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Click here to listen to Straight Arrow on WKIC (1949)

Straight ArrowIt was the days before television.  Between 1948 and 1951, kids in Hazard listened to Straight Arrow, a Western starring Steve Adams.  To friends and neighbors alike, Steve Adams appeared to be nothing more than the young owner of the Broken Bow cattle spread. But when danger threatened innocent people...and when evil doers plotted against justice...then Steve Adams disappeared and in his place came a mysterious Indian...wearing the dress and war paint of a Comanche, riding the great golden palomino, Fury...galloping out of the darkness to take up the cause of law and order throughout the West.  He was the legendary Straight Arrow.  While the Lone Ranger had a secret silver mine, Straight Arrow had a secret gold cave. Here he kept his horse, "Fury", and his Comanche weapons, attire, and war paint.  For a time the program alternated with Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders on WKIC.  Straight Arrow was broadcast as a 30-minute episode three times a week until February 1950 and then it went to twice a week until the show ended in June 1951. Every episode started out with its distinctive signature: Milt Charles would imitate a tom-tom drum on his organ.  Howard Culver played the lead role of Straight Arrow.  He died in 1984.