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Lost Radio Broadcasts

We're trying to preserve the history of Hazard, Perry County, and all of East Kentucky.  WSGS & WKIC have been broadcasting in Hazard for 57 years.  So many broadcasts have been lost since they were conducted live and few recordings were made.  This includes ballgames, newscasts and the long running "Man on the Street program."  However, occasionally, we hear from listeners who made recordings of the radio in the past.  Often, this recordings are the only surviving tape of a particular broadcast.  If you know of any such recordings, we want to hear from you.  Check your attic and basement for any material that would help us document the history of the area.  Dust off those old artifacts and send them to WSGS, Box 7428, Hazard, Ky., 47102 and they could become a part of this website.  We're also interested in any photographs that relate to the radio stations in Hazard.

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