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I enjoy listening to Dave here and as he preaches.  I would really enjoy information on where I can find Dave's messages, a web site or mailing address.  Jeff Spencer, Hazard, KY

Thanks for the Gillispie interview, really appreciate any contact with Eastern Kentucky.  I have not been home, Salyersville, in way to long.  Mike Lacy, Phoenix, AZ

Dave, thank you so much for airing this program so that we were able to hear it here in Fruitland Park, FL.  It's great to hear Coach in a positive interview.  I traveled Hazard for a lot of years for McKesson Drug Company and played some basketball for UK and Hazard was and is a great part of Kentucky Sports.  Gobel Ritter was from my home town and was a great Bulldog coach.  Thanks again.  Hugh Coy, Fruitland Park, FL

Enjoyed your interview with Coach Billy Gillispie.  I truly believe he is another Adolph Rupp in the making.  Like most of us, he eats and breathes BASKETBALL!  How is Allan Hatcher and Perry County doing this year?  No one will outwork Allan or his players, that is one thing for sure.  Randy Whitaker, Graves County

Great station, great interview!  Keep up the great work. Kenny in Berea, KY

Best Billy G. interview I have ever heard!!  Thanks for sharing it all the way to Glasgow.  Wish we had a station near here of your quality!  Thanks again.  Jimmy Allen, Glasgow, KY

Great interview with coach, I enjoyed it very much.  Listening to your accents makes me miss home.  Go Big Blue!  David Miller, Boca Raton, FL

One of the better Gillispie interviews, I've heard in a while.  deadbears75, Alabama

Nice Job.  Go Cats.  Wayne

Very good stuff.  anewfanatic 

WSGS reaches a million listeners and covers 40 Kentucky counties.  The 100,000 watt signal reaches listeners in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio.  Through the years, WSGS has been rated #1 in East Kentucky by Arbitron with the largest cumulative audience of any station in the mountains.  The station was the first FM in East Kentucky and most of our listeners grew up with 101.1 and have come to depend on it for everything from local news coverage to sports.

Every word you play of the Big Dipper makes my day.  Nolan in Blaine

WSGS is a powerful station as I can pick it up in Lexington as easy as I can pick it up in Prestonsburg. Dave Hammond always knows what he is talking about especially when talking about UK basketball.  Keith

I think Seth Davis made some valid points but if we have turned a corner then I think there is a very good chance that we could win the SEC tournament and then the NCAA would have to invite us to the NCAA tournament.  Keith 2009

I'm very excited about the season premier of Sports 101 this Thursday!!!!  I listen to the show every Thursday and find it to be very entertaining.  I couldn't say enough good things about Dave Hammond because he is a solid host and very entertaining.  I also enjoy it when Ryan Lemond is a guest.  Can't wait. :)  Johnny Adkins, McKee, KY

Live in Arizona.  Thank God for the internet.  Keep up the good work Dave.  David Marson

Really like your show.  Oscar Feltner, Southgate, MI

Greatest sports show on the air.  John Richard O'Roark, Middlesboro, KY

I love listening to all the sports back in a place that helped define who I am today.  I will love Kentucky until the day I die.  Ronnie Buck Campbell, Monterey CA

When we moved here it was good to know I can still listen to news and sports from back home on WSGS. Tim Cornett, Winchester, KY 

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you do with broadcasting and promoting our local athletics.  Vickie Hall, Hazard, KY

WSGS has supported Mountain kids for years.  WSGS makes the season more exciting for everybody in the Mountains.  Kenny Bell, Campton, KY

The guys at WSGS really add a lot of excitement to the games and I enjoy listening.  Since moving to Lexington, I find it difficult to keep up with PCC games, but this feature really gives me a chance to catch up on what I had missed.  Thanks from a Commodore Fan.  James Feltner, Lexington, KY

Your commentators are a pleasure to listen to.  Very professional.  Really enjoy listening to the games here in New Jersey!  Eugene Babbini, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Just wanted to say keep up the good work and keep bringing the sports to us all, especially for those of us in the armed forces.  Petty Officer John Keaton Whitaker MA2, Oak Harbor, WA

We appreciate what you're doing, a lot of fun listening to you. You guys are doing a great job.  Jackie Cornett, Cumberland, KY

I have listened to WSGS as long as I can remember.  It's great for people like me who live out of town now but still pull for our hometown boys and girls.  Kenny Wilson, London, KY

I appreciate your fine coverage of all the games and the way that you compliment all the teams, not just the ones playing at the time.  That gives all the players recognition, not just the ones involved in the game at the time.  WSGS Sports is the best place to listen to all the action!    Debbie Wells, Hazard, KY

I have always appreciated this station for airing the BIG games.  Keep up the good work!  Mark Crowe,  Stanton, KY

WSGS is my link during football season here in Spartanburg.   Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg,  SC

Keep up the great work you're doing for the kids and coaches in the area.  My father loves listening to you guys each week.  James Hurley

I've had the opportunity to listen to your show several times.  Our teams need to be shed in a positive light.  WSGS is doing just that.  Joshua Ball, Sports Editor, Williamson Daily News

It is real important to give the kids from southeastern Kentucky some recognition.  Also, I like how you don't only talk about the region powers, but talk about all the teams and give them a good word as well.  Michael Davidson

Great site, especially the sports!  Ken Jones, Jeffersonville, KY

I think WSGS has put forth great effort to help our mountain Kids.  Thanks to all involved for such a kind act of gratitude for so many years!  Daniel Haddix, Jackson, KY

WSGS is my source for sports and news.  It's part of my heritage.  Kenneth Wilson, London, KY

Enjoyed your interview with Seth Davis.  Keep up the good work.  An old buckeye from the Lucas, Havlichek, Seigfried, Nowell, Roberts and Knight days.  converted to Cat fan in 1964 and ever since.  Emerson McAfee, Berea, KY