat to hear him up here in Pennsylvania.  I am looking forward to listening to the Bluegrass on Monday night. I am a Bluegrass DJ and Emcee of B/G festivals as well. We will be listening to your station on our computer.  Keep up the good work!"  Denny & Rosa Bingaman, Shady Grove, PA  

"I like your Country Music."  Dianna Riddle, Slemp, KY

"Great web site with great info!"  Jennifer S. Noble, Hazard, KY

"I was born and raised around Hazard, KY. Moved here about 5 Years ago. There is nothing like good old Hazard and the radio stations. Keep on with all the good things you do."  Lera Feltner, Bowling  Green, KY

"Great site, especially the sports!"  Ken Jones, Jeffersonville, KY

"Just like to thank y'all for giving me a chance to hear something from home. It's always good to hear from someone in you home town."  Ishmael Dwayne Watts, Fort Bragg, NC (but still a Perry County boy)

"I listen to WSGS nearly every day while I am in my car.  It is a very good Country station."  Wilbur Combs, Decoy, KY

"I was looking for a station I could listen to Paul Harvey on the Internet and there you were.  You showed up on a Copernic search on HotBot; GO.com; Snap; and Fast Search in case you're interested."  Bryan Nyman, Dothan, AL

"I've been gone for 14 years, but not in my heart.  Love ya."  Betty Clemons Mason, Taylorsville, Georgia

"Just writing from Cincinnati to let you folks at the station know that I listen to your broadcast everyday from my work desk. I thoroughly enjoy the mix of country greats of the past and present. Even though I am only 26, I enjoy hearing lots of songs from the country legends.  Keep it up."  Bruce Horsley, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have been in the Air Force for 15 years, and I grew up on Asher Kentucky and loved WSGS when I was a young man.  Please keep up the good work."  John E. Howard, Ladson SC.

"Nice to be able to hear you Faron in Florida."  Shirley Noble, Palm City, Florida

"Hello from Texas.  My name is Tammy Sue James and I just found your station through one of our egroup lists here in Texas.  They talk highly of your station because you play true Country Music."

"Good Country Music over the Net especially the 'After Midnight radio show.'" Pierre Besson, Geneva-Switzerland 

"Good station all day and all night long."  Roger L. Shepherd, Happy, KY

"Great to hear from a place I called home 40 years ago."  Everett Baker, Troy, Ohio

"Who knew that you'd be able to listen to 'Coal Country' music in the Motor City!  This brings back memories of listening to WSGS while on family vacations to Leslie County."  George Lewis, Detroit, Michigan

"Just recently moved to Ohio and would love to listen to my home town news."  Carolyn, Cincinnati, Ohio

"My family is from around there and I find it interesting to hear what is going on in that part of the world.  I think that is great." Wilma Homsey, Oklahoma

"Hello from Tennessee!"  Robin Hurst, Spring City, TN

"Hi to all the friends in the graduating class of 1953 at Hazard High."  Connie Pickett Caldwell Hartford, IL

"Joe Back is a personal friend of mine and I really enjoy the way he calls a ballgame! He is the man! I don't know what you pay him but its not enough. We miss him calling the Blackcats!"  Robert Vicars, Prestonsburg, KY

"Glad to find this web site." Debbie Caudill, Viper, KY

"I just got connected with RealPlayer yesterday, so I'm checking things out!  I am very impressed!"  Teena L. de Grandpre Racine (Quebec) Canada

"Love your station.  I live in Grantsville, W. Va.  Love the format.  I can't pick it up all the time on the radio but I can online."  Randy Ball

"Super site. Thank you for the down home news and all the great links.  Keep up the good work."  Leon Blair, Columbus, Ohio

"Keep up the good work. I am a daily listener."  Betty Hurt, Bonnyman, KY

"I am originally from Barbourville, KY.  I moved away 16 years ago.  I miss the people and music very much.  What a surprise when I found your station on the Internet.  I truly love it and listen to you every chance I get.  I don't get to come home very often, but listening to your station makes me feel like I'm home.  Thanks for the good times."  Vickie, McDonough, Georgia

"I am so glad that you broadcast over the Internet.  I am a native of Evarts in Harlan County.  I listen to you all the time.  It is so hard being up here because I am such a die hard Kentucky football and basketball fan and I never get to watch them being up here.  Thanks to you I can listen to them though."  Jason Napier, Akron, Ohio

"Glad I found your web sight.  I am a country girl.  I was born and raised in around Hazard.  I came to Chicago in 1956 but never forgot the  mountains.  I go back as often as I can.  I love to hear the news and music.  Keep up the good work.  I listen to your news and music on the  web sight."  Laura Gayhart, Chicago, Illinois  

"Just wanted to let you know, that I picked up WSGS/101.1 today in my car here in Akron, Ohio."  Tim Davisson

"Hi!  I just found you on the Internet and I listen to you while I'm surfing.  I'm a born and raised Kentucky boy myself.  I've been living in Europe for three years touring around with my band 'Stars 'n Bars' playing country music to thousands of European country fans.  Thanks, and KEEP IT COUNTRY!"  Larry Thomas, Heidelberg, Germany

"I like listening to more Country Music."  Derek, Hazard, KY

"It was on WSGS that I first heard one of my songs on the radio.  After I had come to Hazard, I recorded three songs with Charlie Louvin and played on the Grand Ole Opry.  I thank you for what you have done for me.  When I am in Kentucky I always listen to you.  You can always hear real country and bluegrass there.  I am in Phoenix Arizona today.  The last time I was there I heard someone tell of your website, so on this hot Sunday here, you crossed my mind and I looked you up.  I will check out all your links about Hazard and people of East Kentucky.  I'm glad there is a station that stands for music that tells a story."  Kenny Isaacs, Sand Gap, KY

"Thanks a lot for putting all the new info about what's going on in our surroundings!" Brittney, Hazard, KY

"I love this web site.  Hope to see more like these in the future."  Tammy Fields, Lynch, KY

"I enjoy listening to the news online.  I can listen and work on the Internet at the same time." Cindy Day, Busy, KY

"Just gimme that Paul Harvey! Thanks."  Stuart Krantz, Parkland FL

"You all do a good job keep it up."  Dan Hurley, London, KY

"I like your music."  Anthony Mullins, Lost Creek, KY

"A big hello to Faron Sparkman." Paul Lunsford, Lexington, TN

"I really like getting the free market on the net."  Selena Miller

"I have sent this Internet address to all our family who now live across the U.S. enabling them to keep up with their hometown happenings."  Jennifer  Jones, Dice, KY

"The best station that I know of.  You all keep up the good work.  Sure do like listening to the morning show.  God bless you all."  Tom Fraley, East Point, KY

"Better then anything in metro area."  Irwin Blumen, Aterson, New Jersey

"Very good web site.  I listen to the news everyday over WSGS.  It comes in better than the local stations."  Dan Hurley, London KY

"Keep up the good work."  Georgia Whitaker, Youngs Fork Of Lotts Creek

I listen to WSGS 'live' and to the recorded messages.  I also check out the Free Market listings.  I love this site."  Carla Hoskins, Wooton, KY

"I really enjoy your station via the net.  Would you also be kind enough to play a special song for my grandmother on her birthday on September 17th?  Her name is Callie Halcomb of Linefork.  Thank you and have a great day."  
Donna Schooler, Cumberland Gap, TN  

"I listen to the UK football games on your station - thank goodness I found you.  I also look forward to hearing UK basketball when that season arrives.  Thanks for the service."  Anne Bordy, Norwalk, CT

"I left Knott County when I was 12.  Now I go back everyday."  Wesley Francis, Laporte, IN

"Excellent mix of music!  As a native of Virginia, it is good to have access to 'East Coast' tradition.  Just another reason to be on line."  Keep up the good work!"  Bill Fabry, Santa Cruz, California

"It is great to be able to listen to a little bit of home.  I hardly ever get away from work to come home, so this is what I have left of Hazard. Born and raised there I love it. I listen on the internet 800 miles away.  Keep up the good work.  Tonya Noble, Michigan's Upper Peninsula

"This is great!"  Zach Watts, Hindman, KY

"Just want to give a 'shout out' to all my friends in Hazard.  I live in Leslie County now and still work in Hazard but don't get to talk to everyone as much.  Hope all my old buddies are doing good.  I am proud to be a 'good ole country gal'.  Cowboys rule."  Cindy Day, Busy, KY

"I am so very happy to be able to keep in touch with my hometown.  I have been away for 10 years and this is the first time I have been able to keep in touch through the radio.  Thanks a lot."  Janet Combs, Lexington, KY 

"I have lived in Perry County all of my life and now I have moved to Frankfort to work but love to hear Hazard.  It makes me feel like I am back home.  I miss Hazard and all of my friends."  Len Holbrook, Frankfort, KY

"I love the mix of old and new!  Oh yeah, you can play as much Tom T. as you want!  Thanks."  Bryan Horsley, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Thanks for keeping me in touch with life in the mountains.  It lets me know I always have something to come home to."  Kendra Cornett, Cherry Point, NC

"I've started listening to WSGS today.  I'm very happy I can keep track of the home town area.  Words can not explain the calming effect of being in the know."  Betty Clemons Mason, Taylorsville Ga.

"I lived in Perry County for most of my childhood. I still think of it as my home.  I love listening to your station. Keep up the good work."  Helen Turner, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

"Just new at this.  Hope I do all things right so I can hear you." Johnny Joyner, Jacksonville, FL

"I love this station and the format. Started listening online and believe it or not I can actually listen on the radio. I know you're a long ways away but I can pick it up. Love it. Keep it up."  R. Ball, Grantsville, W.Va.

"It is great!"  Paul Combs, Combs, KY

"I like your broadcasts on Sunday."  Lenny McCall, Somerset, KY

"I really enjoy listening to the station. I listen mostly all day Sunday because I like a lot of the preaching."  Brian Shoemaker, Winchester,  KY

"Keep it up."  Tim Surer, Smilax, KY

"I love the music and news."  Aubrillia Watts, East Main Street, Hazard, KY

"I listen every day.  Keep up the good work."  Wayne Holder, Stanton, KY 

"Love to listen and read your updates."  Ouida Centers, Bonnyman, KY

"This was really wonderful finding this on the Internet.  I was born and raised in Perry county, went to grade school at Robinson Elementary, went to M.C. Napier for 2 years and my family had to move.  I have been in South Carolina for 14 years now and miss home very much.  If any one reading this knows me, please email me and let me know how you are doing."  Tessie (Fugate) White, Mcbee, SC

"I listen to WSGS over the Internet.  Your radio broadcast is great.  Your station is exactly what I have been looking for and can't find on North East Country radio stations.  Please don't change a thing!"  Ernie Labbe, Massachusetts

"I really enjoy your broadcast. Better than the big city stuff."  Gary Baranzini, Pleasanton, CA

"I love listening to the station.  I also have relatives that live in the area there.  It is interesting to listen to things 300 miles away."  John Philpot, New Paris, Ohio

"I am from Kentucky and it's cool to listen to a good Kentucky radio station from 1000 miles away.  It's almost like a small part of KY is here in Orlando with me."  Brian M., Orlando, FL

"We love this radio station.  Makes us feel at home. Thank you all so much for being on here."  Martha S. Barker,  Commiskey, Indiana

"Hey you all are the best at WSGS."  Terry,  East Kentucky

"Nice, well put together site. Looks like a nice town to visit."  Tim De Caire, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

"Greetings from the other side of the big pond.  Enjoyed the music very much.  Keep up the good work!"  Camille Janszen, Zeewolde, Flevoland The Netherlands (Holland)

"My first logon. Cheers." Geoffrey T. Blackford, Manchester, England

"Hi folks! I keep listening to you on the net and now you are my number one.  Great kisses from the land of blue sky."  Diego Borlizzi, Rivalta di Torino, Italy

"Great news format.  I loved the web site and have given it to all my out of state friends who want to know a little about the 'real Hazard KY.' "  Larry Cole,  local Airplane Driver, Instructor, Mechanic,  Hazard, KY

"Thanks for a trip into the past with the old photos... Ah yes, the good old days."  Ron Ruiter, Muskegon, MI

"I am from Hazard I graduated from M.C. Napier in 1982.  This web site and live link keeps me in touch with home."  Vicki Burke, Coldwater, Michigan

"I listen to WSGS news & live. I really enjoy your programs."  Helen Turner, Lawrenceburg, IN

"Ken Carriere rocks. What a great host. Love his show."  Hugh Hannesson, Connecticut"

"I'm originally from Linefork in Letcher County and I enjoy your bluegrass shows."  Kirk Cornett, Richmond, KY

"Great programming.  Love the Bluegrass on Monday nights."  Ted Honaker, Pikeville, KY

|"I like your Bluegrass on Monday nights.  Thanks."  John Dubose,  Pelion, SC.

"Love Bluegrass and Country.  Just found you and will always have you on my computer."  Tonie and Jerry, Denham Springs, Louisiana

"I listen to your Bluegrass show every Monday usually on my way back from Lexington to Bell County.  Keep On Kicking Grass!"  Chris Parks, Middlesboro, KY

"You are all the way up here.  You are doing just fine."  June Stout Sexton, Richmond, MI.

"I always listen to WSGS when camping at the Red River Gorge. Now that I have found you on the web, I can listen anytime.  Thanks."  Carl K. Johnson, Moscow, Ohio

"Please play a lot more of the old country music. When country was country"  John Fox, Hillsboro, KY

"I love to hear the Classic Country."  Tram, KY, (Floyd County) Myrl Baker

"I recently moved away from Hazard a year ago and this is how I keep in touch with my Hometown."  Stacey Campbell, Tipp City Ohio

"Excellent Web Site."  Doug Holliday, Hazard, KY

"I am from Squabble Creek.  I left Kentucky and joined the Marines.  WSGS is like a voice from home."  Jackson Spurlock, Vandalia,Ohio

"I  love your station."  David Epperson, Combs, KY

"I love the site!  Great Job!"  Karen McKenzie, Bulan, KY

"This is a cool web page.  I really like the chat room here.  We just moved back to Hazard.  it's good to be back home."  P.C.  Hazard, KY 

"It has been great to discover WSGS on the Internet.  I am originally from Viper, graduated from Dilce Combs in 1968.  Have family there and enjoy listening to the news."  Lois (Caudill) Williams, Alcoa, Tennessee

"I worked in Hazard as state police dispatcher, transferred to Hazard prior to the 1957 flood and worked with Ernest Sparkman during the flood and all other major floods.  Also worked with, and a good friend of, Virgil Walton Napier. I retired in '89, now living in Richmond.  I Listen to WSGS daily to keep up the latest on what is going on in and around Hazard.   I receive WSGS good here.  Keep up the good work. Cleatis Holbrook, Richmond, Kentucky

"Just discovered your station on the Internet."  Jeff Smallwood, Memphis, Tennessee

"I listen to your broadcast at home on my computer and love it."  Melina Brock, Hyden, KY

"Friend told me of the site."  S. H. Horton, Louisville, KY  

"I was born and raised in the area till I was 15.  I come back there at least 2 or 3 times a year.  Keep up the good music."  Sandra Lightsey, Odessa, Texas

"Excellent news broadcasting."  Rachel Johnson, Grapevine, KY

"Great station.  Always lots of good music.  My family has listened to WSGS for many years."  Scott Britton, Annville, KY

"I am formerly of Perry County.  I visited there recently & was listening to your station. I'm really excited to know that you have a website.  I plan to tune in to your station frequently. I will enjoy your news programs."   Helen Turner, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

"Good station."  Lenny Mccall, Somerset, KY

"Wanted to say Hi.  Miss being in Hazard." Tim Hazlette, Frankfort, KY

"The only station I have found that still plays the Classic Country."  Kenneth Hughes, Jenkins, KY

"Love it!"  Wendell Smith, Stinnett, KY

"I love to listen to news."  Jody Neace, Jackson, KY

"Enjoyable listening." Kathaleen Godsey, Hazard, KY

"I've lived here in Hazard all my life. I grew up listening to this station and find that in the mornings it is a ritual that I have accumulated. I enjoy every aspect of the station."  Wendy Pridemore, Hazard Community College

"Keep up the good work." Arnold Branson Jr., Vicco KY

"I don't get to listen to the news at work.  I'm glad I get to hear it on the net." Samantha White, Hazard, KY (Grapevine)

"I am so glad to find a 'local' radio station that I can access on the Web. Thanks. I listen online in the office." Sheila Combs, Wise, Virginia

"I will always remember Combs until I die.  I like your website."  Henry Banks, Elyria, Ohio

"I found this from a link on the Steel Guitar Forum. Look forward to listening in." Joe Barlow, Suffolk VA

"I get you on the Internet."  Storm Banjos, Lexington, KY

"Keep up the good work WSGS. I listen everyday." Angela Stacy, Hazard, KY

"Great site."  Shawna Brashear, Viper, KY

"I moved from Kentucky in 1964. I have been on the Internet for 5 months. I really love listening to your station because it brings back so many memories. I feel like I'm back in Kentucky when I listen to your broadcast. I really miss all the good times I had as a child. Kentucky will always be my home no matter where I go." Anonymous

"I really love listening to your station because it brings back so many memories.  I feel like I'm back in Kentucky when I listen to your broadcast. I really miss all the good times I had as a child.  Kentucky will always be my home no matter where I go."  Anonymous

"I listen to WSGS when and if I have the time.  I try to make it a part of my day."  Jo Baker, Chavies, KY  

"Love  the  'Crazy  Friday'  shows."  Kelly R. Campbell, Lost Creek, KY

"Good Job."  June Bug, Richmond, MI

"Thanks."  Mary Cobb, Lorain Ohio

"Love this site."  Carol Mullins, Cleveland, Ohio

"Love to listen to WSGS."  Jerry, Hazard, KY

"Just found your radio station. I live in New Jersey but my family is from Hazard, Lost Creek to be exact."  Brenda Goins, Pennsville, NJ
"A first time listener here from New Zealand in the South Pacific."  Dave Pedersen Whitby, Wellington; New Zealand.

"I have a son there and listen to see what's happening over there in Hazard."  Rambler, Corbin, KY

"I listen to WSGS every chance I get and I love it very much so keep up the good work."  Bobby Holland, Thousandsticks, KY

"I usually do not listen to the news on the Internet but quite recently I really have been.  Thank you so much for having such a wonderful radio station for me to listen to."  Audrey Hamblin from Lotts Creek in Knott County

"My Father was a coal miner at South East Coal Company, Seco, KY."  John Nichols, Indianapolis, IN

"I enjoy listening to the news daily on WSGS and the photos are great to view.Keep up the GOOD work."  Jim Byrge Seymour, Indiana

"Hi to all my friends on the Goodtyme hour.  I listen to all your shows down here at West Liberty KY.  Love you all."  Hurl Bates

"I listen to 101.1 all the time.  I'm new to the net, but love it."  Roger Shepherd, Happy, KY

"I listen to WSGS on the Internet."  Darlene Luttrell, Medora, Indiana

"Hi to everyone in Eastern Kentucky.  I live in Beattyville, just down the road from you all.  I listen to your station all the time, even at work.  You all do a great job.  Keep up the good work."  Robbie, Beattyville, KY        

"I'm from Viper, now living in Florida. The Singing Miner was a friend of my mothers. Love your station." Debbie Campbell

"I was born in the first house at the mouth of Jacklot holler. I can`t get WSGS with my WebTV but I'll be tuning it in when I visit Hazard."  Lamar Davidson, Cincinnati, Ohio

"From a former employee of yours when it was known as the BMG Broadcasting Corp.  After spending 5 years at WCKY in Cincinnati, 13 years at the Lexington Army Depot, 18 years at the Army Missile Command in Huntsville, Ala.  I retired from civil service in 1989 and returned here 5 years ago.  Now living in Combs, KY."  Yancey Bowling

"Hi all! I am in upstate New York (unfortunately). Great music! I just stumbled on it. Thank god for the surround sound!!! They have a few Country stations here but they are terrible and no one plays Bluegrass. Your station is the best. Thank God for the Internet!" Amy, New York.

"I was born in Harlan KY, spent my childhood there. Your site brings back some memories. Also great music." Roy Jones, Willcox, Arizona.

"Hi, my name is Pat Diemer. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana"

"I was in Salyersville last night and I tuned in to your station.  I was glad to hear that you could listen on the Internet, because I live in Lexington.  I love your classic country format mixed with the new songs!  Thanks for playing them."  Anonymous

"I am originally from Hyden, KY.  I joined the Army almost 11 years ago after graduating from LCHS and now live in New York with my family.  I haven't forgotten about you, WSGS!  Thank you for posting on-line for those 'misplaced Kentuckians.' "  Mistie Morgan-Tatro, Victor, New York

"Great to be able to listen to Hazard radio again after all these years."  Robert Taulbee, Elkhart, IN

"Keep up the good work!"  Herbert Williams, Wooton, KY

"Great job!"  Marilyn Kistner, Hyden, KY

"I listen 'live' on the Internet from Charleston WV."  W.W. Rose

Al Hrytsak,  Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

"This is my first time listening to WSGS ever.  I am from Cynthiana, Kentucky, lived there from 1972 to 1996.  Have been living here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the past 3 1/2 years.  I miss the east coast and the beautiful state of Kentucky.  By the way I have an uncle named Garland Farmer, he is from Perry County.  He has a brother named Tracy Farmer.   Have you ever heard of them?"  Thomas Whalen

"I often hear WSGS on my FM tuner with a rooftop antenna in downtown Indianapolis.  We'll be in Buckhorn for the Spurlock family reunion this weekend. We listen to WSGS for the weather forecast before comin' home."  Anonymous

"I like WSGS on Friday when it get a little crazy!"  P.C. Campbell, Lexington, KY

"We love the news, free market and Crazy Fridays with Windy Bagwell and the Big Green Huey."  Allen Wooten and family

"I like that song, Green Huey. Will you tell me where I can find it on the Internet?"  Gary, Hyden, KY

"Need more of your great music up north.   There's just one country station in this state!"  Ellie Jimenez, Waterbury, Connecticut

"I was born & raised in Leslie County on Rockhouse. I now live in Fairborn, Ohio and I just found WSGS a few days ago. It really takes me back home. Keep up the good work." Ivory Montgomery

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen to radio from my home state.  I was born and raised in Kentucky and departed in 1954 for a military career. I now live in San Antonio, Texas."  John Vernon

"I am from Dublin Ireland and love Country Music."  John Holly

"Hello all you WKIC hams."   Doug Slough, Wytheville, VA

"I live in Michigan, but call East Kentucky home. I have just found WSGS on line, and love it.  No where else can I hear 'Country Music.'  What is played on the so called country stations is not country music.  Thank you for being there."  V. Banks Taylor, Michigan

"I was thrilled that WSGS is on the internet 24/7. I listen at home and work.  Thanks!"  Ed Sigmon, Hickory, NC

"Good job."  Russell Broughton, Gray, KY

"Fantastic sound!"  Debbie Ousley, Prestonsburg, KY  41653

"I have listen to the Free Market, mornng talk show and the Ark for the last  25 years."  Russell Broughton, Gray, KY

"Like to listen to news back home.  I listen to WSGS 'live' at 5:00 p.m.  I was born in Hazard but lived mostly in Letcher County. My brother Wayne listens to WSGS at work.   He listens to your station until about 3:30 a.m.  Thanks from 5000 miles away."  Danny, Hilo, Hawaii

"I listen to WSGS on the Internet.   I was was raised in Knott County and went to the old Hindman High School through l968.  I graduated from Jessamine County High School, Nicholasville, KY and joined the Navy in June l969.  I retired from Navy in July 1995.  My mother's family are all from the Hazard area.  My mother passed away in 1982 and I visit her gravesite about once a year since retiring from the Navy. Presently, I work for a Defense Contractor at Naval Sea Systems Command, Arlington, Va.  I live in Springfield, Va. about 20 miles from DC. although Eastern Kentucky will always be my home."  Fred Clem, Springfield, Va.

"Love to listen to WSGS radio."   Delores Amburgey, Hindman, KY

"I like your choice of country.  Most of the other stations play the modern 'sound alike' singers."  Charles E. Abel, Big Cove Tannery, PA

"I found your station on Monday night about 6 weeks ago and caught your
Bluegrass portion. I since listen most of the time I'm on the road, especially on Monday nights. I really appreciate your Classic Country."  Tom Harney, Somerset Ky.

"I am from Buckhorn, Kentucky and I listen to WSGS every week. I love Bluegrass music.  It can't get any better that this, Keep up the good work!  Shirley McIntosh

"Love your page!  Enjoy your station, too."  Rebecca Derossett, Dir., Floyd Co. Chamber of Commerce, Prestonsburg, KY

"I was introduced to this sit by a very good friend from Hazard."  Elwyn Jones, Beaumaris YNYS Môn LL58 8HE United Kingdom

"I am from Hazard, KY and have really enjoyed all the information from home."  Barbara H. Combs, Lexington, KY

"I'm originally from Leslie County but I live in northern Indiana and I enjoy listening to WSGS-the radio station from "back home'."  Russell Begley Sr.

"I live in Northeast Illinois, so I listen on the web. You just can't get that East KY sound anywhere else."  Levi Patrick II

"It sounds like my kind of local news station."  Eugene Evans, Jr., Paducah, KY

"While searching on the Internet, I came across your site.  I'm originally from Hazard and hearing familiar voices made me feel close to home.  Your site is now listed as one of my favorites.  Thank You!  I'm currently living in Chesapeake, Virginia."   

"I'm listening from Joshua Tree California.  Audio quality is excellent."  Dana Sprague

"While driving through your beautiful state on the way to the Final Four, we heard a great morning show on your local FM country station." George, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

"Nice page and it's good to know we can listen to the 'Adventure' even if we are out of range.  However, you come in clear as a bell in Irvine and Lexington too!"   Ted McIntosh, Irvine, KY 

"I moved from the Hazard area, Cornettsville, in 1988. It is really great to hear the great WSGS via the Internet.  The signal sounds great.." Anonymous. 

"It is great to listen to WSGS News from Somerville, Ohio.   Great job - keep up the good work.  Great to hear from back home." Donald & Louvonn Lewis

"Great site.  I was born and raised in Hazard.  Anyone remember me?" Susan Moore Ashley, Littcarr, KY

"Great web site - great way for people to stay in touch with the mountains.   Anyone remember me?  If so send me some mail." Randall "Spanky" Deaton, Hazard, KY

"This site is really great. I think what you guys did for Tommy Kelly was really nice. I have listened to WSGS for as long as I can remember.  It is a great station."  Rosemary Cottongame Rowe, Letcher County.  

"Great Web Page."  Tiny Holland, Lexington, KY

"We really enjoy listening to the news on the Internet.  It's almost like being back home.  We are living in Cleveland Ohio."  Carol Mullins Pittman, Jason Mullins and Melissa Whitaker

"Enjoy your news. It's a real learning experience. Is there some way we can listen to WSGS live from Honolulu, Hawaii?

"I'm originally from Prestonsburg, KY, now living in suburban Washington D.C. and it is really good to be able to hear some news from home." Sammie W.Wells

"This is a first class website, and listening to WSGS on the Internet is well worth it. Vaughn Martin Ogrosky, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I spend a lot of time here. It's the only way I have to get the news back home." David Collinsworth, Franklin,Ohio"

"Coming in loud and clear in Hardy, Arkansas!"  Bob and Donna Reed

"I try to listen to the Hazard news everyday.  I really enjoy your broadcast!"  Annette Creech Franck Celina Ohio

"Hello from Newport, KY. My name is Mike Cornett from Fourseam and Glomar and just found your website and really enjoy it, so keep it up."

"I listen daily." Sheila Reaves Gorham, Meridianville, Alabama.

"Great to be able to hear home town radio."  Bert Colwell (Old Kentucky Miner), Fort Walton Beach, Florida

"We are a long way from Perry County but hearing the news on the internet keeps us informed on whats happening in Hazard."  Bill Campbell, Anchorage, Alaska

"Hello from Newport, KY.  My name is Mike Cornett from Fourseam and Glomawr and I just found your website and really enjoy it, so keep it up."

"Enjoy keeping in touch with our hometown."  Peggy and Bob Hardy, Palm City, Florida

"It's great to get the local Hazard news." Eugene Goss, Plano, Texas"

"I enjoy catching up on hometown news." Carl Johnson, Moscow, Ohio

"Nice to hear news from Hazard and Pikeville." Delmon Short, Broadview Illinois

"I enjoy hearing news from my hometown." Ruth New, Shepherdsville, Kentucky

"I listen to the Hazard News often. I live in southwest Virginia & have lived many places but there's no place like the "coal fields of southeastern KY", Brenda Madden 

"Enjoy listening to the news very much. I have been gone from Hazard 12 years now. The news broadcasts seems as if I am sitting right there at home. Hazard will always be my hometown."  Coby Woods, Maryville, Tennessee

"I really enjoy your website.  I spend a lot of time here.   Its the only way I have to get the news back home."  David Collinsworth, Franklin,Ohio

"My name is Owen Bates from Winchester, Indiana and I just found your website.  It sure is nice to hear from down home. I am originally from Letcher County. Good job."

"We are originally from Eastern KY, myself from Letcher County and my husband, from Knott County.  We were so glad to find this website so that we could listen to the things going on around our home towns.  Thanks so much.  We are hearing you in Ellijay, Georgia."

"We always start our day listening to the news.  Thanks for the great service.  Steve @ AHC Computers.

"I like to hear the Hazard news. It’s great." Velvet Shuffler, Hallie, KY

"WSGS FM is loud and clear in Charlotte, NC on the Internet. First class job, y'all." V.M. Ogrosky

"Love the site and being able to listen on the net.  I am up in Northern KY now, but still fondly remember my days driving around virtually any place in East KY listening to WSGS."

"It is great to see and hear WSGS on the net, always ahead of the curve.  Good job.  Thanks."  Bernie Faulkner, Hazard, KY.

"We listen to the daily news to learn what's going on.  We have friends, and family there.  We live in St. Cloud, Florida."

"It makes me feel like I'm sitting right in Hazard listening to the news." Eric Combs, Jonesborough, Tennessee.

"It's good to be able to listen again."  Tim England, Smyrna, Tennessee

"I listen to your broadcast each day."  Al Owens, Frankfort, Kentucky

"Thanks so much for bringing the voices of home to those of us who are prevented from tuning in by distance."  Melanie Whitaker, Seattle, Washington.

"I like your web site, especially the message board! Yes, I do listen to WSGS news online! Thanks, for this service! It really is just that!"  John Earl Goff, Jr., Hazard, KY

"Love to hear the local news about home." Stanley Surber, Killeen, Texas

"Keep up the good work."  James Whitaker, Richmond, Kentucky

"It's good to keep up with what's happening in the mountains." Lewis Morris,
Maynardville, Tennessee

"This is really great.  I had no ideal you guys were up on things so well. Great job.  Keep up the good work."  Tim Fugate, Hindman Ky.

"It's nice to be able to keep up with what's going on in Perry County from where ever I am."  Greg Heimann, Louisville, Kentucky

"I like the news." Sam White, Paris Crossing, Indiana

"Thank you for your site.  I sure love to here the news and I'm glad to be able to receive live broadcast from Hazard.  Thank you again.  I'm in Nancy, KY."

"We really like to listen to the broadcast." Thomas & Dale Engle, Whitesburg, Georgia.

"I listen to WSGS on the Internet.  I'm originally from Perry Co., KY.  I now live in Alexandria, Ky. (Campbell County)

"I enjoy listening to happenings in surrounding counties.  I think this is the greatest site ever."  Bernadette Walker, Hyden, KY

"I really enjoy the local newscasts." Bob Hawkins, Edinburgh, Indiana

"Love being able to keep up with the news in Hazard." Coby Woods, Maryville, Tennessee

"I enjoy keeping up with news." Mike Wilson, Denver, Colorado

"It's great to listen to the local news in Hazard." Jim Byrge, Seymour, Indiana

"It's wonderful to be able to continue learning about the happenings in and around Hazard." Dana Lewis, Shelbyville, Kentucky

"Imagine my surprise to hear WSGS piping through my speakers live, while I sit here just outside the Seattle city limits and miss my family and friends of Hazard! Thank You!" Melanie Whitaker, Seattle, Washington

"Hello from Anchorage Alaska, good to see what's going on in Hazard through your website, keep it up." Bill Campbell

"I am a Hazard native. I have been away for some time and am currently in law school at the University of Dayton, in Dayton, OH. It is very nice to hear a familiar voice from home from time to time. You guys are great." Brian Fugate

"I enjoy listening to the programs from Hazard and Eastern Kentucky on the Internet. Keep up the great work. From Downtown Dacula, Ga." Charlie Speaks

"I love listening to WSGS News! Makes me feel a little closer to my Hazard hometown!" Nadine Waddell - Columbus, Ohio

"Just finished listening to Hazard Newscast. Put me right on the spot although listening from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Enjoy it all. Thanks a Million." Ida Lee Hansel

"Even though I have always lived in Southern Indiana, I have both friends and relatives that live in Perry and many of the surrounding counties. Without your website, any news I would get from the area would be from the former sources. What a great source of information you are offering to those of us that can't always be in Hazard." Linda Fox-Gabbard, Southern Indiana

"It is so very good to check on the news happenings. I live in Central Florida but am from Letcher County. I can check on the weather and see how cold it is for my mom and dad. It makes me feel closer to home each time I check in with you." Judy, Florida

"It is great to hear from back home. Keep up the good work. This is great." Donald & Louvonn Lewis, Somerville,Ohio

"It's so nice to be able to hear the Hazard news daily. Makes it feel as though I'm not so far away." Vanessa Ritchie, Bellview, Florida

"I'm listening to your newscast right now. Beautiful clarity. Thank you for bringing Hazard to the desert." Joe Dan Gorman, Tucson, Arizona

"I am delighted to finally hear WSGS again." Carol Mullins, Cleveland, Ohio

"I love to listen to the news from your website." Joy Rudd, West Liberty, KY

"Sounds like home. It makes me happy to listen." Pete Davidson, Lansing, Michigan

"I miss the hills of home and you guys remind me very much of East Kentucky." Mike Flack, San Antonio, Texas

"Your web site is great. Thanks for helping me know what goes on in Hazard." Nikki Sparkman, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Love the newscasts." Ronny Wagner, Bayside, New York

"I think this is wonderful. I live in Bradenton, Florida. It is great to get the news from back home"

"I tune into the news here each morning because I am desperately homesick." Tammy Lynch, Dayton, Ohio

"I'll be checking in on this site from time to time for sure." Peyton Watts, Vicenza, Italy

"Living down here in Texas - I appreciate having another way to keep up with what's going on back home." Patrick Humphrey, Houston Texas

"Yes I listen to WSGS." Juanita Engle Brown, Pleasanton, Kansas

"I have not missed a newscast on the net for the last month." Dwayne Dobson, Hebron, Indiana

"I enjoy listening to your fine local newscast in real audio." Robert O' Connor, Alberta, Canada

"It's nice to hear the news from home." Gary McIntyre, Anchorage, Alaska

"Good to see I can still get news from Hazard via the WSGS website." Chris Mann, Pleasanton, Texas

"I have uncles in Arizona who can now listen to and keep up with local happenings." Lisa Delk, Sassafras, Kentucky

"My name is Julia Deaton. I live in Maryland and myself and friends get together every Saturday night and listen to your broadcast live on the net.I listen during the week also. It's a great station so keep it up. Thank you." Julia Deaton and friends

"I was so thrilled to be able to visit Hazard without having to board a plane or drive 800 miles." Kathy Clark Johnson, Tampa, Florida

"Your station keeps us close to home." David & Kim Crawford, Shelbyville, Kentucky

"I look forward to listening to you everyday. It brings home to me." Annette Franck, Celina, Ohio

"I am so happy that I can get the news from you station." Vonda Chapman, Lily, KY

"WSGS - You are great to be on the web." Vicky Famer Baker, Whitesburg, KY

"I enjoy hearing your news from "back home." Russell H. Begley Sr., North Judson , Indiana

"Enough cannot be said for the news." Phillip Collins, Stanton, Kentucky

"I love to hear news from back home." Ronnie Campbell, Greensboro, North Carolina

"I enjoy listening to the news online." William King, Whitesburg, KY

WSGS Internet Listeners who left only their names:  Randy Whitaker, Fort Walton Beach, FL.....Kinnon Turner, Lenoir, City TN.....Ron Gunter, Batesville.Indiana.....Cindy Herald Mullins, Mexico.....Roy Lee Childers, Roxana, KY.....Ralf Gatico, Germany.....Pamela Kilburn, Hazard, KY.....Terry Fletcher, Cleveland, TN.....Daphne Williams, Perry County.....Donna Lawson Glenn, Middleburg, FL.....Austin Young, Gray KY - Knox County.....Cager Mcqueen, Tyner Ky.....Carlow Young, Hazard, KY.....Gary Moore, Palm Bay, FL.....Pauline Baker, Gays Creek, KY.....Ed Frantz, Arkansas.....Mike Lindon, Atlanta, GA.....Larissa Richie Watson, Frankfort, KY.....Paul Cornett, Cleveland, Ohio.....Christy Fleming, Pikeville, KY.....Sheila Gail, Maysville KY.....Dan Sundhausen, Olney Mo.....Judy Barnes, Newport News, VA.....Deborah L. Hamblin, Hazard, KY.....Jonathan Byler, Newcomerstown, Ohio.....Lon Collier, Nashville, TN.....Jim Combs, Mesa, Arizona.....Acey & Joy Burcham, Hammond, IN.....Debbie Arnett, Jackson, KY.....Ronnie Roberts, Chesapeake, VA.....Raymond Merrill, Rimrock, Arizona.....Bob Knight, Floyd County.....Samuel Sizemore, Combs, KY.....Jerry Mathis, Scottsville, KY.....Donna Stewart, Manchester, KY.....Dave Maggard, Ravenna, KY.....Johan Jansen, The Netherlands.....Tom Young, Carluke, Scotland......Lynette Benitez, Las Vegas, Nevada.....Eric, Lexington, KY.....John Daniels, Nashville, TN.....F.D. Davis, Smith, KY.....Aaron Amburgey, North Carolina.....Shawntrel Noble, Hazard, KY.....Peggy Huff, Louisville, KY.....Hobert Close, Knoxville, Tennessee.....Jim and Nell Hollon, Ft. Myers, FL.....Glennis R Hall, Hopkinsville, KY.....Herman Jones, Harlan, KY.....Gene Braaksma, Randolph Wis.....Doug Magnuson, Riverside, Ca.....Kathryn McAllister, Hazard, KY.....Albert, Little Valley, NY.....Dewey Mosley, Hindman KY.....Mike House, Maxbass, North Dakota.....Austin, Hyden, KY.....Jim Hill, Hazard, KY.....Mark Blankenship, Lebanon Ohio.....Ola Neace Hicks, Butler, KY.....Katie Gooden, Harlan, KY.....Allen Hollen, Nancy, KY.....Gene Blythe, West Palm Beach, FL.....Truitt, MS.....Marbeth Bingman, Seminole, FL.....DJ, Kingsland, Georgia.....Truitt, MS.....Rodney Strong, Louisville, KY.....Kevin Wooton, Hazard, KY.....Bob Riley, Kokomo Indiana.....Don Stamper, Brandon, FL.....Dave Leavitt, Grand Canyon.....Midge, Covington, KY....Ronald Rodgers, Ravenna, Ohio.....> Josh Singleton, Lagrange, IN.....Ryan Collier, Nashville, TN.....Gary D. Lawson, Vevay Indiana.....Bobby Combs, Hazard, KY.....Rob Morgan, Booneville, KY.....Tom Harney, Williamsburg, KY.....Roger Amos, Asher, KY.....Teresa Clark, Thornville, Ohio.....Carl Bates, Lewisville, Texas.....Cynthia, Hyden, KY.....Doug, Michigan.....Jimmy Luttrell, Lexington, KY.....Charles Combs, Fordsville.....Victor Bopp, Paducah, KY.....Tommy Waddell, Greeneville TN.....Greg Roper, Hazard, KY.....Gary Fry, Barbourville, KY.....Owen Hensley, Manchester, KY.....Everett Morris, Germantown, Ohio.....Charolette Sandlin, Perry County.....Damon Sexton, Richmond, KY.....George, Chavies, KY.....Ernie, Talcum, KY.....H. Hosack, Sarasota, Florida.....Sammy Emery, Huron, Ohio.....Pat Moseley, Lyons, GA.....Lyn, Hazard, KY.....E. Collins, Appalachia, VA.....Edna Whitaker, Greenville, SC.....Brenda, Austin, IN.....Linda, Ohio.....Pearl Sizemore, Dry Hill, KY.....Vicki, Warren County, Ohio.....Joyce Hall, Viper, KY.....Scott King, Corbin, KY.....Eddie Moore, Paducah, KY.....Melena, Hazard, KY.....Renee, Ohio.....Artis Neace, Breathitt County.....John Steely, San Andreas, CA.....Ed Everidge, Detroit, Michigan.....Kenneth, Breathitt County.....: Judy Pennington-Adams, Hyden, KY.....Shannon Hall, Ellijay, Georgia.....Billy M Collett, Richmond, KY.....Sallie Davis, Happy, KY.....Bill Profitt, Atlanta, GA.....William D. Grigsby, Cincinnati, OH.....Pam Higgins, Bonnyman, KY.....Michael Sexton, Manhattan KS.....Garland Freeman, Frankfort, KY.....Sheena Johnson, Indianapolis, Indiana.....Carl Landrum, Lexington, KY.....H. Fields, Brush Creek, TN.....David E. Fugate, Hazard, KY.....Ola Hicks, Butler, KY.....Tammy Green, 10 Mile, KY.....Bill Bryant, Kendallville, IN.....Teresa Combs, Hazard, KY.....Tyler Williams, Ohio.....Bob Engle, Viper, KY.....Larry Sproles, Great Falls, MT.....Dorthy, VA.....Calvin Richie, Hazard, KY.....Kevin Hall, Sterling, VA.....Barbara Slone, Hazard, KY.....Jerry Miracle, Harlan, KY.....Gregory Williams, St. Petersburg, FL.....Paul Green, Pineville, KY.....Winston, Hazard, KY.....Melissa, Ohio.....David Ely, Dryden Virginia.....Donovan Hommes, Hyden, KY.....Larry, MI.....Mike Powers, Melbourne, FL.....Steve Clark, Dayton, OH.....Madeline, Warren County.....Scott, WI.....Glen Richardson, Nashville, TN.....Janet Couch, Hazard, KY.....Sallie Davis, Hazard, KY.....Jack Jones, Stanton, KY.....Dan Hurley, London, KY.....Deby Couch, Knott County.....Alex Carlie, Illinois.....Charlie, Dayton Ohio.....Robin Guffey, CA.....Gary Hall, Western KY.....Terry, Central Ohio.....Hershel Bull, VA......Dale Grigsby, Wolcottville, Indiana.....Drew Carter, Shelbyville, KY.....Rhonda Cotla, San Francisco, CA.....Ashley Daniel, Hazard, KY.....Dave Gibson, Corbin, KY.....Mack Campbell, Fort Wayne, Indiana....Randall Barnett, Breathitt County.....Wanda Osborne, Corbin, KY.....Allen Hicks, Morehead, KY.....Larry Pauley, TexasCity, TX.....Al Schallau, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.....Donald Brown, Ashland, KY.....Linda Ratliff, Cincinnati, OH.....Lloyd Woods, Morehead, KY.....Robert, Bell County.....Brian Watkins, Morgantown, WV....Judy Ford, Connersville, Indiana.....M.K. Combs, Jeff, KY.....Rogers Newman, Baton Rouge, La.....Brenda, Adel, GA......Laurie,  Everett, Wa.....Cloay  Meeks, Cottondale, Alabama....Michael Campbell, Bonnyman, KY.....Clifford Wilford, Elkmont, AL.....Mike Donahue, Beavercreek, OH.....John Roberts, Hamilton, Ohio.....Dianna, McDowell, KY.....Mark Johnson, Brownstown, Indiana.....Thelma Hall, Hazard, KY.....Bobby Roberts, Hazard, KY.....Connie, Idaho.....Kevin, Hyden, KY.....E. Morris, Germantown, Ohio.....Frank Barker, Combs, KY.....Jim, Albany.....Douglas Bailey, Cornettsville, KY.....Nancy Carlson,  Wis.....Dana J. Duncan, Hazard, KY.....Donald Tyson, Frankfort, KY.....D Cook, San Jose.....Rick Wells, Hyden, KY.....Mary Stacey, Tennessee.....Janet Sizemore, Hazard, KY.....Kaye Deaton, Avawam, KY.....Arnold Bentley, Bluffton, Indiana.....David Stroup, Murray, KY.....Dee Maddox, Ashland, KY.....Dean Youngman, Cal.....Shelton Campbell, Pekin, Indiana.....Roy Rice, Hyden, KY.....Boyd Pennington Jr., Wooton, KY.....Tonya Johnson, Newberry, Michigan.....Lisa, Round Lake.....Kyle Mogan, Leslie County.....Omar Bailey, Ohio.....Randall Clark, Yeaddiss, KY.....Terry Kidd, Dayton, Ohio.....Renae Lewis, Yeaddiss, KY.....Wes Gabhard, Wisconsin.....Randy Roark, Gary, Indiana.....Tom Haynes, Fleming Neon, KY.....T. Wells, Hazard, KY.....Jim Hill, Southgate, MI.....Ronald Cornett, Fairfield, OH.....Persia Patrick, Hazard, KY.....Paula Pierson, Hazard, KY.....Tom Dueone, Lexington, KY......Melena Stacy, Hazard, KY

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