At the height of his silent movie career, Tom Mix was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. But by the early 1930s the "talkies" were in and Tom was out. Different actors portrayed him for years on the radio. Tom Mix was first heard on WKIC in the late 40s.  The show held its grip on thousands of kiddies in Hazard in its 15 minute time slot at 5:45 pm until 1949 when it was converted to a half hour program. The program was moved back to 5:30 pm. Most of the juvenile programs were now 30 minute complete episodes (Straight Arrow, Bobby Benson, Sky King, etc.) and Tom Mix followed suit. But the crush of television doomed the new format; Tom Mix ended in June 1950. The real Tom Mix died in an auto accident in 1940 in Arizona and the radio show extended his career by ten years. Click here to listen

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