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Congratulations to Elizabeth Duncan, the first to identify Mystery Person #15 as Harry Greer.
Carlene Shackelford and Ida Lee Hansel also came up with the correct answer.

Harry E. Greer - Mystery Person #15
Harry E. Greer was born on October 24, 1887 in Paris, Tennessee.  He was the son of Harry & Kate Hallliburton Greer.  As a boy he and his pony were a familiar sight on the streets of Paris, as he delivered papers there.  He served in the Army in World War I.  Following his return from the service, he returned to his position in the First National Bank of Paris, Tennessee.  In the meantime, his brother had organized the Union Transfer Company, and as it grew he was persuaded to go into the transfer business with him.  In 1921 an L & N official talked to the brothers about Hazard, an important coal field, and the need for a freight business there similar to the one in Paris.  A decision to go to Hazard followed, and with two drays, two teams of horses, and a wife, he came to Hazard to "seek a fortune."  In 1929, Greer helped reactivate the Presbyterian Boy Scout Troop.  In 1934, he helped organize the Lonesome Pine Council Boy Scouts of America.  When a choral club was organized, he was a member as long as it functioned.  For many years Greer owned and operated Goad Hardware on Main Street in Hazard.  He helped start the Community Concert program for Hazard that continues today.  Greer retried in 1966, after 50 years in the transfer business.  He then was employed by the city of Hazard as a building inspector.

The latest mystery person is Harry Greer, Sr.  I should know, as I lived across the street from him on Lyttle Blvd. for many years.  He was always an interesting man to talk with.  He loved to sing, was a huge member of the Lions Club, loved Boy Scouting, was active in the First Presbyterian Church here in Hazard.  Elizabeth S. Duncan, Hazard, KY

That is probably my old neighbor Mr. Harry Greer.  I enjoyed talking to Mr. Greer when he was alive. I just wish I had talked to him more and learned more about Hazard.  Carlene Shackelford, Hazard, KY

When I went over it, I thought only of the Greer brothers and I thought they had a transfer company called Union Transfer.  I can see Mr. Greer himself.  I just had to tell you that your picture of the two men talking next to the clues was the main thing that put me right on the money.  I put freight, two men together and my mind started racing and I could see UNION TRANSFER sitting over there near the L & N Depot and I knew I owned it.  I went up Blue Grass Hollow almost every Sunday with my Mom to visit her sister and I always saw one of those transfer trucks parked there.  I remember Mr. Greer's son, Kay, who played basketball for Hazard and if I remember correctly, I was sitting in a theater in San Diego CA in the  middle fifties and who would walk down the aisle, long, tall, Kay Greer himself.   Of course, I didn't yell out because the theater was full and I  tried to find him later and couldn't.   I remember his daughter-in-law, Velma, so well, and her tragic death.  She was such a good person.  I went to school with her sister, Patty.  I was thinking Carlene would come up with the Mystery Person but I should have known or recalled Elizabeth living at one time on Lyttle Blvd.   I bought my first pair of horseshoes I think from Mr. Greer, but that was so long ago I could be wrong.  Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg, SC

I think the mystery person is Harry Greer.  Harold Lloyd Baker, Modesto, CA

I visited Hazard in 1999 and what an incredibly wonderful weekend it was! I spent many a day visiting in Hazard as a child with my grandparents, Harry and Mary Lee Greer. I had not been in Hazard since 1981 and I found so much change, but oh so much the same and I was glad. My mother, Bertie Greer wanted to go home for a visit and it was all we could have hoped it would be and more. She saw old friends and many old sights that held warm memories. Thanks Hazard for the warm hospitality and the web page to keep folks connected!  Kathryn, Montross, VA

Bob Lyth in Knott County put in votes for W. G. Holt 

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