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Veteran Broadcaster Dies

Bill Buckner, an announcer on WKIC and WSGS in the 1950s died on Saturday in Marietta Georgia.  Buckner sang on WKIC before he became an announcer.  It was his singing that first got the attention of station manager Dick Goodlette.  

WKIC Studios (1952)

(back row - l to r) Marvin Young, Norma Strong, Charlie Metcalf, Clara Peters, Bill Buckner, Ernest Sparkman
(front - l to r) Dick Goodlette, Bob Mansfield and Rod Williams

I was sorry to hear of Bill Buckner's death.  He was a consummate professional as evidenced by his popularity at WKIC (second only to String Sparkman) and his continued success in radio and television along with public service in the state of Georgia.  Bill and I taped a night time show on WKIC called "Club Santee" (Don't know how we came up with that name) Our team effort on that show included rude sound effects, inane comments and pretty bad low brow humor (which we thought was hilarious) Trust me it wasn't that funny.  Here's to you Bill !  Perhaps we can co host another show in another dimension somewhere in the clouds (if you will).   I'm not sure when Ill arrive in that great studio in the sky.....but I will someday.  Rod Williams: 

Sorry to hear of Bill Buckner's death.  He was one of many Hazard area locals who saw different possibilities in life as they worked in music, song or drama with my mother, Miriam P. Dobyns, and perhaps imbibed some of her old fashioned spirit of "You can do whatever you want to do, if you are willing to work hard for it!" Bill exemplified that spirit.  James H. Dobyns, Rochester, MN

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